SWARAGINI – RAGLAK – Maine tumse pyaar kiya (ep 1)

Maine tumse pyar kiya ep 1

The story starts from where laksh says he doesn’t like ragini and that he wants someone like swara..
He infact says that he loves swara and wants to marry her . ..

Late night at badi..

A girl wearing a white kurthi with pink chunni and patiyala is sitting on the bed ..

Her eysmes are filled with tears…
Her face shows pure pain..
She is hugging a jacket close to her chest..
She is non other than ragini ..

Ragini’s pov..

Why laksh… why.. am i that bad.. is being traditional a mistake.. is being sanskari…and respecting others a sin that you have rejected me the second time too…

Is it my mistake that i was brought up in a traditional manner ..

Is it my mistake that i loved you unconditionally from the first day i saw you…

But dont worry laksh.. i will never come back in your life…
Yea its true that i love you a lot … but thta doesn’t mean u have to love me…

My happinesss lies in yours laksh..
and I know very well that your happiness lies in swara…
So i promise you laksh…
i will make swara accept your relation..

Pov ends…

She is determined to get swara and laksh together..

That time she hears a knock sound…..She immediately wipes her tears and opens the door only to find her half sister whom she considers as her own sister standing there her eyes showing only pure love for her….

Ragini immediately plastered her beautiful smile on her face.. hiding her pain from everyone..

Swara was staring at ragini very intensly.. as if she was trying strain all of raginis pain.. ..

Swara.. swara.. why staring at me like this.. come in na.. said ragini …

But swara immediately hugged ragini …
Why are you hiding your pain from me ragini..
I can very well understand what you are going through.. i very well know to which extend you love laksh.. u need not hide your pain from me ragini.. said swara with a choked voice..

Ragini slowly pulled herself out of the hug..
Swara… i know that you are the one who understands me the most.. but now.. im not in a position to talk abt it..

Par ragini.. started swara only to be interrupted by ragini..
Bas swara.. now listen.. tmrw we both are gonna go out.. now promise me that you will come with me like a good child… hmm

Swara just wanted to see a smile on raginis face… so she readily accepted…

In mm..
Laksh was sitting in his room.. hugging his pillow ..

Laksh pov :

Ohh god.. i still remember Ragini’s face when i told her that i dont wanna marry her. ..
Her tear filled eyes… it somehow hurt me..
But stilll how can i marry her she is not of my type… i mean i have spend the rest of my life with her … and i feel it is gonna be difficult for me to adjust with her..

Anyways… i cant bear her tears .. i have make her understand tmrw itself..

Pov ends..

Precap : swaragini meet laksh..
Raginis demands to swalak..


  1. Astra


    |Registered Member

    omg… it’s awesome. u really wrote even my pov what i used to think for ragini… I’m glad u wrote this… interested to read furthur..

  2. Shrilatha


    |Registered Member

    Sorry shilpa…it’s been I haven’t commented in u ff..really busy..this is awesome…I truly wish she ask this on his face…

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