Swaragini You & I (RagSan FF) Episode 1


The student of the year goes to…Sanskar Maheshwari ..Let us all congratulate him. So i request the chief guest of the day to give the trophy and certificate to Sanskar..Sanskar pls come to the stage..
The crowd cheered ..Sanskar..Sanskar..Sanskar
Trriiinnngg!!..Alarm rang

15th June 2015
6:00 am
Oh gosh! I am late Today..Today yup my first day in the collage…I told to my self
(yh its our hero Sanskar Maheshwari)

So after breakfast dad came to my room.
RP: beta aaj tumhara pehala din hain..aaj se tum (son today is ur first day . So frm today u)
Sanskar cutting him.
Sanskar: Dad no need mujhe pata hain joh aap bolna wale ho (i knw wat u want to say) nw pls go…
Sanskar slammed the door behind RP.

I am looking very handsome..this dress suits me a lot…And y hi have grown up..finaaly i am also a collage boy ..oh god i am too dashing…
Sanskar said looking at the mirror..
Sanskar’s POV
So i have joined for B.A History at Albiol Collage in Kolkata.
‘’Oooh..This bus ..y cant this driver drive fast?…He said to himself
The bell rang for the 1st period at the collage.
The teacher arrived..
Hmm..she looks gud mm..middle aged ..long hair ..chee Sanskar u r here to study Sanskar…control urself..I tld myself..

‘’So students ..What do u mean by the word History?’’ She asked
I thought everyone would knw the answer …but nobody knew it..so i thought i will raise my hand.
Sanskar ws abt to raise his hand…
‘’May i come in Ma’am?’’ a voice cam from outside the door.
The teacher went tht way.
Shit! Tht ws a chance to impress the class oh gosh!!..Sanskar said to himself.
‘’Yes come in ‘’ Said the teacher.
‘’Your name?’’
‘’My name is Ragini Rathore’’ she replied
Hmm Ragini ..nice name I looked at her face mm nothing much she looks simple but charming..cute..she was wearing a simple kurti..
She didn’t notice me but i did.
My heart: You knw this girl Sanskar.
My brain: no no Sanskar u don’t ..
My heart: Hey try to remember haven’t u seen her before?
My brain: c’mon u haven’t seen her don’t concentrate on her pls..
My heart: shut up..Sanskar u think stupid..
Finally my heart won…
Yes i ws thinking abt her..who is she?..her eyes her face …I noticed her everything…But y did i notice..y did i notice only her? Why i feel lyk i am connected to her…
After some minutes i looked at her face again…
From the 3rd bench i looked at the last bench where she ws sitting…
But she ws concentrating in the class and ws busy in taking notes

But i noticed her simple way of dressing..her earrings were small but it ws suiting her a lot
Her eyebrows were dashing..
My heart ws telling me ……Sanskar u knw her
But i cant get her face….
Suddenly my brain stuck…

Credit to: Sameer

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