Swaragini : Raglak ff Love story ( by malika) Intro

Than you so much for your lovely comments .You all made my day. It really means a lot. SO in this story there will be swasan and our raglak of course they are lead. Now I stopped my bak bak and start the intro. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Ragini gadodia: the only daughter of shekar and sumi gadodia. Actually shekar and sumi died in an accident when raginibwas only 5 years old. Now ragini stay with her uncle and aunt. Ragini is 20 years old. She stay at home only.

Ram gadodia: A very honnest person but always get afraid of his wife. Very coward person in front of his wife. Just listen to her and he work as farmer. He is 49 years old. But love ragini .

Sujata gadodia: aunt of ragini. cruel women. Only love two things : money and her daughter named swara. Always make ragini do all house hold work. Hate raginiba lot and treat her like servant . She is 40 years old

Swara gadodia: Cousins of ragini. A very talkative girl. Love her parents and money also. Hate ragini a lot. ( don’t worry she is not negative ) . Never study hard. She is 17 years old.

Yes this is the intro of ragini family. Tomorrow you will see Ep one. This story is a little bit different. If it’s like someone so please inform me. Don’t worry in 2 ep you will see Lashk entry.

Recap : ragini story will start now.

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  1. Rafeee


    1. Malika

      Thank you rafeee. For your beautiful comments. ???

    1. Malika

      Thank you lovely for your lovely comments haha…. ???

  2. Deesh

    Awesome di!!

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much deesh for your beautiful comments. ???

  3. It’s superb will wait for next epi

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much ashi for your beautiful comments. ?????

  4. Nice

    1. Malika

      Thank you ashnoor for your beautiful comments. ??

  5. Kakali

    Nice intro dii ,, loved it… next one fast fast… thnk u…

    1. Malika

      Thank you kakali for your beautiful comments. And don’t worry your swasan love story ff will be published soon. ???????

  6. Saaaaara

    I love the intro
    Plzzz make the epi one longer

    1. Malika

      Ok saaaaara your wish my command and thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ???????

      1. Saaaaara

        u r welcome sweety :* :* 🙂 🙂

      2. Malika

        You too hubby. Now read first ep. It’s posted

  7. Nice

    1. Malika

      Thank you sharanya for your beautiful comments. ??

  8. awesome and raglak lead looking forward for it

    1. Malika

      Haha….. Thank you soo soo much j. Mee too and yes thank soo much for your beautiful comments. ????????

    1. Malika

      Thank you sindhura for your beautiful comments. ??

  9. Ragz_teju

    awesome… good start

    1. Malika

      Ragz thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ??????

    1. Malika

      Thank you silent reader. Hey do you wrote any ff. ??? Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ????????

  10. Fairy

    Wowwwwww fantastico !!!!!loved it dear….awww!!!my baccha ragz,feelng reallly bad for her…lets see how our hero laksh will change her lyf from miserable to colorful…!!!! Waitng eagerly for nxt part dear…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 ..n thnku so much for such an amazng story on our ragini 😉 😉 😉 love u dear 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. Malika

      Aaaaah soo much words for me. ??????? You made you day. Well let’s see who will changed whose life. Thank you soo much for your lovely and amazing comments. I have to thank you . ???????

  11. Joyful Jessica

    lovely…… waiting for ur first episode

    1. Malika

      Jessica I love your name. So cute. Thank you soo much your your beautiful comments. I will update soon if possible. ?????????

  12. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear..loved it

    1. Malika

      Thank you so much dear for your beautiful comments. Really!!! ?????

  13. Teja

    Wow badi loved it soon update next part
    Waiting for it and thanxx for giving us such a wonderful ff intro luv u dii and u know I m also posting new ff unchain my heart read it and luv u again ?

    1. Malika

      What what someone please wake me up. New ff wow. Aaaaaaah thank you soo much for your lovely comments choti. Love you more. Don’t praise me soo much it’s not good for my health. Haha……. I will try to update soon. ????????????

    2. Teja

      Gud update soon so I will not complaint to jiju?

      1. Malika

        What!!!! you will complaint to jiju. Hate you. Haha… Lol just joking I will try my best. Because now a days I’m very busy.

    3. Teja

      Busy I know ?

      1. Malika

        Really!! Haha… Now I’m going to update ep one.

  14. Astra

    Interesting dear…. Wow… Waiting for raglak…

    1. Malika

      Omg astra thank you so much to your lovely comments. Love you yr. And yes have patience raglak will meet soon. ???????

  15. Astha

    Di loved it……. Eagerly waiting to see my sanky. Soooo sad of rag…. Really its tough to imagine comedy piece sujatha as cruel. But excited ? to read 1st epi di. ?

    1. Malika

      Sure dear sanky will come later. And feeling bad for ragini. Thanks you so so soooo much for such an amazing comments. Love you yr. … I will try my best to post first ep. ???????????

  16. AMkideewani

    Fabulous dear❤️

    1. Malika

      Ooooh crazy girl you like it. Thank you soo much yr. Love you and your ff. I’m a big fan of yours. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. AMkideewani

        Love you too yaar❤️❤️❤️
        I love your ff and I’m a very big fan of yours as well as Silent-writer, Nidhi and many more❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Malika

        You are correct. Love you too.

  17. nice dear.i like it

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ???

  18. Amazing Di….Waiting for Ist Episode….But I want a super duper long Episode as Ist Episode will be only one…

    1. Malika

      Okk choti your wish my command. Thank you thanks you soo much. By the way where is your ff. ???????

      1. Thank u Di…My ff will be on coming Sunday….Where is my jiju??????????????

      2. Malika

        I will wait dear. And inform me please. Your jiju is at work. Haha…

  19. Siddhi

    Amazing loved it and read my new Ff Raglak-ek kahani do Lafzon ki

    1. Malika

      Siddhi you fv writer I have read and also reply on your ff. Thank you thank you soo much yr for your beautiful comments. ????

      1. Siddhi

        Thank you dear and you are a good writer

      2. Malika

        You too dear. ??

  20. di nice intro eagerly waiting for sanky entry and di u know na i m a swasan fan so please give a nice track to swasan

    1. Malika

      So sorry choti. I had write a swasan ff but I think tu del

      1. Malika

        Sorry I think tu deleted it. And yes don’t worry I will write an ff on swasan. Thanks you soo much for your beautiful comments.

  21. Iwaniya

    nice..keep going

    1. Malika

      Di the entire fault is mine I didn’t tell you my new ff. Sorry di and thank you so much for your lovely comments. ?????

  22. Interesting dear and waiting for next

    1. Malika

      Ammu thank you soo much for your beautiful comments . I will update soon. ?????

  23. Super duper dear

    1. Malika

      Vavachi is that your real name?? And thank you thank you soo soo much hubby. ?????

    2. Malika

      Vavachi is that your real name?? And yes thank you thank you so soo much hubby. ????

  24. Fats

    Great start Malika. The characters seem really interesting. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Malika

      Fats what to say to made me shy. Haha… Okk dear I will update soon. Thank you thank you soon soo soo much. Love you dear.

      1. Malika

        Sorry I mean to say thank you soo much

  25. Amazing concept

    1. Malika

      Thank you tani. I always saw your comments in raglak ff and many ff also. Thank you soo much for such a loving comments. ?????

  26. Sally_blr

    Thank you for Raglak ff. I will be waiting for first episode. Haa spend some time with jeejs also. You remember cricket team. Ha ha ha ha

    1. Malika

      Haha,. Of course I remember. Thank you so soo much for commenting . it aleardy published dear. ??????

  27. A.xx

    Nice,,, sounds like cinderella (love cinderella) can’t wait for the next update.. i wishvmy ff was as good as this.xx

    1. Malika

      Ooooh why you are saying like that. Your ff is the best. Mine has a lot of grammar mistakes. Thanks you thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comments

  28. Anniya

    Awsm …
    Desprately waiting for 1st part…
    Big thanks for not making swara negative, fact is that I am slightly obsessed with her. Can’t even imagine her in negative character.
    Can I call you di?

    1. Malika

      Of course you can call me. Haha… * innocent face * thank God I mentioned that swara is not negative. First ep already update. And yes I’m going to write an ff on swasan. Please comments on it choti.

      1. Anniya

        Di, you don’t need to say about cmnting. I will definitely going to cmnt.
        Yipee swasan ff, love you so much di….

      2. Malika

        Haha… Okk thank you. I’m waiting for my swasan ff.

      3. Anniya

        You are waiting for my ff, I will not going to make you more wait tmrw pakka ..

      4. Malika

        Okkk but I will wait.

  29. Akshata

    Awesome and update soon

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo ssooo much for your beautiful comments. I’m glad that you like it. Love you yr. ??????

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