Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 4

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Here is the fourth chapter.


1 year later

Maheshwari Mansion

Beep Beep

A video camera starts recording.

Voice: Uffo Sanskar Bhai did you start recording?

Another voice: Yes Uttara I started it.

Uttara: So let’s go. Everyone might be waiting.

Sanskar and Uttara go inside the house. The house was completely decorated. It was the day of Bhai Dooj.

Sanskar starts recording the video. The family members are busy in the arrangements. Along with Uttara he goes to Ap who was setting the pooja thal.

Sanky: Badi maa look here.

Ap: Sanskar what are you both doing?

Uttara: We are recording today’s memories badi maa. Is this thaal for papa?

Ap: Yes Ram is like my brother na. So this thal is for him.

Sujata: Jiji ask this girl whether she got her thal ready or not?

Uttara: Mom thal is ready for Sanskar Bhai and Laksh Bhai also…

Saying so she stops suddenly.

Sujata: Jiji do you think that Laksh will celebrate at least this festival?

Ap: I don’t know Sujata. He hadn’t celebrated any festival or involved in any celebration from the past 1 year. Since the day Ragini left this house, my son has completely changed. He is not the same

Swara hears all this. She runs to her room. She picks up a photo of Swaragini kept on a table. She caresses Ragini’s face in the photo.

Swara: Where did you go Ragini? You don’t have any idea how we are all living without you. You don’t know how your Swara is surviving without her Ragini. And more over Laksh has completely distanced himself from the family. He doesn’t involve in any celebrations or festivals. Neither does he eat properly nor takes care of himself. He had spent each and every day of his life searching for your whereabouts. He needs you badly Ragini.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Group of Industries

A cabin is shown.

A man is shown sitting on a chair. He is wearing a three piece suit. His back is shown to an employee standing in the cabin.

Employee: I am really sorry Mr Maheshwari but we have searched in all the listed places but we couldn’t find your wife.

The man turns to face the employee and it turns out to be Laksh.

Laksh: Mr Banerjee I am not paying you lakhs of money to private detectives like you to tell me that you couldn’t find Ragini. Do something and search for my wife. Now just get out and start searching in these places.

He hands over a piece of paper to Mr. Banerjee and he leaves.

Laksh loses his tie and sits back on his chair. He sees a photo of Ragini kept on the table and picks it up. He caressed her face

Laksh: Aur kitna dhoondo tumhe Ragini?Ab to mil jao. Ab aur nahi jiya jata tere bin.
Kahan ho tum?

Scene shifts to Delhi

A lavish mansion is shown. And a name plate reading SINGHANIA is shown.

Camera shifts to inside the mansion. A lady is shown working inside the kitchen. She is humming a song. She is wearing a blue long top and a gold palazzo. She is wearing a gold overcoat on the top.

She starts singing Haan Hasi Ban Gaye song. First her eyes are shown and her lips are shown then. A wide smile is shown on her lips as continues to sing.

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum meri aasmaan meri zameen ban gaye

And then her face is shown.
It’s none other than Ragini.

Suddenly there was a voice.

Voice: Hasi toh tum meri ban gaye Ragini.

Ragini turns back to see a man looking at her. She says “Aap uth gaye Shivansh”

Screen shows the face of Shivansh.(Shivansh’s role is played by Shivin Narang)

Shivansh: Yeah I woke up and even got ready.

Ragini: Good that you woke up yourself at least today. Today is indeed a very important day for us na.

Shivansh: Yes of course. But where is your laadla. I can’t see him anywhere. Did he wake up?

Ragini: Arey he is still sleeping. Why are you always behind him? Why don’t you go and try to wake him up?

Shivansh: I will try but I know he won’t wake up until you come. He shows me all his antics.

Saying so he leaves to a room. And Ragini again starts cooking. She takes out milk and starts boiling it. Then she hears Shivansh’s voice again.

Shivansh(calling her): Ragini see your laadla is not waking up. Please come here.

Ragini: Okay I am coming.

Saying so she rushes to the room Shivansh went.

Ragini: What’s the matter? Can’t you do atleast this?

Shivansh: You yourself wake up your laadla.

Ragini looks at the person because of whom she gets a new reason to smile everyday. That’s none other than a cute little baby boy sleeping blissfully in the middle of the bed.

She comes near the baby and caresses his head lovingly. She kisses him on his

Ragini: Ridhaan bacha utho. You are mama’s sweetheart na mera baby uth jao.

The baby that’s Ridaan slowly wakes up and Ragini lifts him up and hugs him. She kisses his cheek and he starts giving her a sweet smile.

Shivansh comes to them smiling.

Shivansh: It has been three months since Ridaan came into our lives and he always woke up with your touch and voice.

Ragini: Dekho Ridaan your papa is jealous.

Shivansh: Oh hello I am not jealous. Get that?

Ragini: Ok baba. You go. I will go and get my Ridaan ready. Chalo Ridaan beta lets go and get ready.

After sometime

Singhania Mansion

Ragini was feeding Ridaan milk with a baby sipper whereas Shivansh was having breakfast.

Shivansh: Ragini make it fast. We need to leave to the office. All the employees will be so happy seeing you back.

Ragini: Yeah it’s been three months that I didn’t visit office. And I know that today’s meeting is really important. So I wanted to come to office.

Shivansh: Ragini are you sure that you want Ridaan to come with us?

Ragini: Yes I can’t leave him alone.

Shivansh: Okay your wish then. By the way you know where we have to go once this meeting becomes successful,right?

Ragini: Yes I know. Don’t worry. I will be ready to do all that. After all it’s your dream project.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s face.

New characters

Shivansh Singhania: A businessman. Owner of Singhania Industries. A loving and caring person.

Ridaan Singhania: A 3 month old baby. His world and day starts with Ragini.

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