Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 8

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Here comes the 8th chapter of Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya.


Recap: Raglak meet at the masquerade party. Raglak hug.

Chapter 8

It is not a dream. It’s a reality. It’s the most beautiful truth of his life. She was back. The person whom his eyes have been were trying to find for the past one year is now in front of him. Laksh was unable to say anything. He closed his eyes tightly bringing out all his emotions in the form of his tears.

Ragini was just living that moment completely. She was in his arms after all. The person whom she loved with all herself was standing in front of her.

The one year without him wasn’t easy for her. Each and every moment she was worried for him. He was a kid. A baby just like Ridaan.

Ridaan’s face flashed in her mind.

Suddenly Ragini broke the hug. Laksh who was still crying didn’t understand why she did that. He gently cupped her face and removed the hair flicks that were falling on her face.

Laksh: Where were you Ragini. You have no idea where and all I have searched for you. The day you left the house, we came to know the real truth Ragini. Pari Bhabhi is alive. She and Adarsh Bhaiyya have kidnapped Chotu and framed you.

It wasn’t your mistake bacha. But I am angry with you. How could you just go away somewhere without even thinking about me. You have no idea how I have lived all these days. I spent whole of my day trying to find you. Whenever I went out of the house in the mornings I made a promise to myself that I will find you atleast today. And whenever I came back in the night I cursed myself that I was no incapable of getting you back into my life. My first thought after opening my eyes in the morning and the last thought before sleeping was only and only you. Living in MM without you was not less than any nightmare but I decided to stay there itself because I could feel you and our love and our memories in that very place. From the time you left our house, I never allowed any change in positions of things in our room though I couldn’t take care of things

in our room as beautifully as you did. But now that you are back I know you will make everything well in your way.

He joined his forehead with her one and kissed the tears that were rolling down her eyes. He then noticed something. The
symbol of her love-the chain he gifted her wasn’t there in her neck. He cupped her cheek with his left hand.

Laksh: Ragini bacha why didn’t you wear that locket I gave you?

Ragini(removing his hand): Why should I wear that locket when(she removed her
eyes and looked down)the relationship
between us is no more.

Laksh: Ragini why are you talking like that? We have been away from each other
but that doesn’t mean our relationship has no meaning.

Ragini: Our relation had ended that very moment when you couldn’t trust me Laksh. That very moment when you asked me to confess for a mistake that I couldn’t even think to do in my wildest dreams that one moment you killed my soul and our relation.

Laksh didn’t know what to say. Whatever she was saying was the truth and he had no courage to look into her eyes.

Ragini: And now I have absolutely no relationship with you. I am happy in my life. I do have my Ridaan and Shivansh with me. And they are enough for me to live my life.

Shivansh’s words of introducing Ragini as his wife and Ridaan as their baby flashed in Laksh’s mind.

Laksh gripped Ragini’s shoulders tightly.

Laksh: Who is Shivansh Ragini? And why did he introduce you as his wife? Tell me Ragini.

Ragini frees herself from his hold.

Ragini: I don’t have any reason to answer to your questions Laksh.

“I don’t have the strength to tolerate seperation again.” Laksh said to Ragini hugging her from the back tightening his grip on her waist. And tears flowed from both their eyes.


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