Swaragini You & I (RagSan FF) Episode 7


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Recap: chat with Ragini..
So i began to count the days
Each day i see her my mind was always happy coz she is the first girl who is gonna give me a surprise.
Atlast the day arrived
“Sanskar, u reached very early its just 4 pm….” Said Sid my friend.
“Sid! U look dashing in this red golden sharwani ..you looks lyk a groom” I said.
“becoz he is the groom its his marriage !..ha ha..aa”. Said Rohan my friend
“So today is ur marriage where is my bhabhi??” I said
“Oh she is coming ..on her way” Sid said
“Sid i dnt care whom u r going to marry the food must b gud” I said
“Sorry Sanskar i’m not the incharge of fud i am here to marry …i am the groom ..so im here to marry her and live happily..hain na???”Said Sid
“Ooo..but if the fud is not gud then we will go”Said Rohan.
“Its my marriage guys…..everything will b gud don’t u trust me?” Said Sid.
“no, not so” Said me and Rohan
“Anyway congrtas” I said.
“ oo Thank u kamino”Said Sid
Sid goes

The whole collage was full of students…all were wearing colour dresses..after all oday is our collage fest…The collage is looking beautiful….ooo i didn’t tell ma dress code..
Yh i am wearing a light blue and white mix full sleeve shirt..with black jeans. I look gu in tht(for me) Overall rating for me 8.8/10..not bad Sanskar Maheshwari.
Now my eyes r searching for sm1..and i kept on searching for her at first i thought she would be present 2 the class but she wasn’t there..then i thought she would b there in the stage..but she ws not there also..then where else will b she….What if she is the Girl’s washroom?..i cnt go there and search …cheee Sanskar…..
Nw u all might be thinking who is she the girl for whom i am eagerly waiting for ri8…arrey she is our surprise girl..looks lyk she hasn’t come yet..

So i decided to wait for her 2 the collage gate i saw many boys with higher rating of 9/10 and 9.5/10. And girls are always beautiful. Many cars were also coming mayb parents were dropping their children …yh all girls were real beauty charms..
But where is she?…did she fooled me?..no no hw cn tht happen….
Suddenly i heard a horn behind me..I saw a girl is sitting inside..i stayed there a girl came out…but no it ws not her it ws not Ragini..Mayb she is coming in collage bus./.so i waited there for sm more tym ..the collage bus came but she ws not there….
I went into the collage thinking she will come wen she comes.
So the program was about to began i was sitting with all my friends..but still i could not stop my eyes from searching her..slowly i began feeling angry…
I felt thirsty so i went into the collage to get water near the cooler..while going i went to the window i looked at the collage gate still students were coming…
I ws thinking abt her and was walking suddenly i bumped into someone.
“I am sorry” I said.
“Sorry my mistake” I looked at her face ..
“Hai” said tht girl..
Guys its her …our surporise girl…i bumped into her..
“Hi” i said to her
“sorry ” she said again
“Its ok u go and get seated” i said
“where r u going?” She asked me
“to drink water”
“ok den see u”
“bye” i said

Standing near the cooler i ws no more thirsty and i don’t knw y??????
Shit!!! I forgot to tell her surprise..hey even i didn’t notice i s just looking at her face…wat did she wear i ran to find her
Thank god she ws standing alone in the corridor mayb waiting for her friends.
I rushed towards her and stood in front of her
“hey ..didnt u get water?” She asked
“Sanskar….Sanskar..” she ws calling me continuosly…but
My mind was lost in her…she was wearing a saree tht too Kerala saree..it suits her a lot..the first thing i wanted to tell her was..
“Kerala saree superayirukku”…which means looking gud in Kerala saree in tamil…but i didn’t say…sachi iam out of words she was wwearing a kerala saree with gold border and green blouse.
The blouse colour suited her complextion. She looks dazzling oh god hw beautiful she is..
“Sanskar hlo..where r u lost” She ws still calling me
“i am surprised ”i said
“oh thanks” she replied
“u are beautiful” i said
“makhan lagana bandh karo” She said
“no no u r looking really beautiful”
“Acha..hmm teekh hain bye see u”
She went with her friends..
U r beautiful..Oh god i am feeling smthing is it love?
The program began..but i was concentrated on her only..only her..she was beautiful than the program. She is she is…
I am flat for her..i admit it ..yes i am in love with her
However the program ended in a high note..it ws 8pm
We all were sitting outside the collage all my friends were with me but i was still thinking abt my beauty.

Suddenly i saw her coming ..
My heart beat is increasing..
Her beauty oh gosh….
“Hey will u come in FB?” I asked her
“yh @ 9..come online ok ..bye ” she said.
She goes to the collage bus..
My eyes resisted to take off.
I was still looking at her.
I wanted to hug her and tell i love u..
Wait..is she looking at me?
GOSH….yes she was looking at me yes its me..our eyes met yes i am in love with her…..
Her bus starts moving she ws sitting in the bus but she was looking at me…till the bus turned the curve she was looking at me…yes i love her deeply madly…
Then i thought i” don’t judge a book by its cover”
No i should not only see her outside beauty i should see the beauty of her heart ..then only i’ll decide if i want to have her in my lyf…
o i eagerly waited for a chance to see her beauty of her heart

Credit to: Sameer

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