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Ragini lost herself in that moment. But she gathered all her courage and tried to free herself from Laksh’s hold. But his hold on her shoulders tightened. With all her strength she freed herself from him.
Ragini tried walking away from the place because she thought running away from the situation was the best option.

But suddenly she felt a hold on her hand. She didn’t have the courage to meet his eyes again. She didn’t have the strength to turn back.

Laksh: Ragini I have been so determined to find you,meet you since the last one year only because you weren’t here by my side. And now when you are in front of my eyes my determination and my stubbornness to get you back into my life has grown. Now you will come back to my life Ragini and I will bring you back.

Ragini freed her hand from his hold. She ran inside the party venue. She saw Sudha holding Ridaan. She immediately took Ridaan and hugged him close to her heart. Right now that little baby is the only person who could comfort Ragini.

Shivansh came out after discussing with Mr. Bundela and saw Ragini holding Ridaan. He walked up to her.

Shivansh: How bad of this mother-son duo? They never miss me.

Shivansh noticed a sense of discomfort in Ragini’s behavior.

Shivansh: Ragini are you alright??

Ragini: Shivansh I am having a slight headache. Can we head back to the hotel room? I badly need to rest.

Shivansh: Ok as you wish. Let us inform the Bundelas and the Maheshwaris that we are leaving.

Ragini: Shivansh I am feeling really tired. Can you please go and tell them that we are leaving while I and Ridaan wait in the car.

Shivansh: Ok then. (Handling the car keys)You sit in the car. I will be there in a few minutes.

Ragini went out of the party venue. Shivansh went and met the Bundelas and informed that they were leaving. And then he went to bid bye to the Maheshwaris who were discussing about the sudden change in their life.

Shivansh: Ok guys I am leaving.

Sanky: So early? I mean it would have been good if you stayed back for a few more minutes we would got to know each other properly.

Shiv: I can understand but my wife doesn’t seem to be well. So it’s better we head back now. But don’t worry we will meet tomorrow and discuss about the final presentation. And once I and Ragini decide with which company we would like
to start our partnership we can start our work.

Sanky: Is Ragini I mean Mrs.Singhania also a part of this project?

Shivansh: Yeah she is the one who handles presentations from our side. Okay then I need to leave now. We will meet tomorrow at 11. Bye.

Laksh was immensely happy after listening that Ragini had become so independent and she is now a working woman. He was now proud to be the husband of a lady who was the backbone of the plan of India’s best multi specialty hospital in benefit of all the common people.


Later at night

In the hotel room

Ragini was standing near the window leaning her head to the wall. As soon as they reached the hotel, Shivansh started bombarding her with questions about her sudden headache and she had to tell him repeatedly that she was okay that he went to his room to take rest. As usual Ridaan slept immediately after singing his favorite lullaby.

And now she was left all alone to fight with the emotional turmoil she has been dealing with. She saw him after an year but she never wished to see him in that way. A dark stubble, tears rolling down his eyes, he seemed to be so alone, so disturbed and most importantly very much broken. The person whose one smile made her day is now looking so pained. He wasn’t the same Laksh whom she knew. He has changed. Changed completely. She wanted to see that Laksh
who teased her everyday by blocking her view in front of the dressing table,that Laksh who cooed her saying that Awww mera bacha, that Laksh who gave her a wink. But she seemed to be expecting more as all this were only possible if she was with him. She rubbed her hands as the cool air gave her shivers.

Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh was caressing Ragini’s photo in his phone. Uttara clicked a random picture of him and Ragini during Ragini’s godh bharai. She looked so beautiful in that lehenga. He mentally scolded himself that how could he believe that Ragini could hide Shubh. She stood for that baby when Shomi Ma herself decided to abort that kid
due to pressures from the family.

His mind travelled back to a particular memory when Ragini was faking

Flashback starts

Ragini was busy writing something in a book that seemed to be an old diary. She was wearing a plain light blue saree with a floral blouse. Laksh who already had a hectic day came from the washroom wearing a dark green t shirt and a black pant.

He came to Ragini and threw himself on the bed which disturbed her concentration in writing.

Ragini: What are you doing Laksh?

Laksh: I must ask you that question. What are you writing?

Ragini: Woh I was thinking of names for maa’s baby.

Laksh: Arey wah. Let me also see.

After seeing the names, Laksh gets a perplexed look.

Laksh: All of these names are of boys and they start with R. Why so??

Ragini: Because it’s going to be our baby na Laksh. So I decided that if we have a boy we will name with R. And Maa is having a strong feeling that it will be a boy.

Laksh: Yeah Ragini. This baby will be ours. It may not be the symbol of our love but it is the symbol of the faith and understanding between us.

Saying so he kissed her forehead cupping her face.

Flashback ends

Ragini always wanted their baby to have a name starting with R. That’s it.What he had been thinking since so long wa true. Ridaan,that little baby with Ragini was their son. The symbol of their love. He
made a grave mistake leaving her when she needed him the most. But now he will bring her back into his life. Neither of both of them will be alone anymore and they
will again become RAGLAK. Completing each other.

Laksh: Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari get ready. I am going to become the same old Laksh to bring you back into my life.


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