swaragini: raise ur voice (os)

Hello everyone this is my os I hope u like actually today I am some what disturbed today by some thoughts these thoughts were killing me from in I just kept myself in place of those women who face domestic violence and those who scarifies their dreams family because I heard about a incident from my mother sorry for writing rubbish but I wrote everything in flow of emotions sorry for grmatical mistakes and everything

Girl’s prov
I am ragini gadodia but know ragini singh why should girls have to change their name after the marriage why they have to leave their identity that their parents give them why should they always do which their family wish for them why they leave their family for sake of a person with whom u have to spend ur rest of life I am married to arjun singh I don’t know much about him this marriage was wroth a contract arjun’s company had face a huge loss to cover it up he married me my family was hurring in getting me married because they came to know that I love some one yes love a guy but my family killed him because of me he lost his life what an fate I got I hate this life nor I am let to die nor live my life just I am forced to leave a life which is worse than hell
Life is complicated anything can happen anytime today I am writing my dairy about all that happened to me in these years 2 years back I got married to arjun month back of it I met laksh he loved me a lot I feared to express my feelings for him but one day he made me confess that my own friend radhika was my father’s informer she informed him about my and laksh my father didn’t even think for a while and killed him teras roll from my eyes remembering that day aftera week I was forced to marry arjun , arjun was a educated guy he could understand me but still he didn’t our families r the families were womens r not respected they treat them as their foot ware which they can use anytime and throw foot wears had a still better life than our house womens because if they got thrown they were thrown out of house but our families womens had a worse fate than that what ever may happen always keep smile on ur face whatever pain ur going through that should not come on ur face how ever ur husband treats u, u have to show that u r happy they r our husband our god “pati parmashwer hota hai” this was what my ma told me when I got married

Even if he kills u and throws u at a corner of house no one will question him we r just a toy for them when ever they want they can use us and throw us when they r bored domestic violence it was common even my husband slapped me twice in front of family for some stupid reason without I knowing my fault I was accused by every one

I thought my husband would understand me but no being educated he had that old thinking I can’t blame him even because we r brought up in a family where girls r nothing
For mens of this house womens r those machinces that produces them child they can use them for their joy when ever they wish no complaints from our side no demands the toy on which they can remove all their frustration we should not even question them for any of their decision or for the act done by them

My husband raped me yes he forced me to be with him in his bed why just because this mankind was questioned by his family even I was accused for not having any child even after many months of marriage what was my fault but was that only way to shut their mouths when two people r not willing to be in a relation then why by such taunts they force them to take a step a head
Brutally beaten accused everything I am facing why for whom for my so called husband or my familt who threw me in this hell to die or for the society which never thought about me then why why only me but everything changed when I met sanskar in the party organised by his company sanskar was one of my school friend this fact was unknown to even my dad I don’t know why I met him but that was my destiny he knew everything about me what happened to me laksh was his close friend he knew very well about my family my in laws everything when my family didn’t bother to speak for me in front of my in-laws then whi can dare to do that who ever tried to help me was killed or sent far way from me

He talked with me in front of all in nice way thank god I was thinking that time that he didn’t say that he was my school mate after that party my husband bet me because of which I lost my child what was its fault in all this or I may say it was the end to all my hell
I was going through a tranuma that days what was that I couldn’t share that with anyone after few days radhika came to meet me she said that she was sorry but what was the use of that know will everything change I was clam in front of her I said only thing that it was my fate she was having tears I was too having on my fate she handed me a letter

It was from sanskar I read it and I was shocked he said that he wanted to help me to get out of this hell not because he had any sympathy for me but for laksh who loved me and wanted to give a beautiful life and he promised me that he’ll fullfill that dream of him
he can easily take me out of this hell but he’ll not do that because he wants his friend to do that by her own he’ll always be by my side their was just need for me to take one step the rest he would handle just one step for him for laksh for our friendship for that love which laksh gave me
I was having tears reading it I returned that to radhika and requested her to never ever return their back because I remember what they did with laksh and rest of my friends I can’t let anything happen to him because he was some one special to laksh
She left after some days he again came in my house to stay their as a guest client of my husband he was daily remanding me about what he said what he wanted but I was stub burn and tolerating and everything after some days he too left I thought that he has changed his mind about helping me but he proved me wrong he was still their for me

I don’t know why but because of him I got lot of motivation and I decided to leave this but I stopped thinking about my family
But everything changed on that day when my husband dragged me in front of all saying that I was fit wroth for nothing he got to know about me and laksh accused by all in front oif all everything changed when I got to know that my sister death was not a accident but a planned mystery yes my sister swara she was married to same house we all were thinking that she died in fire accident that caught in kitchen but she was brunt their how can they do that after learbing everything what should I do sanskar entered he was clapping

He said only one thing
“ u loved ur sister more than anything and they r the reason for her death after knowing everything If u didn’t speak today then u r waste having such life its better u die wand if u want justice for swara and laksh then speak u dam it” he screamed at me
I was thinking about it yeah what the use of my life I am living in hell after knowing that they killed my shone if I am quite today no one can forgive me would be a mark on this women hood
I husnabd was about to drag me I slapped him hard he was trying to protest by I slapped him continuous my dad in law came in front to protect t his son I slapped him for giving birth to such son

After that sanskat took care of them as he promised all they r know I jail today I am happy because today my laksh my shona got justice I have started a new life with new hope new dreams
But one thing I want to say this world
“ we girls r also human we also have right to chose the life the way we wish we r not any toy which u can ise when ever u want to and throw when u get bored we have our choice its our life and our choice”
All r not lucky as ragini who get some one like sanskar for their support they face problems like swara many r killed before taking birth girls r killed in mothers womb many crimes r committed they raise their voice but this stupid so called society suppress that voice criticise us for raising our voice one message from personal

“ go to hell that society that stop me from leaving my life as my choice that family those people who criticise me I’ll tell u truth that is u r sacred to except that ur wrong and u r scared that if I rise my voice I’ll would not listen to u and I would not follow those rules that u have made for me”

Guess I think many of u would not believe that anything like this can happen this is 21st century such crimes have end thinking that would be stupidity because such crimes r committed and we may be unaware about it we can’t support such women’s but we can raise our voice to get them justice when anyone around u is facing such situation don’t accuse him support him if u can’t by financially but plsz do that by emotionally and mentally ur words can help them a lot
One more thing those who stand for themselves their fight or their struggle don’t get over here but it starts here in starting we may have sympathy for them but timing going we start to blame them knowing everything we blame them why just keep ur slef in their place and think they r living legend inspiration should be taken from them
I have only one message to all girls

Girls this is 21st century each one of us have right to chose the life which we wish to
No one can impose their thoughts or life on us its our life and our choice
Raise ur voice ……………….

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  1. wow nice yaar

  2. Awesome

  3. Really touchy story.ur story has the cruel truth of our socity. Ur thought really touched my heart and i am totally agree with u.

  4. U r ri8 poonam we have to raise our voice.we r nt any dolls to keep quiet. #grls power

  5. Its good yr I am crying reading this

  6. No l totally agree to what u showed. I would say that this problem is still in society.
    In many families all this happens and the mentally is not changed. And the reason is we pass the same to next male generation. Chod do who ladka gai ,tm kya kar logi.
    Biggest problem are women too bcoz they don’t want to fight with it . I have no shame in saying that my mother has same mentality. This and questions are asked to me if a boy talks to me but this not happen with my brother. I will not say that they do it intensionaly but behaving like this have come in there genes which couldn’t be removed so easily.

  7. Oh yes Poonam!! You are right at every point..The humiliation Ragini faces in this OS is faced by many women in our society.. Some have that dare to come out of that hell,while some others have accustomed their body and mind to that hell.. Sad to hear these women give up on their own life and live a life of robot with lot of humiliations and curses.. We should stop these things when they are at the initial stage itself or else it will become more aggressive with each passing day..
    Thank you for sharing this OS.. 🙂 Stay blessed and be happy 🙂

  8. Brilliant yaar. Even it is 21st century the crimes have no end. But the msg you wanna tell us and the way you describe it was great. Please continue your journey

  9. i completely agree with u dear
    but girl have to take a stand too, self respect is important
    they shouldnt just bear everything quietly
    but at the same time parents shouldnt consider their daughter as burden and support them and make her belive that she not alone
    so wt if she got married
    her parents house is her first home
    i totally understand that through ur os u try to gave a imp msg
    my dad always said if someone raise a hand on u its equal to slap too and never bear the injustice in life

  10. Nice
    Yes i dont knew about past years
    But these all started snd became more on this young genrration.

  11. Poonam its really awesome…..yes women should raise their voice and they should be independent

  12. yes ur are right todayalso some people has these mentality. in our state in jammmuvone girl ws brutally raped ….. i always pray to god to stop these all thingsc… if there is any boy eho is reading pzzzzlz never think to revenge from a girl who reject u becoz she don’t love uu

  13. I totally agree wit u…even I ill b arguing wit my bro abt tis he ill call me as feminist. …

  14. Di its really touchable my eyes are having tears while reading it…..actually these type of qns r going through my mind when u read one news that in Maharashtra two lovers were killed infront of society as they were from diff caste….I don’t know y people think that love is a crime…..love doesnt have any religion….that’s so cruel …in this generation also there r many people who kill their children just bcoz they loved someone who is not from their caste…. Dont they feel that’s cheap….. N they can oppose they dont have any right to kill….. Don’t they feel one min that they r the one who gave birth to them…. Can’t they do a simple thing for their kids……

    The first line which u said… I m asking the same thing y should girls change their identity after marriage which their parents had given to them……but in my family……nobody changed their name after their marriage too….neither my ma nor my chotima’s ……but I couldn’t understand y should girls change their name after mrg?????

  15. Ya you r right…. Many family are modern but there head is filled by old thinking…..

  16. superb

  17. Awesome 🙂

  18. awesome dear

  19. wow poonam…. it was awesome…. u very well potrayed abt honour killing n also abt crime against women…… i sometimes feel r we really free????
    thank God i m born in such a family where girls r loved…..

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