Swaragini : Raglak ff. Love story ( by malika) ep 4

Hey guys thank you soon much for bearing my ff. I know it’s boring. Please tell me truly as there are lots of grammer mistakes. If you all didn’t like it please tell me. I will stopped this ff but if someone say it’s boring otherwise I will continue it. Thank you sooo much for supporting and encouraging me. It really means a lot. .. I had miss you all…… I neglect my rest time and enter in telly updates just for you all. Sorry for my bak bak. Now it’s start. ……

Laksh slap ragini. …. Then a few second of silent. Ragini ‘ s cheeks become red and she was holding it with teary eyes. Meanwhile riya and some people who was walking were shocked to see the scene. Riya put her hand on her mouth as she didn’t know that laksh would really do this stupid thing. Still she was happy…. She went near raglak and stand next to laksh.

Laksh : I’m really sorry miss. I really didn’t had any intention of slapping you. I’m sooooooo sorry.

Riya: hey darling why you are saying sorry and yes you miss take this money from my side ( and she put the money in the hand of ragini) .

Ragini was silent and she was seeing them in anger. After a few seconds ragini said toward laksh .

Ragini shouted loudly:Hey Mr!!! ( and she point a finger in front of laksh) .How dare you slap me.?? Don’t you respect girls.??? Just because of this cheap ( and she point towards riya) you slap an unknown girl. ???

Laksh was amazed as for the first time he is seeing a girl like shouting like that but still he was angry and riya was scared but she pretend as she was very strong .

Laksh said angrily : I said I’m sorry miss.??

Ragini: so what I was humiliated in public because of you and yes ( saying towards riya) all this happen because of you!!!

Before ragini could say more laksh said: hello miss!!! I said I’m sorry and don’t you dare to say anything about my girlfriend you don’t have any right!!!

Ragini: Even you don’t have any right to slap me.!!!.

Riya: enough is enough !!! Let’s go laksh from here!!!. And yes ( saying towards ragini) she don’t know the value of money let it be cheap girl so cheap mind.

Saying this laksh and riya went from towards the bike and they sit on it. Laksh was seeing ragini through small glass I means to say mirror. Ragini was still there , standing alone. When laksh and riya were going, I mean to say when they take a turn all of a sudden they fell down in mud. Actually the roads were a little muddy so riya and laksh fell in mud..riya was completely cover with mud.

Some children was passing said: bhoot booot !!! And was laughing loudly.

Riya: hey kids!! Don’t you dare to laugh!! Yuck yuck!! Oooh God what is this.??
Laksh was safe, he just get some mud in his clothes. He was standing there, he was going to help riya. That ragini came and see the scene. Ragini remove her sandals and went in the mud and make riya stand. After that she came out from the mud and wear hee sandal.

Ragini: Ooooh bechari!!! Take this money ( which riya had given to ragini) it will be in your help to buy new clothes…. Feeling pity for you!!!. This is the punishment for slapping me. You insulted me now see yourself!!.

Laksh : hey miss I don’t want your lesson just go from here. And yes riya let’s goooo.

Riya : laksh can’t you ride properly. !!!! Yuck see because of you I’m full of mud…
Saying this riya and laksh went from there. And ragini continue her route for xxxx.

After one hours with great difficult ragini came in front of a big house and she was about to go inside but guards stopped her.

Guard; hey girl where are you going??? Do you have any appointment!!

Ragini: appointment !! Nooo but I’m here for work.!!

Guard: wait ( and he phone inside the house and told that a girl is here for work) ( a women said okk send her).

Guard said : okkk you can go inside.

Ragini nobbed and went. Inside the house it was very big and clean.

Ragini: Oooh God. This house is so big .
A lady came in front of her and said : you are the one who came for work.

Ragini: yes!!!.

Lady : come with me. Today you are late but next time be in time otherwise madam will be very angry.

Scene changes;

In a big room, a woman was in front of a mirror and she was doing make up. She was also talking in the phone.

Woman in phone : you have to come Mrs sharma. I will be very happy if you come today itself. Please I insist please come today with your family.

Mrs sharma: okkk I will come Mrs Parineta .. ( yes this woman was pari)

At that time a men came in the room. Pari signal him not to talk. After the phone call end.

Pari : what happen jii.????

Man : pari in my purse there was five thousand rupees!! Where it is???

Pari: adarsh why are you soon tense I took the money.

Adarsh: Oooh now I understand you have given the money to laksh.

Pari: yes I give him. He is like my son and I love him a lot. He didn’t ask me, I give him the money.

Adarsh: pari you are spoiling him a lot.

Pari: noooo never.!!!

Adarsh okkk hahhhh I’m going to office bye!!!. ( and he kiss her cheeks and went)

At that time ragini and that lady came.

Ragini was feeling very cold inside the room. That lady said stand straight.

Ragini: I think I’m sick. My body is trembling.

That lady : ooh you are not sick. There are air conditioner. That’s. Why.

Pari saying to ragini: sooooooo what you can do??

Ragini: mam I can cook and do household chores also.

Pari: good and (to that lady ) saari tell that girl what she should do???

Saari: okkk mam let’s go…
Then both ragini and saari went from there.

Inside the room : pari said to herself: if this girl works according to my instructions then I will hired her…

Outside :

Safari said to ragini : what’s your name

Ragini; my name is ragini gadodia..

Recap : ragini burn her hand and raglak second meeting.

I know I didn’t show swara scene but don’t worry soon swasan scene will be shown. I know it’s a small chappy I’m sorry but what to do I’m busy. PLEASE COMMENTS AND TELL ME IF THIS CHAPPY IS GOOD OR NOT. IM SORRY FOR ANY GRAMMER MISTAKES.

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    1. Malika

      Thank you dharani for your lovely comments. ????. Did you update your ff. ????

      1. Dharani

        no dear i will update today evening or tomorrow sorry for making u wait

      2. Malika

        I will wait my friend. Just update long chappy. ……

  1. heyyy don’t say it is boring ok and u have to continue its my order ??? and their meeting was really unique and ragini u gave right ans and omg riya in mud hahahaah she deserved it

    1. Malika

      Omg jazzy I think . Thank you sooooooo much for your beautiful comments. Ooooh God your order it my command. Hehehhhhhh yes raglak meeting was unique and in this story there will be only one twist and turn which will change this story a lot. Thank you j for your support. And yes riya mud scene hahahhhhh yes she deserve it.. ????keep smiling and stay bless. ??

      1. yes mallika dear its jazzy. ?? amd i forget to say ur pic was nice the previous one why u changed it and happy married life

      2. Malika

        Thank you jazzy for liking my picture sorry what to do dear I don’t it. And thank you once again. ????is jazzy your name or jateindar. ??? sorry if I didn’t pronounced it well. You are a very encouraging and sweet person.

      3. Jazzy

        me real name is jatinder its a punjabi name dear so may be its difficult for u and thank u for the complement ???? omg i m blushing ????

    2. Malika

      I’m sooooooooo happy that you register jazzy. What I’m hearing are you blushing hahahhhhhhhh good Your real name jatinder remain me of that actor hahahhhhh jazzy is better. …. Such a cool name. ….. And I have message you just see.

    1. Malika

      Thank you crazy darling for your sweet comments. ??? keep smiling and stay bless. ?? and one more thing please update your ff sooner.

      1. AMkideewani

        I will try to update it today or tomorrow

      2. Malika

        I will wait choti. Just inform me when you update your ff. ??

      3. AMkideewani

        I will my cute di????

      4. Malika

        Will wait choti. ??

  2. loved it plz dont stop writing continue ur work

    1. Malika

      Look Lisa sweety your wish my command. I will not stopped my ff. ?????☺ thank you sooo much for your beautiful comment . ??? keep smiling Nd stay bless. ?? I’m very happy that you like this ff. ??

  3. Ragz_teju

    its good dear..i liked it…

    1. Malika

      Thank you ragz. ?? thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. I’m glad that you like this ff. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  4. It’s nice
    I want to know how to start writing ff on telly updates ….

    1. Malika

      Thank you vk lover. ?? for your beautiful comments. Yes you can write your own story. You just tap in menu and click submit articles. There you can write your ff. You can also put swaragini pictures. ????? keep smiling and stay bless.

  5. Oh di awesome episode…Really I loved it a lot….But what happened to Riya its really very good…Idiot girl she has too much ego…And the episode is really nice…And its not boring anymore…Why are you thinking like this???And no need to ask sorry…I know you are very busy…And your story is really very good not boring…OK take care and keep smiling…

    1. Malika

      Riya see I told you…. Ye???s very good for that girl she deserve it.???? Thank you soon much for your sweet and lovely comment choti. I’m very happy that you like this ff. Sorry I will not stopped this ff. Thank you sooo much for understanding me. But now I’m absolutely free. You are a really cute reader. ???? hahahhh keep smiling and stay bless.

      1. Even you are also a very good writer….So keep writing like this di☺??

      2. Malika

        I’m not that good writer riya. Still thank you soo much choti.

      3. No you are a very good writer…For me Irfan and you are best writers…So don’t say like this again…And if you will say again like this then I will never talk to you?

      4. Malika

        What noooooo please never get angry with me. ?????? because it hurts…. Really!!! Awwwwww….. Sooooooooo sweet of you. Just for you riya I’m going to update an os today on raglak……… And ragsan….. .do read it…. It’s for you only may be a surprise. ..

      5. Oh how sweet of you di????…Advance thanks from my side di…I am waiting for my surprise di…Update it soon…Love you a lot????…Stay blessed…

      6. Malika

        Ooooh riya don’t worry I’m still writing soon I’m going to update it. …….have patience sister. …… ????

  6. Radhika..

    boring…. is there anything boring here i don’t think di its at all boring and witjout rest u give it for us so sweet of u and its very very very….. interesting
    about the part its awesome part di and ragini say true and give her right answer love the way she replied riya and ragini in mm means raglak next meeting soon and swasan are also going to come loved it. love u di????

    1. Malika

      Thank you thank you sooooooooo much choti okkkkkkkkkkk?????? I will not not this ff. Yes ragini give a right answer to riya. Thank you sooooooo much for liking that scene . Yes swasan scene will come sooon in two ep then. Yes raglak meeting will be again and again as they are the lead that’s why. Thank you soo much for supporting me and keep smiling and stay bless. And one more thing take care of yourself. ????

  7. Sally_blr

    Wooow Riya in mud. That was hillarious. Pari pampers lucky so much. And bold Ragini Loved her. And Precap is scary. Loved it. Don’t you dare to stop this ff alright. I love it and love you more. Congratzzz once again for your marriage and Your profile pic is nice. You and jeejs. Awww cute.

    1. Malika

      oooo Oooh Sally thank you sooooooo much for your amazing and awesome comments. ????????? You made my day. Don’t worry Sally when I’m here nothing will happen to ragini. I know the recap is scary but don’t worry. Thank you soo much for your compliment . Thank you soooo wala much for liking riya scene. Your name if I’m not wrong is salma. ???????? Sorry…. Look dear I will not end this ff. ???? keep smiling and stay bless.

    1. Malika

      Thank you nikky for your beautiful comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  8. Fats

    Fabulous update. I loved Ragini’s bold attitude. Everything she said to Laksh and Riya was bang on. She was the best. And wow, Ragini working in Laksh’s house will surely be interesting. Can’t wait to read the next part ?.

    1. Malika

      Fats fats thank you sooooooo sooooooo much for such a fabulous comments. ????????? You made my day. Yes ragini is bold when it come to her self respect otherwise she is very silent girl☺☺☺☺☺??. Hehehhhhh thank you sooo much for liking riya and raglak scene. Yes our ragini is the best and you are correct she will be seen working in laksh ‘ s house.??? Thank you soooooooyo much. I really love you comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  9. Sreevijayan

    So my ragu is bit strong..gud fr her.. loved the update ssooooo much dear..nd pls tc of ur health….

    1. Malika

      Thank you sreevijaya for such a cute comment. You made me smile. Yes ragini is a bit strong when it come to her self respect. Thank you dear I will take take of myself. And yes tomorrow I will update next part. I’m very happy that you like this ff. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  10. Kakali

    waahooooo !!! our brave Raginiiii !!! love it diii.. it’s superb…don’t say it as boring n all..okkkk !!! continue soon… Thnk u.. ;-*.. miss u.

    1. Malika

      Oooh kakali thank you thank you sooooooo much for liking this ff. In very very very happy to see your comments. Okkkkkk choti I will not stopped it. Thank you sooooooo very mush for such a superb comment . I will update tomorrow. And yes update your ff also. I’m waiting. Keep smiling and may God bless you choti. One more thing best of luck for your exams. Do well and don’t stress a lot. ???? I will miss you the most.

      1. Kakali

        Diiii !!! thnk u soo much for ur cuteee cuteee replyyyyy….
        n i have already posted my next part… have a look..
        thnk u soooo much for wishing meeeee..
        i’ll not take stress… u know m soo strassfree…huhuhuhu !!!!!
        i’ll miss u 222222 much…
        u 2 keep.smiling n God bless u… ;-*

      2. Malika

        I miss you 33333. Okkk choti thanks for informing me. I will read your ff your lovely lovely ff. I heard that you do art. Wow in my country most people do art. Buy I’m very weak in it. Hahhh. …. Keep smiling .???

  11. Aditisyam

    Awesome no words to say i like the mud scene update soon will be waiting

    1. Malika

      Aditisyam wow what I will say .your comment made me very happy and right now I’m nine of clouds. Thank you sooo much for liking that mud scene. Don’t worry I will update tomorrow. Thank you soo much once again. Keep smiling and stay bless. ?????

  12. Awesome episode as usual. It’s not boring di. Plz plz plz don’t end it soon. I loved it a lot di. It’s very interesting story. Plz continue

    1. Malika

      Ammu ammu choti thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I’m very very very very happy to see your amazing and lovely comments. You made my day. Okkkkk choti I will it end it……. Don’t worry. You are a very sweet choti. ….. I love your comments the most. Thank you sooooooo much once again. Keep smiling and stay bless. ???

  13. Fairy

    Wowwww awesome update dear 🙂 🙂 ..such an unique meetng of raglak…haww!!how dare laksh slapped my ragz…bt bravo!rags u have gven dem a correct answer…n even god punished dem by makng dem fall in mud hahahaha 😀 ..loved d update…waitng eagerly ffor nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

    1. Malika

      Fairy where were you yr. I had miss your comment in the previous ep. Well this comments is the best. I like all your comment. Yes I wanted to make raglak first meeting a unique one. You are correct even God had punished them. Hehehhhhhhh Yes ragini is strong but a little bit. Thank you sooo much for your lovely comments. I’m very happy that you like it. Keep smiling and stay bless my dear. ???????

  14. Deesh

    di! don’t ever think of stopping this ff. i just love ur ff to the core!! just loved this epi. and am liking bold ragini. Totally super duper episode! 🙂

    1. Malika

      Choti okkkkkk your wish my command. I will not stopped my ff. ☺☺☺???yes ragini is a little bold in this ff but when it comes to her self respect. Thank you sooo much for your lovely comments. I love your comments a lot….. Keep smiling and stay bless. ???? update your ff soon. …I’m waiting.

  15. Awesome

    1. Malika

      Saranya thank you thank you sooooooo much for your beautiful comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. Your name is very cute. ????

  16. Bold Ragini. Interesting

    1. Malika

      Sherin thank you sooooooo much for your beautiful comments yes ragini is bold but when it comes to her self respect . I love your comments dear keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  17. Mahavir

    awesome di loved it so much and one more thing di u r looking beautiful in the pic di and di please try to post swasan ff na because i really missed it soooo much

    1. Malika

      Choti thank you sooo much for your compliment and for your beautiful comments. And yes choti about swasan ff don’t worry I will write it sooner as possible sorry for making you wait. I will write two ep in one day. Keep smiling and stay bless. L love your ff a lot. ????

  18. Awesome nd ur ff is not boring didi

    1. Malika

      Awwww Arjuna i love when you called me didi. Thank you sooooooo much for your amazing comments. Thanks a lot…. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

    1. Malika

      Ammy thank you sooo much for your beautiful comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????☺???

  19. Saaaaara

    Finaly u post it dear .. its amazing .. keep it up .. u r wonderful writer

    1. Malika

      Ooooh saaraaaa I’m not that good writer. Thank you sooooooo much for your lovely and cute comments. I will post next ep today don’t worry. I really really love your comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. ??????

    1. Malika

      Anju thank you sooooooo much for your lovely comments. I love this name anju as it’s like my sister ‘ pet . Keep smiling and stay blessed. ?????

  20. A.xx

    nice waiting for Raglak’s next meeting,,,,can’t believe it he slapped her but loved Ragu’s response to everything.xx

    1. Malika

      A. Xx where were you yr. I had miss your comments on previous ep. I’m very happy to see your comments. Yes laksh slap ragini. …. Even I love ragini ‘ s response. Thank you sooooooo much for your lovely and sweet comments. And yes one more thing g do you read any ff. If yes please tell me. U really want to read it. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  21. Balaji

    i like mud scene di. superb di

    1. Malika

      Choti thank you sooo much for liking that mud scene. You are a fabulous writer. I read your ff it was fantastic. I really really love it choti. And thank you sooooooo much for your cute comments. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  22. Wonderful

    1. Malika

      Tani tani thank you sooooooo much thank you sooooooo much for your beautiful comments. ????

  23. Asra

    awesome di….loved it core…don’t say it’s boring….it’s interesting dear….riya fell on mud….hahaha.u deserve thz riya…ragini u gave a right answer to riya….brave ragini…love u dear…waiting for nxt one…plz update soon….tkcr di….

    1. Malika

      Choti. Thank you sooooooooo much you made my day. Okkk I will never say this ff is boring. Woooooooow yes hahahhhh I’m happy that you like that mud scene. Hehhhh riya poor girl yes she deserve it. Our ragini is brave but when it comes to her self respect. I will update next part sooner as possible choti. Keep smiling and stay bless. Take care. ?????

  24. Rafeee

    superb dear.. i dnt hv tym to read ff’s… sry i didnt cmnt u… juz nw nly i saw ur comment… mis u too dear… take care

    1. Malika

      Rafeee you comment it means a lot. It’s okkk if you are busy don’t worry. Yes I had miss you a lot. Thank you sooooooo much for your beautiful comments. Im very happy to see your comments. Need smiling and stay bless. Whenever you get time you read it. ????

      1. Rafeee

        happy diwali dear

      2. Malika

        Happy diwali raafee. I’m soo sorry.

  25. Oh Hello Di..Don’t dare to stop this ff…Otherwise You don’t know what will happen…I will not talk with you…Jao Katti????
    Boring???Are you joking.. BTW Nice Joke…

    About Chapter-
    Super duper Fantabulous Chapter…OMG, I loved my Ragu’s reply…She is strong and Bold..?????
    My Swasan are coming…Wow..Waiting for your ff impatiently…
    Bye Di and Keep Smiling like this????
    Love u loads?????

    1. Malika

      Choti choti cool cool take this. . ???hehehehhhh please don’t say like this otherwise I will be very sad if you won’t talk to me. Thank thank you sooooooooooooo much wala. You are a very sweet and lovely girl. Yes swasan will come sooner only after one ep. Hehehehhh wooooooooooow sooooooo many compliment . You made me blush. Thanks a lot choti. Okkkkk please don’t get angry. I will never say boring. Even I like ragini’ s reply a lot. She is bold but when it comes to her self respect. Otherwise she is a silent girl. Keep smiling and stay bless. ????

  26. Anniya

    Di, your profile pic was awsm..
    Why you removed that one
    Well di, this part was just awsm..
    And who said it’s boring, you know I loved this part very much…

    1. Malika

      Hey anniya thank you sooooooo much for your compliment. Why I change this my picture because I don’t like it. You are Really a wonderful writer. I really really love your writing skill a lot. Okkkkk I will never say boring. I’m very happy to know that you like this ep. Well update your ff soon also. ???? keep smiling and stay blessed.

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