Hey guys 1st time writing an os.I am also writing a ragsan ff sorryyyyy.If you like you can also check that otherwise no problem.ok starting the story now.


LIFE has become a very cruel joke for me.I never ever thought it would make my life miserable.Though i am a boy for whom thousands of girls would like to die.But i dont want those thousand girls who dreamed about me.I only want that girl whom i dream.My Ragini.My???I laughed a little at the thought .

She didnt even bothered about me before leaving me alone and here i am addressing her as my ragini.wow!!!

Love was a beautiful feeling for me which no one could understand if he /she didn’t fall in love.It is past.
Now the defination of love for me is betrayal,immense pain and lack of sense.

I have heard from many of my friends that ,there is someone for you whom you will definately meet when the destiny wants.I believed them when i met the girl for whom first ever my heart beat raced.

I had waited for many hours to get a glance of the girl a several times.

But my feelings turned into a mockery when after one year i got to know about her getting married to a person called Sanskar.I was heartbroken ,I couldnt beleive that the girl can do it to me.I confronted her before the marriage day.I asked her a simple question if she loves me.She didnt even bother to stare into my eyes and simply answered me that she never loved me.In fact she is going to get married to her dream man.I was numb for some time.If she didnt love me then,why she gave a soothing and celestial smile whenever i stared at her.Why she accepted my love expressing gestures like giving chocolates, guifts etc.Why she always gotten panic whenever i was absent in class,why she wasted her tears on me when i got hurt,why she had immense care for me if i didnt matter for her.why??!!!

I didnt know,i dont know and i will not know.Because “THE GIRL” is not presnt in the world.She has gone a far way from me and others.

Some questions are good only when it is not answerd.

Hey guys,a small try from my side.If you like it pls leave comments to your sweet candy.you can call me sara.

Credit to: Sara

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  1. Nice is Ragini dead

  2. yes ragini died.I have written it broadly on india forum.

  3. No swati she married sanskar….hmmm nice one sara…

    1. Oh she died..sry yaar

  4. Is ragini dead

  5. Very nice

  6. awesome os sara….

  7. Hey guys writing the climax in comment box pls attention:

    I spent my life ,longing for her and in a hope that she will come .The unexpressable love between us will bloom for sure.But i am/ was wrong.Because she cant come.She had to suffer in the pain of silence.She didnt want me to know about her unquenchable pain because of cancer.She spent her days without my support and now i am spending my days longing for her in a hope that i will meet her after my death and this time forever.!

  8. Awesome yr… Very emotional os

  9. Oh god …..more than story l liked ur climax

  10. Awesome os

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