Swaragini You & I (RagSan FF) Episode 6

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Episode 6

Recap: Sanskar comes to know that Janki is Ragini’s mom.

“Hi, hw r u?”
“i’m 5n & u?”
Hey its FB baba..and whose chatting with me???..Haa its her our own Janki aunty’s daughter Ragini..crazy ri8???
We smile when we see each other but me and Ragini never speak a word to each other when we each other in the collage…but we chat in FB everyday…..
“Yh Ragini i am 5n..hd fud?” I asked her
“Yup nd u?” She asked.
“Yup” I said.
After some minutes..
“Ragini tum 1D fan hona?” I asked..
Huh?? Y did i asked her tht nw… From where did 1D(one direction) sprout in my mind? Is it coz i am a 1D fan?..and nw she is not replying…
But suddenly smthing flashed on the screen its her message
“ Yup..hw did u knw dat?” She said.
Hee..ee for the first tym in my life i understood a girl’s mind or very well..guessed
“I knw everything abt u” I replied
“Ooo is tht so…??” She said
“Yup” I said
“Acha den tell me whts my dad?” She asked ..
“Hmmm..mm ur dad is a …..dad.. :)” I replied her with a smily.
“Wat u knw everything ..na” She said.
“Acha i dnt knw nw tell me wats ur dad” I asked her
“My dad is at ISRO and urs?”She asked.
“My dad is an accountant in the army..Hey wat is Mrs.Rathore?”
“Mrs.Rathore..??…mom is working in SBI”
“Ooo..which is ur favourite band?”
“1D of course..u said u knw it na..idiot”
“Nope other than tht”
“Hunterr Hayes heard of him?”
“Nope..my favourites r The script, Maroon 5, Linkin Park..etc”
“Ooo..The script?”
“Yh the script..Hall of fame, superheroes…heard of dem?”
“Superheroes ”
“Yh..Mayavi nd luttapi”
She didn’t reply…hey was i a bit rude..
Then came her reply
“Chee Sanskar u still reads kids story book..these r characters frm magicpot..children’s magazine ri8”
There she ws teasing me..
“Oh really…u knw very well abt dem..Ragini u also read dem ri8”
“che chee never ..I’m grown up unlike u”
“Yh u r grown up but u still read kids book ri8…chee Ragini”
“Haha soo funny Sanskar ”
“Hey Ragini so wats ur hobbies?”
“Well singing listening to music writing and sleeping…nd urs??”
“Mine..reading nd playing”
“Ok hey u were the goalkeeper in ur class ..wen we were in school ri8 i hv seen u ..so any plans of getting in collage team?” She asked
WHAT!!?? ….Wen did she noticed me..is she also…..tht means she noticed abt my football thing frm school…
“You began playing as a goalkeeper” She asked again
“Nope i began playing as a forward @ school but i couldn’t find goals ..sooo” i said
“So u decided to go frm the other way”
“Yh ..sort of..hey r u in any sports?”
“Yup..I play badminton”
“oo thts nice”
“I knw rollerskating too but..”
“I started learning it wen i ws 6 yrs..but tht instructor always used to stare at me..i ws scared of him…thts y i stopped it”
“Haaha..hey never give up Ragini..”
“Is tht so?”
“Yh den u learnd to play guitar ri8…” I said
“yh i play guitar but hw do u knw it Sanskar?”
“i still remember u only played tht tamil song at our farewell in school ri8?”
“Ooo..somone really knws me..”
Yes i really know her …coz she ws in my hotspot from the day she frowned t me..ha ha ..gud job dectective Sanskar.
“Which is ur fav movie Sanskar?”
“Hey i mostly watch English movies haa..i love fast and furious”
“Why..so fast and furious huh?”
“I really love Vin Diesel..in tht but sad abt Paul Walker”
“He died …..”
“Yh ..hey let me gues u r a Srk fan ri8?”
“Wow …Sanskar hw did u knw tht?”
Seems like today is my lucky day Honestly i’m just guessing things and they r hitting the target..
“Watched DDLJ”She asked.
“Yup” I lied I haven’t seen the whole movie yet
“Which is ur fav scene?”
“Fav scene..Hey the whole movie is my fav na” I smhw managed to answer her.
“My fav scene is..nope i wnt tell u”
“Y so?”
“U should c the movie ..I knw u hvnt seen the whole movie” She said.
What!??..nw hw she knws tht..is she also guessing like me?
Or I’m feeling something..is she feeling the same….R U FEELING THE SAME..I wanted to ask her but i didn’t.
“Hey tym 4 me 2 go..bye Ragini tk cr”
“Bye Sanskar”
“It ws nice to tlk 2 u again..So frnds?”
“We r frnds stupid..bye..” She said..
She sent me some pictures before i logged out..
Hey its SRK she drew it…another one ws of a prince holding a princess tht also ws her drawing…but did she sent me the 2nd pic…

Nxt [email protected] collage
I really wntd 2 ask her y did she send me the 2nd pic?…but i couldn’t……
Recap: Sanskar and Ragini chat in FB.
After collage we chatted in FB …
But the same day I logged in again to FB to check wheather Ragini was online..
Hey I have something ..like an urge with…to chat with her I usually don’t chat with anyone in FB but now i think i am desperately need to chat…
So i typed ”Hlo”
And sent it…
“Hi” came the reply ..but she wasn’t shown online maybe she turned off her chat.
“Hey who is ur fav in 1D” She asked.
“Zayn Mallik” I replied.
“Ooo..but he left the band ri8???”
“Yh..but he shld cm bck i love him”
“I love Niall Horan ..his voice his looks oh god i am crazy 4 him” She said.
“mmm….”I replied her
“mmmmmmmmmm…….”She replied me.
Nw i decided to irritate her
“nnnnnnnnn……….”I sent her.
“u idiot”
“Nope v idiots…”She replied.
Wait wait….what did she type?
Is it we?…wow she said we….we means YOU & I..
“Hey which is ur fav colour” I asked her.
“Mine is black & violet…urs?”She asked
“Mine is Red”
“y so?”
“Love is RED, Blood is RED, Rose is RED..MANCHESTER UNITED IS RED…”
“Hey u watch IPL?”
“Ur fav team pls..”
“Kolkata Knight Riders”
“oo coz SRK is the owner black and violet jersy..colour ri8”
“No..i watch cricket ok..”
“My fav team is CSK”
“Oh where is ur CSK nw..they not in IPL anymore ri8”
“Hee..ee KKR is the best..ok”
“Nope CSK..”
“Nw where is ur CSK ..out of IPL …poor boy dnt cry…”
“CSK vil cm bck..eait till tht”
“Acha baba ..got any nick names?”
“Actually its a long list..hv u any..?”
“I wont tell u”
“Sanskar..we r best frnds..c’mon tell me”
We???? Best frnds???…did she really mean it? Does she really consider me as her best frnd? Y so??? Hmm…but i still remember her frown..but im not going to remind her about those flashbacks…
“Hey c’mon Sanskar ..tell me” She asked again
“Ragini ..i wont tell…”
Her pls touched my heart.
“OK i’ll tell u..dont laugh”
“the name is..”
“Kuttan…nice name…lyk cute kuttan”
“Hee..ee sort of nw u say”
“The list is long..k my grandmother calls me Ladoo…soke of my cousins call me lachu and some calls me Lach..short form of Lachu or Ragu…and many more”
“Oh Ms.Lachu…”
Hee she got a long list ri8.
“Hey Mr.Kuttan..i got a nickname for u…”
What ?????…..Nickname 4 me?…..haha..lets see it then.
“Hey if u tease me den i’ll not tlk 2 u sachi” I said
“K baba u r my ZAAN”she said.
“ZAAN?… wat is it?”
Wow! ZAAN hehe sounds cute and funny too
“aey ZAAN r u there?”
“oh yh ..i’m here”
“den tell me?”
“hey if im Zaan den u r …..”
“I am???”
“NINI no..NIGU….no..”
“Sanskar decide any one”
Now how to do this..yh NIALL+LACH=NICH..perfect
“u r NICH”
We started calling each other nick names..
“hee so funny ri8” She said.
“s LICH oops NICH”
“hey do u watch cartoon?” She asked
Huh? Cartoons do i look like a kid to her?..but y hi love to watch tom and jerry but if i tell her then she will tease me… or does she also watch it?..what should i do..should i b honest or just…
Something flashed on the screen ..its her message.
“hey i love tom nd jerry”She messaged
What???……she loves it..i mean we both love the same cartoon….
“Hey same pinch ..i too love tom nd jerry..nd i support tom I said.
“hey i love jerry he is so cute…”
“Nope nibble is more cute”
“tom will never catch jerry”
“no hw do u knw tht?..huh?..one day tom wil catch jerry”
“Hey nw wen see Mr.bean i think of u Sanskar”
Nw tht ws not acceptable
“heee ZAAAAAN i am so happy to tlk with u”
“me too”
“hey our collage fest is coming ”
“yh yh u will come for it na..wont u??”
“hey c’mon i’ll come”
“tell me abt dress code”
“nothing lyk tht u can wear anything u want”
“hey which is ur fav dress?”
“i lyk western and traditional dresses..i wish i could wear jeans ..but i cant ”
“hey its ok u can wear anything wen u r with me”
Nw y did i tell her this
“wat abt u?”
“me..i lyk blue full sleeve tshirts and black jeans” i replied
“so tell me wat r u gonna wear?”
“oh its a surprise Sanskar..a surprise 4 u…”

I eagerly started counting down for her surprise….

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