Swaragini You & I (RagSan FF) Episode 2


Thank u so much for ur support everyone..thank u for all ur comments..sry i was not able to replay to ur comments but thank u everyone..Amna.. i am a boy ..and yh i don’t watch serials..i knw the characters ..so i thought i’ll tell my story though it..i am glad that u like my story.
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Recap: Sanskar and Ragini’s entry

Yes I knew her ..she is..
The bell rang Teacher went out The whole class filled with noise..
I was still thinking about her..
Yes i know her..she is…

FB Starts
2 years back
It ws a pleasant morning at Elite high school
The school were i pursued my high schooling.

It was assembly time ..I suppose we were standing in rows alternate with boys and beautiful girls
So i was standing (maybe 6th from the front) in my class line.

I was looking all girls in my right side
Then i turned to my left side..There were also so many beautiful girls…Then i was looking at the trees and flowers that side.
Suddenly my eyes met with someone’s eyes..
We both looked each other at the same time..
“What r u gaping at?” She asked rudely.
I quickly turned to the other side with a weird expression.
Then i thought..y did she asked me like that?
Oh she might have thought i was looking at her while i was looking at the flowers behind her…
It was her mistake that she thought like that not mine…But hw dare she …now u r gone..u have messed up wit Sanskar girl..now u r gone….I said to myself.

1 year later.
“Sanskar come on we will say thought OK” Told my best friend Ananya.
“But from where will u find thought?”I asked her.
..coz we were assigned to present the thought for the day for our assembly programme
“Dont worry i’ll find it now” She said
“Now?” I asked her
“Yeh just come with me ” She said and dragged me to the next class. I stood near the door ..
Ananya went inside..She went to a group of girls and started chit chatting wit them.
I watched Ananya from there.
She waved me to come inside the class.
I nodded my head in NO.
“Why should i stand in the middle of girls?”
I saw Ananya taking a slip of paper from a girl she kept that slip in her pocket and was walking to me. I couldn’t see the other girl’s face who gave Ananya that slip to her.

“Here is the thought..stupid” She said…throwing that slip at my face.
“eh? What happened in there?” I asked her
“Hey i went to get the thought ..My friend is there na” Ananya said.
“A friend of urs??..huh?” I asked teasing her.
“Ragini” Said Ananya.
“Ragini..who is in ur van..right u both walk together sit together.” I said imitating her.

“Oh ho..u knw everything abt her…huh?…..whats going on Sanky??” She said teasingly.
“What? I have only heard abt her from u i haven’t seen her u r the one who keeps on talking abt her..and by the way i am not interested in her” I said.
“OK OK calm down” She said…

2 weeks later
“Good morning today I Ananya and my friend Sanbskar are here to present thought for the day” Said Ananya.
Yes today ws our thought we presented it well though but all other items were a BIG FLOP. They boy who ws assigned to administer the Pledge ws absent like that.
That day everybody noticed me and her for presenting the thought in a very nice manner..even though all other items were flop.

“Now everyone knows us isn’t Ananya” I said to her
“Yh all this is because of Ragini she ws the one who gave us thought on timt” She said.
“Yh we owe her a lot well where is she?” I asked her.
“I don’t know well lets go and thank her in the lunch time”

Lunch time
Me and Ananya started walking to the primary block park were Ragini and her friends were having their lunch..
Ananya took me to a group of girls
“Ragini! Hlo dear” Said Ananya..
I ws least interested in their girly conversation and ws standing a lilte distance away from them.
“Ananya ur thought were awesome u presented it very well” She said to Ananya.
“all credit goes to u dear” Ananya said and hugged her
Ananya came to me with that girl.
“This is Ragini..Sanskar” She said.
“Ragini” She said..
“Sanskar” I said without looking at her face ..
But then i looked her face.
Me (in mind): Che…this is the same girl who frowned at me that day.
My Brain: yh its the same girl ,..hey don’t talk to her ok.
My heart: OK yh she did it but unknowingly na..so forget all that and talk to her.
My brain: No Sanskar..dont even think about it.
My heart: Yes yes yes talk to her Sanskar now..
I don’t know why my heart always wins..
“Sanskar” I told her again but this time with a smile on my face..i pretented that i am seeing her for the first time.
“Nice to meet u Ananya keeps on talking about you.” Ragini said.
Me (in mind): Seems like she doesn’t remember that incident thank god.
“Oh really? Well Ananya always talk about u to me” I said still maintaining a smile on my face.
We had a small chit chat.
“Uh Ananya I think its time for bell..” Ragini said
“Yah we are also going so once again thanx da” Said Ananya.
She looked at us and smiled we too smiled back..But still i could feel her terrible frown at me ..
“Sanky Ragini is very nice girl ” Said Ananya.
I nodded my head in yes
Me(in mind): nice..? but she frowned at me hw could she…
“Now she will be ur friend too Sanky..hey she is perfect for u” Ananya said.
“What Ananya? Have u gone mad or what???” I asked her…

We reach back ot class..
Teacher came and was teaching ..
I paused thinging about Ragini and focused in the class…(and in between in her too)

Credit to: Sameer

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