Swaragini (Ray of Hope) Episode 1


(Hi, this is my first FF, I hope you like it???❤️❤️)

The Episode begins with Ragini and Lakshya sitting in the Mandap, Ragini is happy and Lakshya is thinking about him and Swara and all the moments they shared,
Pandit: Can you please call the brides father for Kanyadaan!
Shekhar smiles and goes forward, Sumi is in tears.

Swara is in the car with Sanskaar and in tears. Sanskaar looks at her,
Sanskaar: I am sorry Swara, because of me you had to go through this.
Swara: Why did you save me?
Sanskaar: I want to repent that’s why!
Swara: You already done enough!
Sanskaar: I have realised my mistakes, and I want to rectify them.
Swara: But why?
Sanskaar: I know what it feels like to loose someone of your own, I’ve been through that. I came here to take revenge from Lakshya and Bade papa but now I want to change, Thank you Swara for making me realise.
Swara: It’s okay and it’s good you want to reform and change.
Swara then leans back and cries remembering what Ragini did to her, she remembers how they had funny moments and then Ragini pushing her down the river.
Sanskaar: I know why you are crying, it’s because of Ragini right?
Swara looks at him.
Sanskaar: Whatever Ragini did was bad, she is evil, she can’t stand other people’s happiness, I hope no one gets a sister like Ragini, she…
Swara: Sanskaar please, she is still my sister, I know whatever she did was not good, but you talking about her like this is not good also! We need to reach there fast!
Sanskaar nods and speeds the car.

At the Mandap:
Pandit: Can the bride and groom stand up
for the pehres, but before that can the grooms sister come and tie the knot.
Uttra comes unhappy and ties the knot
Pandit: Now you may stand up!
Lakshya and Ragini stand up, start the
firs pehra.
Ragini is smirking and thinking she won while Lakshya is looking at the door constantly,
Daadi: I am so happy today, I can’t believe my Lado is getting married!
Shekhar: I know Maa.
Sumi: But this is wrong Maa!
Shekhar: Shut up, what kind of mother are you? You only care about Swara.
Daadi: Forget her Shekhar, don’t spoil your mood!
Dida: Ragini will never be happy!
Daadi: You shut up Bengalan!
Dida glares at her and Daadi does it back.

Sujata: I can’t believe Ragini is getting married to Lakshya Bhaisa.
DP looks on upset. Lakshya starts the second pehra, the ghatbandhan was about to break when Parineeti holds it. All are shocked,
Dida: See Durga Maa doesn’t want Ragini to marry him!
Daadi stares at her,
Pandit: This is ashubh, I don’t think we should carry on.
AP: But Pandit, it didn’t break! Parineeti saved it on time.
Pandit thinks,
Daadi: Pandit Ji you are wasting time.
Pandit: Okay,
He starts reading the Mantra,
They were about to start the the pehra when Swara reaches there and Shouts STOP!!!!!

Precap: All are shocked to see Swara and Swara walks up to Ragini and Slaps her and all are shocked including Ragini.

Credit to: H*****!!!!!

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  4. Nyc but pls don’t make ragini négative..

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