Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 14

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10 days have passed since Shivansh, Ragini and Ridaan shifted to Maheshwari Mansion. And in these 10 days, Laksh didn’t leave any chance to get close to Ragini and Ridaan. He made every possible attempt to talk with Ragini, which can better be called flirting? and take care of Ridaan’s needs. He was extremely happy with the thought that his little family will complete very soon.


“Haan Maa. Happy Mothers Day Ma…. Yes Ma. Today I will be coming to Baadi…. Yeah maa. Pakka…Ok Maa. Bye. I will be on the time.” Swara spoke to Shomi on the phone. It was Mothers Day and Swara badly wanted to take Ragini with her to Baadi. She didn’t inform to the Gadodia family about Ragini coming back and about Ridaan. She knew her family could never control their emotions after knowing that their daughter was back. And she couldn’t rush things for Ragini.

Just then Ragini came downstairs with Ridaan in her arms.

Swara: Happy Mothers Day Ragini. It’s your first Mothers Day na.

And Ragini didn’t give any answer. She never spoke properly and heart fully with
anyone of the family. Swara who was prepared for her silence sighed.

Swara: Ragini. Today I am going to Baadi to meet Maa. You also come with me na. We can celebrate Mothers Day grandly. And you can also meet Chotu. What say?

Ragini(sighed): Swara what did you guys name Chotu?

Swara became extremely happy that Ragini responded to a conversation.

Swara: It’s Shubh.

Ragini: Your family is just perfect na Swara. Shekhar Gadodia,Sharmishta
Gadodia,Swara and Shubh. You make such a perfect family na. An S family. And I don’t think I can fit into your family.

Saying so Ragini went and sat on a chair.

Shiv(who came down): Ragini, Happy Mother’s Day.

Ragini: Thank you.

All the other family members came down to the dining table.

Shiv: Dp uncle today officers were coming to officially inspect the construction site and we need to go there.

Dp: Yes Shiv beta. And I think this inspection will take a lot of time.

Shiv: Yes uncle. And Ragini it’s better that you and Ridaan don’t come to the site. It’s quite hot outside and it will become difficult to handle Ridaan.

Ragini nodded in affirmation.

Laksh who was sitting silently till then smirked.

Shiv: Laksh if you don’t mind me asking. I haven’t seen your wife till now. Is she not home?

Laksh: Shiv, my wife is an angry bird. There was a small misunderstanding between both of us and she went to her mother’s home. And now anger reached the maximum state. But I thoroughly enjoy her anger.

Shiv: What? You enjoy your wife’s anger?

Laksh: Yeah. When you are angry with someone, it clearly means that you love them even more.

He told all this eyeing Ragini.


Guest Room

Ragini: Chalo Ridaan. Today whole day is going to be so boring. Papa has to go to office na. Don’t worry.Mamma and you will enjoy so much. Let’s go shopping.

A voice came from behind.

Voice: Masti plans without me? Not fair.

Ragini turned back to see the source of the voice. Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. Dressed up in a white shirt, black jeans and a navy blue blazer. He jumped into the room from the window.

Ragini stood up from the bed and neared him.

Ragini: Aap? How did you come inside?

Laksh: (pulling Ragini’s cheeks)
Aww mera bacha. So innocent. Our room is just next to this room. I came into our balcony and then through the pipe I came into this room.

Ragini: Very good. Now get out.

Laksh: What a Zaalim wife you are. Husband did so many efforts to come and meet you. And you are telling me to get out.

Ragini: Laksh I am telling you….

And there was a knock on the door.

Ragini: Wh who is it?

Shiv: Ragini it’s me yaar. Open the door.

Ragini: Haan Shiv. One minute.
(Turned to Laksh and whispered) Laksh go away from here.

Laksh: No way. (Sat on the bed) Hello Ridaan bacha. Chalo give Papa a hifi. (He showed his palm and Ridaan raised his hand to touch Laksh’s) What plans today?

Ragini:(pulling Laksh and making him stand) Laksh please go away from here. Please.

Laksh: Ok. Ok. But you promise me that you will come out with me along with Ridaan.

Ragini: What? No way.

Laksh: Ok. Ridaan….

Ragini: Alright. I will come.


Ragini: Haan. Haan. Pakka.

Laksh went out of the room through the window and Ragini opened the door.

Shiv: What took you so long Ragini? Ok. I am leaving. Take care.

Ragini: Ok. Bye.

Ragini closed the door and took a long breath.


After sometime

Outside the Baadi

Raglak and Ridaan were standing outside the Baadi.

Ragini: Why have we come here?

Laksh: Let’s go inside. You will get to know yourself.

Saying so he dragged her along with him.


Gadodia House

Shomi: Shona. What surprise are you going to give us? Tell us atleast now na.

Swara: Ma wait for sometime na.

They hear a doorbell.

Swara: Ma go and open the door. Your surprise is outside.

Shomi gave her a small smile. She went and opened the door to see the biggest gift of the Mother’s Day. Her Ragu. Her little Ragini. She was standing outside the house with Laksh and Ridaan in his arms whom he took forcefully.

Shomi: Ragu. (She raised her hand and kept it on Ragini’s head) Ragu…

She hugged Ragini and she stroke her hair slowly.

Shekhar: What is the surprise Mishti?

And he was also rooted to the ground seeing Ragini. He could never forgive himself for his behavior with his daughter. He blamed himself many times that if he wasn’t so rude to her that day, she would have come to the Baadi and maybe she would have never gone away like that.
His thoughts were broken by Shomi’s voice.

Shomi: Dekho Shekhar. Our Ragu came back.

He went and hugged Ragini. He kept his chin over her head. He kissed his hair.

Shekhar: Where did you go away? Were you so angry with your Papa?

Daadi: Laaadoooo…..


Ragini met all the Gadodia family. Ragini was being stuffed with the Rasgulla’s by Shomi and Daadi. Ridaan was playing in
Shekhar’s arms who was probably flaunting him. Shubh who was in Swara’s arms was pulling her hair. Overall the house looked like a circus and she was the main exhibit.

She saw Laksh walking towards Swara.

Laksh: Happy now Swara bhabhi. I made your sister come here.

Swara: Yes Laksh. Thank you so much.
You gave Maa the best gift of this Mother’s Day.

Laksh(in mind): But I still need to give your sister her gift.



Maheshwari Mansion

Guest room.

Ragini came out of the washroom. She saw a wooden box on the bed.

Ragini: Yeh Kya hain?

She opened the box to find pictures of her and Ridaan — photo of her calming Ridaan, photo of her kissing Ridaan, photo of her making Ridaan sleep and many more.

And after the last photo she saw a blue paper.

She unfolded the paper and started reading it.


Happy Mothers Day. I have clicked a few random pictures of you and Ridaan in these 10 days. I have missed a lot of his childhood. I know you are a wonderful mother. This is your first Mother’s Day after Ridaan was born. It must be really special for you. So this special gift for you. Happy Mother’s Day…..



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