Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 5

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Maheshwari Mansion

All the Maheshwari’s except Laksh were sitting in the hall. Everyone had completed their Bhai Dooj ritual. Uttara was eagerly waiting for Laksh with the thal in her hand.

Laksh was coming back from the office in his car. He came across another unsuccessful attempt searching for Ragini. Each day that he goes home without any information about Ragini he had a lump in his throat.

He switched on the music system to relax his mind. He still remembers how he played songs in the car to change her mood, how he played Sab Tera the day before they met with an accident.

That day when they met with the accident was one such day of his life that he didn’t even want to think again. He remembers
how he saw her in a pool of blood after their car hit a tree, how he panicked seeing her unconscious, how he shouted
for help and repeatedly pleaded her to open her eyes.

(Guys I hope all of you remember that during that Sahil’s track Raglak meet with an accident when they will be coming back from Baadi to MM)

With all these thoughts in his mind and a heavy heart which was yearning for having a glimpse of Ragini, he entered Maheshwari Mansion and climbed the stairs.

He recollected how he and Ragini spent some beautiful moments when she teased him for eating ice cream like a child.

His thoughts were broken by Ap’s voice.

Ap: Laksh come beta and finish the Bhai Dooj ritual. Uttara has been waiting for you since so long.

Laksh: No ma. I don’t have any interest in all these traditions.

Sujata: We know that Ragini is not here but that doesn’t mean that you forget all your duties towards this house as a son and as a brother.

Laksh: When I was so unsuccessful in fulfilling the duties with my Ragini whom I promised that I would always be there for her, I don’t think I can be a good son or a brother chachi.

Saying so he went to his room. The room which he always felt as the biggest solace in the past 1 year. The place where there were memories of Raglak where he had beautiful memories which made him happy as well as sad. Happy because he had these memories that gave him a new hope everyday that someday he will cherish these memories with Ragini together. Sad because all these memories reminded that he is still not able to find his lady love.

The room was full of Ragini and Laksh’s photos- photos of their marriage,their engagement, the karva chauth day,the ghangaur day, and many other pictures of Ragini alone. Just opposite to the bed there was a wall size photo of Ragini in a blue and green legenga. He caressed the picture and kissed it.

Laksh: It may take years to find you Ragini but I will not give up.



Singhania Mansion

Ragini is sitting with a laptop and is shown seriously working on it. Shivansh is playing with little Ridaan.

Ragini: Shivansh I have checked the presentation. It’s perfect. I think our project will be approved.

Shivansh: I just hope what you are saying turns true.

Ragini: It will. Chalo let’s go. It’s time for the meeting and going late for such an important meeting is not correct.

She takes Ridaan from Shivansh.

Ragini(to Ridaan): Chalo Ridaan baba. Let’s go.

Shivansh: Ragini do you think taking Ridaan with us is..

Ragini: I can’t leave Ridaan alone Shivansh. If you don’t want him to come, then even I will stay at home with my bacha.

Shivansh: Ok let’s leave. It’s of no use arguing with you about your laadla.

Three of them leave to the office.



Gadodia home

Swara came to Baadi to complete the ritual of Bhai Dooj with Chotu who was given the beautiful name Shubh Gadodia and turned 1 a few months back.

Daadi: Enough of showing your so called love on my grandson Swara now you may leave.

Saying so she picked up Shubh and went to her room.

Shomi: How much changed in this one year na Shona. Ma accepted Shubh as he was the sole reason that Ragu went against everyone and faced all the odds. But she didn’t accept me and your baba as we couldn’t support Ragu during such a tough time.

Swara: How I wish Ragini is here ma. She would have also completed the ritual and Uttara also would have got a chance to complete her ritual with Laksh.

Both wiped their tears. Shekhar saw them and went to swaRagini’s room. He recollected how Ragini hugged Janki’s shawl when she was sad and how much he hurt Ragini by saying that he was happy that Janki was dead.

He caresses the side of the bed where Ragini used to sleep and then caresses her sitar.


Singhania Industries

Conference room

Ragini was giving a presentation to some Government officials. She was wearing a white long top and a black legging. She plaited her hair. Sometimes in the middle she is seeing the cradle in which
our little Ridaan is sleeping peacefully. Shivansh is really nervous. That’s because it’s his dream project.

Ragini: So that ends the presentation here
so what are your views about the project? And of course can someone please switch
on the lights.

An employee switch on the lights. And suddenly all the government officials start clapping. Shivansh understands that they
have succeeded in their first step towards success.

Officer 1: Its very good to know that successful people like you want to setup a hospital which avails all its facilities in free.

Shivansh: Thank you Sir.

Officer 2: And the presentation shows even minute details clearly. But have you thought about whom you will take as a local partner?

Ragini: No sir. That’s not yet decided. I am sure that many people might be willing to take local partnerships.

Officer: Yes definitely but we will require a selfless person. So here are a few businessmen of KOLKATA whom we shortlisted whom you can call for the partnership.

(Yes guys the hospital is being built in Kolkata and it’s the dream project of Shivansh)

Ragini just gave a small smile.

Officer: I must say Mrs. Singhania you are a great businesswoman and more than that you are a great mother.

Ragini : Thank you sir.

Shivansh: Let me escort you sir.

Saying this he takes all the officers to drop them till the door.

Ragini goes to Ridaan and picks him up in his arms.

Ragini: See bacha mamma and dadda did it. Now all the dreams of your Dadda will come true.

Shivansh comes running and saying “Ragini we have done it”

He immediately hugs Ragini and keeps saying “Ragini I am so happy. We have done it.”

Ragini: I can sense how happy you are now. Leave me. Or else see Ridaan will get crushed.

Shivansh: Ok sorry sorry. I am so happy.

They hear a knock on the door.

Shivansh: Come in.

All the employees come inside with happy faces.

Employee1: Congrats Madam and sir. Your hardwork paid.

Ragini: Thank you so much. But it’s your hardwork that really made this happen.
Otherwise I couldn’t even come to the office from the past three months since Ridaan came into our lives.

Employee2: Madam I must say that Ridaan is a luck charm for all of us. It’s the first time he came to the office and we got such the project.

Ragini and Shivansh smile and Ragini kisses Ridaan.

Employee: Madam now we have a small request and we want you to do it for us.

Ragini: What’s it?

Employee: Mam can you please sing a song for us..

Ragini: No please..

All the employees: Please mam just one song please mam. Song song…

Everyone insists her to sing.

Ragini: Ok ok but I don’t have my guitar.

Shivansh: Here you go Mrs. Singhania.

Ragini: Thank you Mr. Singhania.

She gives Ridaan to Shivansh.

She starts singing iktara song from Wake
up sid movie.

During singing she closes her eyes. She remembers all the moments with Laksh and all her family members.

Ragini(in mind): I will never forget what you did with me Laksh. And I will never forgive you for that. But now I won’t allow you to disturb my life again as now I have my Ridaan in my life. I won’t come back to Kolkata.

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