Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 11 – Lucky Returns

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“Aww mera bachaa..” Laksh said to Ridaan who caught his index finger with his tiny fingers. He kissed his forehead and said “Usually I reserve this name only for your mamma but now even you have a right on this name na..”

Suddenly Ragini grabbed Ridaan from Laksh’s arms leaving him shocked and little Ridaan crying loudly due to the sudden jerk.

Ragini: Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare to touch my son.

Laksh immediately grabbed Ragini’s elbow and dragged her. She landed on his chest with Ridaan in her arms who was almost stopped crying sensing Ragini’s touch.

Laksh’s eyes were welled up and his face turned due to the anger and pain.

Laksh: Don’t you dare to say him your son. He is OUR son. He is Laksh and Ragini’s son. And I have the same right on him that you do.

Ragini was feeling scared to directly look into his eyes. She started trying to free herself from his hold.

Ragini: Leave me Laksh. You are hurting me.

Laksh immediately left her arms. Ragini turned to the opposite side patting Ridaan’s back. Laksh realized what he had done. He closed his eyes painfully. And he went and stood in front of Ragini holding her shoulders gently.

Laksh: I am sorry Ragini but I can’t control my anger if anyone says that you and Ridaan are not mine. Please forgive me.

Ragini: Laksh i want to go to the hotel. Please drop us or else I don’t mind going in a taxi.

Laksh: No Ragini. Chalo. Let’s leave.

Raglak and Ridaan went to the car and they sat in the car. Ragini sat in the car and Laksh sat in the driving seat. He noticed that Ragini hasn’t fastened her seat belt. And he moved near her which left her mind numb. Their proximities always left her in the same situation. Both
of them reminisced a similar moment. This memory again left Ragini tears eyed.

Laksh started driving the car. And silence prevailed between them for a few minutes.
And Laksh decided that he must initiate the conversation in LUCKY mode.

Laksh: Acha Ragini. Ridaan is three months old na. When exactly was he born?

Ragini: I don’t find it necessary to tell you all those details.

Laksh(in mind): Lucky slow down your approach. Calm yourself. You know for yourself na that your Ragini will have to come back now.

Laksh: Ok. As you wish. Leave about the birthday na. And tell me one thing. You
know that I love you in red na. That’s the reason you wore a red dress today. And how did you feel when I decided to give away our land for the hospital construction. I know you must be very happy.

Ragini didn’t know how to respond to his question. She was sitting like a statue. She couldn’t even tell him how much happy she is.

Ragini: I hope you know the way to the hotel.

Laksh: Leave about the hotel. How about going home. Ma,Chaachi,Swara and Uttara will be extremely happy seeing you. Or how about going to the Baadi. We can meet Ma,Daadi and Shubh,I mean your Chotu. We can also meet Papa. He was
feeling very guilty for the way he spoke to you that day.

Ragini: And you? Are you guilty for not trusting me that day?

Laksh immediately stopped the car.

Ragini: Are you guilty for leaving my hand when I needed you the most. When
everyone left me that day I was longing that you will come to me and say as usual “Bacha mein bas mazak kar raha tha. Mein tumpe kaise yakeen nahi karta”(Bacha I was just joking. How won’t I trust you?) I kept waiting for you at the Music Academy where we met personally for the first time sitting on the same bench. I cried for hours. But you never came. You broke all your promises. And I can never forgive you for that. Never.

Tears dropped from Laksh’s eyes. Whatever she was telling was the truth. He did broke all his promises. He couldn’t prove to be a good husband.

Laksh: Do you feel that I am not guilty for what I did Ragini. Can’t you see that what I have become because of that one mistake. You have also broken your promise Ragini. You told that you will never leave me but you did leave me even after knowing that I can’t stay without you.
You left me and you never contacted me after that. I died each and every moment thinking about you. And you Mrs Ragini Maheshwari you think that I am completely non affected by this…

Ragini: Ragini Singhania. It’s Ragini Singhania. Ragini Maheshwari is no more alive.

Laksh dragged her near him and placed his hand on her lips.

Laksh: Enough. I have been listening to whatever you are talking doesn’t mean
that you will talk any rubbish and I won’t
say anything. My Ragini is in front of me
and she is Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Remember that.

Both of them reminisced a similar moment when Ragini placed her hand on his lips during Swara and Laksh’s sangeet.

He took away his hand from her lips and drove the car silently. They finally reached the hotel.

Ragini got out of the car with Ridaan.

Ragini: Thank you.

Laksh remains silent and pays no heed to her words. Ragini goes inside the hotel and Laksh bangs his hand to the steering of the car.

Laksh: Not anymore Ragini. Very soon you will be back in our house. Our house is filled our love in each and every corner of it. And then I will make sure you will realize that you are still Laksh’s Ragini.


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    I hope you make laksh grovel, to try and get her back I hate that on the show she always forgave him so easily

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    Awesome episode and Raglak scenes are superb. Plz unite Raglak soon. Eagerly waiting for next episode

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    awesome dear…loved it alot…raglak scenes r supper dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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