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Recap: Sanskar sent friend request to a unknown person.
What have i done?..seriously ..what have i done?
For some moments i was speechless
No no till now i never sent a friend request to anyone otherthan my best friends….And today i sent a friend request to a person who is completly a stranger to me…
But the waythat person comment and liked my firends photos and status make me think that i know her ..she is close to me..or my classmates.
‘Dont worry she will delete your request ..she don’t know you na don’t worry’ I said to myself and logged out from FB.
But my mind was restless so i logged in again after a few seconds..

Hey there is a new notification
I checked it…It ws written that Janki R accepted your friend request….
Hoooooooooo…what a relief.
But how come she knows me?..haan whatever now she is my friend maybe she is parent of my schoolmates..
Well now i’ll sent her a message…I thought..

But i got a message..I clicked my inbox..
I checked who sent me this..
I was wonder shocked by seeing the name ..Its none other than Janki R…The screen showed her name with her profile pic.
She was smiling in that photo..i looked her face…
Her eyes….i don’t know why i felt like i have seen those eyes before..but where??
The person whom i unknowingly sent a friend request ..accepted it also when i was going to message her she messaged me …how can all these things happen?
I looked the screen which showed her message..
To be frank i was feeling nervous
I sat there for some time..my eyes were glued on the screen..After thinking a lot i decided to replay her back..
I typed ‘Hi..’ and sent it to her..
Now i was blushing and i don’t know for what…I have never seen this lady in my entire life but i don’t know why i feel like i have seen her somewhere ..i have seen her shadow in someone…
Well then i decided to pretent that i know her..So i typed ’I know u’ and sent her..
Thank god by the time i sent her she was offline.
After that i also logged out.
The whole ni8 i had tht Janki effect on me..through out the ni8 i was thinking how can she sent me a hi…..
I logged in FB at ni8..I saw that she haven’t replied me so i decided to delete our conversation…i knew it was never a conversation…I deleted it and went to sleep…

Nxt day with ‘Janki effect’ in my mind i went to collage.
I was standing at the corridor chatting with my new friends..suddenly i saw..someone..
Its our Ragini..she was walking towards me with her friends…with some paer on her hand..
She came to me and smiled..
I was wonderstuck..but i smiled too.
‘Why didn’t u replay to my hi yesterday’ Ragini asked.
And she she playfully beated my head with that roll of paper which was in her hand and went inside the class..
I was again wonderstuck..My friend started laughing seeing me like that.
What did she said..I thought again..
I rewinded that scene in my mind.
This was vibrating in my ears
But i didn’t get any hi from her..is she my friend in FB……
No she is not my friend…
Then who sent a hi to me..?

Suddenly something striked in my head..
JANKI.R…Janki R…R for Rathore…that means Janki R is Janki Rathore..and she is Ragini Rathore….The same Ragini Rathore who frowned at me..The same Ragini Rathore who helped me and Ananya…..or is it not…
I decided to clear the air..
I went to her
‘You should be fast in replying ’ Ragini said to me.
I didn’t reply?…I said.
‘You know me ri8?’ She said and laughed.
Me (in mind): Shit..that means she read my second message.
Seeing my ‘awful’ face she continued…
‘I know what r u thinking….Janki R ri8..So Janki R is my sweet mom…Its her FB account i don’t have one of mine so i use her FB account..got it?’ She said.
Seriousli i didn’t get it…But i said..bye and went from there.

So Ragini Rathore is Janki’s..oops i mean Janki aunty is Ragini’s mom..yah Ragini has her mom’s eyes..wow..
SUDDENLY MY HEART AND BRAIN SANG…”This is the turning point of ur life”

Precap: Chat with Ragini Rathore

Credit to: Sameer

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