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Iam a die-hard fan of tejaswi leading me to a RagLak fan. I read most f the ffs and forums of swaragini BT never ever even posted a comment. BT the current track made me do this. Disappointed.. Disappointed.. Disappointed.( mainly after reading swasan fans comments on raglaks current track) I am not against swasan .. It’s juz that I like RagLak to the core.. BT..

How can they do this to RagLak.. Swasan fans could rejoice their nok jhoks friendship love romance etc. Those track only helped then to gain such immensefan following.. Nd for that they turned poor ragini to a witch..( doing unimaginable ) then RagLak fans thot one day we will also get such cute sweet moments. Bt RagLak fans only got to watch enmity tears and den a marriage in a fast forward mode.. RagLak had more potential since their chemistry is outstanding. Otherwise even wen ragini was negative how cud they manage to get such a ffan following..If given a proper romantic track they cudve been the best couples in TV currently. I was expecting a new entry for ragini.. Her marriage.. Laksh jealous. Proposal eventually marriage.. Nd wat got was straightaway marriage… Shell shocked..

CV’s are in a rrush to introduce SAS bahu drama quotient into swaragini which is going to destroy this show.. They rushed so much that they left common sense far behind.. Ragini was not even able to walk in the morning.. And night she is dancing with laksh. Come on at least it cudve shown as laksh taking care of rags for few days. Then lil romance .. Nok jhoks.. Later consummation.. Don’t know wat cv’s planned for RagLak..  Juz wrote this to reduce my frustration.. Else I won’t b able to study since I have got exams.. Hope swasan and raglak gets equal space in the shows..

Still last one week they gifted us with beautiful emotional romantic RagLak scenes. Kudos to tejaswi Nd namish fr bbrilliant acting (they made into top 7 best performers of the week along with duvyanka triapathi , karan patel and likes) we can b proud f that.. 

Credit to: Elizabeth

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  1. Even I am a die hard fan of raglak want equal space for both pairs

  2. I’m also tejaswis fan & i feel the same they never give importance 2 raglak. ..& the serial it always elevated swaras character….mahaan swara and all …..bt tejaswi inspite of her excellent acting skills never given limelight. .bt given least preference ..& the writers must have named the serial as swara – the mahaan

  3. Hey dear m SwaSan fan mainly bt ya i agree that marriage was toooo fast …. i mean she was stabbed in stmach n nxt day she was bending down to take ashirwad… to be honest cvs hv ruin the charm of show conpletly…

  4. I’m also die hard fan of RAGLAK

  5. agree with you

  6. I was actually so pissed yesterday and so confused as well. Like how the hell did the marriage happen so quickly. I swear RagLak have always had this amazing chemistry and they totally ruined it by making Ragini evil and then they made Laksh evil. They never gave time for their relationship to develop. The only thing that appeased me in the episode yesterday was their cute moment afterwards when they were sitting on the bed. Anyways RagLak is bae and needs to have as much importance as SwaSan.

  7. I m agree with megha…. And that time ragini was doing negative roll I m totally hurted by the writers… But now I feel very happy that ragini also getting important in this serial

  8. Even though limelight was not given to teju she juz stole the lime light by her performance.. She excelled as an innocent girl and as a vamp at same time. She got a challenging role different from typical heroines. She got a lot to perform. Even an ita nomination .. Her eyes do the acting.. Expressions.. Even RagLak story is different from typical stories.. Both are grey shaded people.. So as an actor it’s her luck to get to play such a character..Nd she nailed it..

  9. Exactly they must get equal space! Even I felt bad for Raglak’s fast marriage! But still i’ve been waiting for Raglak since a yr! Finally its Raglak??But it really feels bad when ppl say that they dont want to watch SR just cuz there’s no Swasan scene! V Raglakkians have been watching so many Swasan scenes without complaining n comparitively v hardly had cute scenes like how Swasan had! Now when v’d some cute Raglak scenes ppl were like..No Swasan no Swaragini! C’mon..its Swaragini guys! Should give equal space to both the pairs!?

  10. Im also a die hard fan of tejaswi n thn i became a raglak fan…. Im completely agree wt u… Cvs really rushed the track without any sense but still the beautiful moments we got frm laksh realising his mistakes proposed ragini their marriage n 2days their first night scenes all were awesome bcos of temish’s perfect acting n their gud chemistry… I were also upset for not getting a proper raglak luv story but we should be happy thinking that finally they become one n this tym is a true one n not any drama… After all raglak fans were waiting for raglak’s true luv story frm long back…. So see the positive points leaving the other…. In upcoming track i just hope cvs continue to giv equal importance to ragini raglak… Bcos many watch the show only for teju n raglak n im one of them…..

  11. You are right.i am totally agree with u.

  12. I just love Raglak to the core and feel the same…they must be given equal rights… If they were given imp like Swasan they would have become the best jodi in Indian television…

  13. I totally agree with you… I know very well that not all the swasan fans hate raglak… But there are some who doesn’t care about the feelings of raglak fans and keep blasting them… I request them to please stop their hatred comments towards raglak

  14. I too agree these cvs naa by making swara mahan they made me to hste her relly guys they should show equal romance btwn raglak nd swasan kya kare they were busy in showing swara mahan

  15. Yes.U r absolutely right friend. Even I felt the same after saw the developments of the story. Being a TEJASWI FAN I am really really disappointed!!!!

  16. I agree wid u…..

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