Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 6

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Singhania Mansion

“Ale mera bacha what happened? Why are you crying?” Ragini asked Ridaan who came into the hall from the kitchen hearing Ridaan crying.

She took Ridaan into her arms from Shivansh. Ridaan immediately stopped crying sensing Ragini’s touch.

“I am hopeless in making him calm Ragini. Your son always needs you.” said Shivansh.

” Shivansh he is a baby. And you are always complaining about him. Ridaan beta tell your dad that his mind stopped working since he started contacting all those clients for partnership.”

Shivansh frowned at this.

Shivansh: Ragini I forgot to tell you that I have spoken to all those businessmen and shortlisted two of them. I felt that they are apt for this partnership. I also checked their previous business history.

He takes a paper from a file kept on the
table next to him.

Shivansh: Here are their details. You also take a look at them.

Ragini: Shivansh we have already decided
that you will handle the client and
business partners and I will handle the presentation.

Shivansh: Yes Ragini this was decided. But now when you are coming with me to
Kolkata I think you should know about the partners.

Ragini stiffened listening to this. She never wanted to go back to that place which always brought her pain. She was fighting
with her tears which were about to fall out of her eyes anytime.

Ragini: Shivansh I am not coming to Kolkata. I will stay here. Ridaan is also very small and I don’t want to travel along with him to such long distances.

Shivansh: Kyu? Why don’t you want to come to Kolkata? Is it because of the bitter past related to that place?

Ragini: Aisa kuch nahi hain. My past and its memories don’t matter to me anymore. I have moved on in my life.

Shivansh: In that case what’s the problem in going to Kolkata. You know that this is my dream project. I need you with me at this time.

Ragini: Inorder to prove to Shivansh that I
moved on in my life and for his dream project I need to do this. I need to go to Kolkata.

After a few seconds

Ragini : Okay I will also come.

Shivansh: Now that’s the spirit. Chalo we need to leave tomorrow. Pack your bags.

Shivansh leaves from there.

Ragini lifts Ridaan and takes him to a window.

She hugs him close to her heart. She looks at the moon.

Ragini(in mind): Tomorrow I am going back to that place which always snatched my happiness and my relations from me.
The place which has all the bitter and sad memories. But I can’t deny the fact that now Ridaan is my lifeline. And Shivansh always helped me and I can do anything for his one and only dream. But Laksh I will never forgive you and your family for what you did to me. I hate you forever. There was a time when I felt that my life was nothing without you and Raglak. But what you did broke me as well as Raglak into Ragini and Laksh.


In Kolkata


RagLak Room

Laksh was standing in the balcony seeing
the moon. He was lost in his own

Laksh: Ragini today also passed without
finding your whereabouts. Why are you playing this sort of game with me? You know that I can’t stay without you? How
much punishment should I bear for my
mistake Ragini. From the time you left this
house I didn’t have a moment of peace of
mind. Please come back jaan. Please..

Suddenly he felt something on his back.

He turned his hard back to see Ragini in a yellow saree and floral blouse hugging him
from back. His eyes started sparkling and tears started rolling down them.

Ragini: What happened Laksh? Do you
need anything?

Laksh: You came back na, now I don’t
need anything else.

He hugs her tightly as if he want some to make sure that she doesn’t leave him again. He closes his eyes and tears roll down his eyes.

Laksh: Promise me that you won’t leave me again.

He opens his eyes when he receives no reply. And he was standing all alone in the
room. Ragini was no where. It was his imagination.

Laksh sat on the couch with a thud.

Laksh: Please come back Ragini. It feels really painful to stay away from you. Please….

Next day morning

Kolkata airport

Shivansh came out of the airport along with Ragini who was holding Ridaan.

Ragini: Shivansh let’s go to the hotel. Ridaan seems to be tired.

Shivansh: Ragini before going to the hotel lets go to the Durga Maa’s mandir. It’s the time of Navratri. Let’s go and visit the temple.

Ragini: Ok but we need to come back fast.

Shivansh(saluting her): Yes madam.


Laksh was coming out of his room in a hurry. He had to meet the private detective he hired and needs to discuss about any other idea of finding Ragini.

But just then Ap calls him.

Ap: Laksh beta as you know it’s the time of Navratri…

Laksh: Ma if you want to talk about me involving in the puja then I am not interested.

Ap: I know that you have not worshipped God since Ragini left the house but it has always been said that if you worship Mata Rani with complete shraddha then your wish will be true.

Laksh: Any wish ma?

Ap: Haan beta.

Without even listening anything else he rushed out to the mandir.

Both Raglak reached the temple. Laksh reached the temple with a hope of getting back his lost love.

Shivansh: Ragini you go inside I will go and bring the pooja thal.

Ragini nodded and headed inside with Ridaan. At the same time Laksh came out of his car. Ragini stopped walking as she felt that someone close to her heart was around her.

Ragini(in mind): Why do I have vibes that someone very near to me is somewhere here.

She brushed off her thoughts and went to the temple.

Laksh went to a shop to buy a pooja thal.While coming back he dashed into someone who is none other than Shivansh.

Laksh: I am really sorry.

Shivansh: That’s okay friend. Can you tell me where I can get a pooja thal?

Laksh: Yeah sure come with me.

Laksh took Shivansh to the shop. Both of them bought the thaal

Shivansh: Thank you so much dude because if I started searching for the shop all by myself I would have been lost by now.

Laksh giggled.

Laksh: Are you new to Kolkata?

Shivansh: I have been here a few times but never did I see this much crowd.

Laksh: The effect of Navratri..

Suddenly Shivansh’s phone started ringing. The caller id showed Ragini’s name.

He picked up the call.

Shivansh: Boliye Madam.

Ragini: Where are you Shivansh?

Shivansh: I am coming baba.

He cut the call and turned to Laksh.

Shivansh: Ok friend. I need to leave. My wife will explode anytime if I don’t go.

Laksh laughs.

Laksh: Okay dude take care.

Shivansh left from there.

After sometime

Shivansh and Ragini were praying in the temple. Laksh entered inside the temple. A soft wind started blowing. Both Raglak had vibes of each other’s presence.

Laksh(in mind): After 1 year I felt that you were somewhere near to me.

Saying so he goes near to the same place where Ragini and Shivansh are standing.

He was about to stand in the same line next to Ragini. But suddenly pandit ji comes showing aarthi to everyone. Ragini and Shivansh take the aarthi. But due to the heavy smoke coming from the aarthi thaal Shivansh shifts his position with Ragini. As a result Raglak don’t see each other as Shivansh was standing between them.

Laksh(in mind): I haven’t worshiped you for the past 1 year because I was angry that you snatched my Ragini from me. But now I am praying in front of you in the hope that you will give me my Ragini back.

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