swaRagini RagLak (wife of millionaire part 1)

“Ragini, where the hell are you??” A lady screams and a girl comes in a run near her.

That lady was drinking alcohol and taking a cigar.

“Come and clean all this mess” she shouts on Ragini. Ragini cleans everything. That lady sits on a man’s lap and kisses him.

“My sweet heart sneha, i love you so much” he says.

“Love you too darling” that lady sneha says and slowly bites his neck. Then they hear a car sound.

“Omg, my husband has come. You go away” sneha hurries that man and that man runs away. She comes near Ragini and clutches her hair, “don’t dare to say this to your uncle” she warns Ragini.

Ragini nods her head. “Yes aunty”

Just then, shekar comes inside.

“Hai darling” sneha hugs shekar.

“Ragini, you got a job offer. You have to join tomorrow.”

“Ok uncle”

Shekar gives details to Ragini. Ragini reads the letter n shocks.

“Wife job?”

“Yes, you have to act as wife to a millionaire. In turn, you get lakhs of salary per month.”

“I can’t do this uncle”

“That guy has lost his wife in accident. See the fate, even her name is Ragini. She looks alike you. That’s why they have appointed you. You have to do this job” shekar says stubbornly.

Ragini scares to say no. And nods her head. She goes to her room.

Next day morning,

A guy is shown who is sleeping on couch, who is dreaming ‘Ragini’

Swara gets tears lookimg at him and she places his head in her lap.

“Bhai, don’t feel sad. Ragini will come”

“Didi, i want to see Ragini” that guy is still dreaming who is very weak.

“Laksh” swara cries holding him.

Then a calling bell rings. Swara goes n opens the door. She is shocked to see Ragini is standing there.

Ragini looks at swara and gives letter to her. Swara reads it and then she calls sanskar. Sanskar comes n he too shocks seeing Ragini.

“She is looking same as my sister Ragini.” Sanskar says. Swara too nods head in amazement. Swara holds Ragini’s hands,

“For godssake, plz act as wife to my brother laksh. He loves his wife so much. He has become sick from the day she dead. You look same like our Ragini. Plz do this..” swara cries. Sanskar consoles.

Ragini melts and feels sad looking at laksh who is sleeping on couch. Ragini moves a little near to Laksh. He has badly grown beard and he is looking little scary. Laksh wakes just then, Ragini moves back getting scared at him.

Swara comes near her, “plz act as his wife. We need laksh. Plz” she asks requestingly. Ragini stands there still.

Laksh looks Ragini and he makes eyes big.

“Ragini!!” Laksh exclaims. Ragini keeps looking.

“Ragini” laksh shouts and runs to Ragini and hugs her tightly. Ragini shocks at once, but she remains silent as swara asked. Laksh hugs Ragini tightly and he was moving his hand over her back.. ragini feels uneasy. He tries to part away from him, but he was holding her tightly.

Laksh suddenly breaks hug and cups Ragini’s face. Ragini doesn’t understand what is he going to do. Laksh moves near to her and smashes his lips onto hers. Ragini makes her eyes big in shock. She is about to push laksh away but, swara joins her hands and says to ragini no.

Ragini unwillingly closes her eyes, and Laksh takes his tongue access into her mouth and he kisses her wildly. Ragini gets tears and they slide on her cheek. Her tears touch laksh’s lips and he breaks the kiss. He cups her face,

“Why are you crying? You are back to me now. I won’t leave you ever” Laksh says and kisses on her lips again. Swara and sanskar bends their heads.

Laksh again hugs Ragini without leaving her. He was rubbing her shoulders and he keepz his head on her shoulder.

After sometime, raglak r sitting at dinning laksh was feeding ragini. Ragini is looking at laksh amazed does anyone love his wife this much? She gets hiccups and laksh pats on her head and gives her water. Ragini gets tears with Laksh’s love. Never ever anyone has shown this much love on her. But he is showing her thinking her as his wife.

Later, laksh takes ragini into his room. Ragini feels nervous what laksh is going to do.

Laksh makes Ragini sit on bed and he too sits beside her. He takes her hand and kisses it. Ragini looks at him silently.

“Why are you not talking anything? Being talkative is your work naa.”

Ragini again looks at him silently. Laksh makes her sleep on bed and he too sleeps beside her. He keeps his hand on her tummy. Ragini get goosebumps but she remains calm.
“I love you Ragini” laksh says and kisses on her cheek. He places his head on her shoulder and he slowly goes into sleep. Ragini looks around the room and sees his and her same looking girl’s pictures together. Unlike her, she is looking modern. They both are very close in the pictures. Ragini feels his warm breath on her neck. She suddenly blushes… she slowly removes his hand from her and gets up from bed.

“Can I go home? My work for today is over” Ragini asks swara.

“No. if he wakes in midnight and asks where is Ragini again? So stay here.” Swara says and locks the doors and goes inside. With no choice Ragini goes back into the room.

There in their house, sneha and shekar are drinking they give hifi to each other laughing.
“Ragini is trapped” sneha smirks.

Precap:: will new Ragini becomes close to laksh? If laksh knows the truth ?

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