Swaragini: Ragsan and Swarlak love (part 1)

The episode starts with Ragini, a very well decent girl going to her university. It introduces Swara, a girl who has music talent and going to the same university Ragini went. Ragini sings Tamma Tamma again somg and enters Shekhar university. Swara talks with her friend Amrita and tells her about her mother Sharmishta, who always cared for her very much. Amrita tells her to stop her non sense. Swara yells at her how can she insult her mother. Amrita tells her that she always talks only about her mother but not about her father. Swara tells that she did not see her father since childhood. Amrita tells ask your mother. Swara reminisces her mother telling that her father Shekhar is the head of the university and tells her to reconcile with her father by entering the University.

Ragini sees a handsome guy starring at her but ignores it. She walks into her class but he follows her. She sits on her bench and he too sits next to her on bench. She asks him why he is following her. He replies that his name is Sanskaar and many girls are loving him but not one girl. She asks who is it. He replies my true love Ragini. She yells at him that she doesn’t want his love. He comes closer and says I waited to tell one thing to you from many days. Ragini asks what is it. He is about to confess his love when the science professor comes and tells everyone that today I will explain you about Newton gravity. Sanskaar moves aside and Ragini tells him that his name is Sanskaar but his behaviour is disrespectful.

Swara sits on her bench and decides to meet her father Shekhar today. Lakshya, her boyfriend calls her for a party tonight to celebrate the first ten days of the university. Swara tells him that anyone doesn’t celebrate ten days of the university. He replies to confess my love, Swara. She asks what.

Precap : Lakshya proposes Swara and Sanskaar proposes Ragini at the party. Ragini slaps Sanskaar and Swara feels shy to express her feeling. All look at them and are shocked. At home, Maheshwari family are happy to know a good news.

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    Awesome dear friend

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  6. Arjit5

    Thanq friends. My second part of this ff will be posted tomorrow. Keep reading. How many of you love the pair Ragsan and Swarlak

    1. Richa19

      I love Ragsan!!! ?

    2. Shrilatha

      I too love ragsan a lot I love rivanya also

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    Awesome..i love ragsan soooooooooooooooooooooopoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..much

  13. Arjit5

    Thanq friends asra asw aleeza and all. I too love the pair but anyone of you are watching naagin. I wrote two ffs on it. Naagin the ultimate love RIVANYA part 1and 2. Please read it and comment in it.

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  15. amazing I LOVE RAGSAN LOT

  16. nice am crazy fan for ragsan

  17. hi I am aksha. commenting for the first time. join me in your group. I too love the pair ragsan and rivanya.

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    Awesome love ragsan and raglak to the core

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    Thanq commenters and second part will be ready soon. I am busy so its late.

  20. arjit broo you have done it so nicely
    I appreciate your creativity yaar,I also watched swaragini on earlier days but stopped it soon,but I love ragsan and swarlak alot
    And mostly rivanya

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