Swaragini You & I (RagSan FF) Episode 3


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Recap: Flashback
Somebody once told “Time heals everything” yes…
So i merely forgot everything about Ragini and our flashback as we were quite busy in our own ways
We meet sometimes exchange a pleasant smile and continue to do our own work.
Days passed..
I decided to have a FB account..as everyone now a days had one. I was not at all interested but still i decided to have one FB account for myself.
Well before starting i promised my self tht i’ll not be a FB addict.
Once u r an FB addict then u know..i warned myself.
Infact i had an FB account earlier when i was in school but at that time i wasn’t that active so i deactivated my account
Because at that time i consider FB as a rubbish thing..and i myself don’t knw y i started it in my school days.
So i re-logged into my FB account

On the screen it was written
Blah, I’m least interested to let you(FB) know that i’m back

On the screen-
“People you may know”……
I know so many people already…but this is the only medium so that i can be connected eith my school friends.
After 5 mins i logged out.

August 10, 2015
Ooo..The time is flying so fast
almost 2 months have passed after i joined this collage.
Now i am really busy now this is my schedule
7.30 Wake up
8.30 have breakfast
9.00 off to collage
9.45 reaches collage
10.00-4.00 collage
4.45 back from collage
5.00-8.00 study
8.00 dinner
9.00-9.30 FB

9.30 sleep time ..gud ni8 !!

Hey meanwhile i made some new friends in the collage too.
Let me tell u ..see actually i am bit slow in adjusting with the new environment. You can imagine 12 years @ school sitting with the dear ones with whom u have infinite number of memories who cared for you for past 12 years…You know changing from that it takes sometime…
Even though im happy at the collage i miss my friends…and i am eagerly waiting for some new friends..
Well Ragini is my scholmate but y should i go with her to make friendship with her?….yh she frowned at me na…

But i smile at her somwtimes when she passes by me she also smiles…but we haven’t tlked…

August 21 2015
Sorry today i logged in at FB at 5.00pm nothing ..again to see my notifications..I promised myself that I will not log in at 9.00 according to my schedule.
On the screen
People you may know.
Nice photos i said to myself..
I should thank FB for showing nice photos of girls
So i decided to check it out..
Simran Kaul….gud one…
Ranjana Sundar..hmmm not bad
I kept on seeing those people..
Janki R ….

Janki R ho my god 42 mutual friends?
Oh most of my class mates r her friends..maybe she will be one of my classmate’s parent…Shall i sent a friend request to her???? I thought..
My Brain: Sanskar are you mad? You don’t know her how can u sent her a friend request?
My heart : haan Sanskar ..u never sent anyone friend request.
My brain: come on Sanskar if that person knew you then she should have sent you friend request ri8.
My heart: i totally agree with it.
For the first time my heart and brain were supporting each other..

I don’t know why..i clicked the friend request button…and the request was gone….

Credit to: Sameer

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  5. oh thank you for providing links as i missed 2nd part. And so sorry for that silly ques , I said that as per common observation as all my brothers and boy friends ( not bf wala bf) made fun of me for readings and writings habits. It seems a time waste to them . Neverthless u can become one like Chetan Bhagat – a person different from all.

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