Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 3

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Now with the third chapter….


“Nahin I can’t let her go like this. She can’t leave me. I have to stop her…” said Laksh getting up and rushing towards the stairs. He knew that he was nothing without her- his Ragini.

But before he reached the stairs Ap held his hand. She shook her head in a NO.

Laksh: Ma I need to go. Please leave my hand ma. I need her ma. Please Ma.

Ap: No Laksh. I am not ready for bringing Ragini into our home. She killed Parineeta. Enough is enough. She won’t come back here.

Laksh: But ma..

Sujata: Laks jiji is right. We can’t let Ragini stay here after all this.

Dp: Bas. I know that everyone are disturbed right now. Let’s give Ragini some time and another chance. If she confesses her mistake we will bring her back. Till then let her stay in the baadi.

Laksh couldn’t accept that Ragini left him all alone. How could she do that to him. Was the relationship they shared so weak that it didn’t take a minute for her to leave him and their house.

He didn’t want to break once again in front of all the family members. He ran towards his room and latched the door.

The room which was filled with her memories, her fragrance, her voice, her laughter, her words was making him more emotional.

Suddenly her voice started echoing in his ear. The promise she made the previous night was ringing in his mind. He got furious that she broke her promise. He closed his ears but those words were neither leaving his heart nor his mind.

He took a flower vase and chucked it on the floor. He started showing his anger, his pain on the lifeless things present in the room.

He picked a photo frame to chuck it. But the pendant he was wearing came in the middle. He could see those three letters RAG that are the essence of his life. Just as the locket is incomplete without its other part, he is also incomplete without her.

He turned the photo frame to see their best memory ever. Their marriage. The happiest day of his life. The day he felt that he lost her forever but in a few hours she was named his. But now he got a feeling that he lost her again. That brought an indescribable pain to his heart.

He started caressing the photo.

Laksh(to the photo): Why did you do all this? You promised me that you would never ever leave me. Then why…

Saying so he hugged the photo tightly and kept it near his chest and cried his heart out. Slowly unknown to him darkness crept up and everything turned black.


Shemish reached Baadi with Chotu. Sharmishta was unable to accept the truth created around her. How can her little Ragu hide the truth that her Babu is alive. Ragini knew how much she suffered from a trauma when she knew that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Sharmishta didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad. Happy that she got her Babu but sad that she lost that innocent Ragu again. But little did she know that her Ragu was innocent.

Shekhar: Mishti we won’t stay in Gadodia House anymore. We will stay in Bose house. I don’t want Ma and Ragini’s bad shadow also on our son.

Sharmishta just nodded.

Shomi: Shekhar are you sure that Ragu is in Gadodia house?

Shekhar: Yes Mishti where else will she go?

Saying so they went to Bose house.


Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh opened his eyes. He was sitting in his room holding their marriage photo.
The room was dark. Just like his life which seemed to be so lifeless after she got out of it.

Laksh: All this is just a nightmare na. Yeah it’s all a bad dream. Raging wont leave me. (He started calling out) Ragini ragini where are you bacha? If this is all a prank I will be angry with you.

He saw the surroundings in which he had been sleeping till then. Broken things and a messed up room. He knew that Ragini would never leave the room so untidy. The realization dawned upon him that she left the home and all that was true and not a dream.

He went and stood in the balcony. That was supposed to be her favorite place in the house. How much she enjoyed their morning coffee with some sweet talks was purely visible in her face.

He came out of his thoughts when he saw a person wearing a shawl came inside the gate of the house. It was 1 am and he couldn’t understand what the person wanted at this point of time. Fear crept through his mind regarding the safety of the family members.

He started following the person. He was about to call out everyone but he was shocked to see Adarsh coming out and taking the person to a corner. The person then removed the shawl and it was none other than Parineeta.

Adarsh: Finally we got Ragini out of our lives Pari.

Parineeta: Yes Adarsh. How dare she slap me? Now I have taken my revenge by kidnapping her brother. And most importantly I made everyone believe that she was the culprit.

Now that was the limit for Laksh’s patience.

Laksh(shouting): Bhabhi.

Adarneeta were shocked seeing Laksh standing there with red eyes. Laksh held Pari’s hand and dragged her into the hall.

Laksh started calling out all the family members who were equally shocked seeing Pari alive.

Laksh: Bhabhi tell us the truth. Were you the person who kidnapped Chotu?

Pari: It was your wife Laksh, not me who kidnapped her brother.

Laksh couldn’t control his anger anymore.

Thud a sound was heard. Laksh slapped Pari. She dared to lie in front of everyone about his Ragini and she deserved it.

When Swara and Sujata asked Pari and Sanskar and Laksh asked Adarsh in THEIR way , both of them told the truth that it was their plan to kidnap Chotu, blackmail Ragini and send her out of the house.

Laksh was unable to understand anything that was happening around him. All he knew that he had hurt Ragini once again. He broke his promise.

Laksh: Ragini is innocent. How come I didn’t trust her again? It’s all my fault. I need to apologize for all the misunderstanding.

Saying so he ran outside.

Swara: Let’s call police bade papa. These people need to be behind the bars.


Bose house

Shemish were talking to Swara on phone.

Shekhar: I can’t believe that Adarsh and Pari did all this. How could I say that to my daughter?

Saying so Shekhar ran outside Bose house and at the same time Laksh entered the Baadi. Both shouted Ragini at the same time.They ran towards Gadodia family.

Laksh and Shekhar started banging the door of Gadodia house. Daadi came yawning and opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door Laksh followed by Shekhar entered the house shouting Ragini’s name.

Laksh: Ragini ragini where are you? Please come out bacha…

Shekhar: Ragu beta where are you?

Daadi: Have you both gone mad? Why will Laado be here? She will be in sasural na.

This came a shock to Laksh. For him Ragini is so naive that she can’t even take proper care of herself.

Daadi: Will someone tell me what’s happening?

Laksh: It’s not the correct time Daadi. Papa we need to search for Ragini.
Let’s go.

Later Laksh, Sanskar and Shekhar were searching for Ragini. They searched in every place they could. But she was no where to be found.

Lastly Laksh decided to check at the Music Academy where they met properly for the first time.

He drove his car really fast and reached the place. He saw that the place was empty and Ragini was nowhere. He sat on the bench crying. He was remembering all their beautiful moments which were flashing in front of his eyes.

After 1 week

The Maheshwari’s and Gadodia’s were sitting in the hall of Maheshwari Mansion.
The police were also there.

Inspector: Sorry Dp ji. We have searched for Ragini ji everywhere. But we couldn’t find her. Now we need to close this case.

Shomi (crying badly): What do you mean? She is my daughter. Please find her.

Inspector: I can understand your situation
madam. We have searched for Ragini ji in railway station, bus stops and even

Just then they hear a voice. Voice of Laksh.

Laksh: Bas inspector saab. You can search for Ragini anywhere but not in a hospital.

Sanskar keeps his hand on Laksh’s shoulder.

Sanky: Lucky

Laksh: No bhai. I know Ragini is fine. So these people need not search at any hospital.

Inspector: Buf Mr Laksh we can’t search for Ragini ji anymore. Because I feel that she went away by her wish.

Laksh: Shut up. If you can’t find her then I will find my Ragini alone. I don’t need your help.

Saying so he leaves to his room.

He looks at her photo in his wallet.

Laksh: I will find you Ragini. You will come back for me. I know that you are fine and I will do everything to bring you back.

Precap: Surprise!!

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