Swaragini : Raglak ff. Love story ( by malika) ep 2

Missing this ff. Soo sorry today I’m free so I thought to update raglak ff. Thank you so much for you support. I was really overwhelmed to see so much love from you all. It made my day. So without losing time let’s start. I will try not to make a lot of mistakes.

When ram opene the door, he saw his lovely daughter crying in a corner . Blood is flowing from her hand a lot. Without time, he came her ragini.

Ram in a tense voice : ragini beta!! What happened?? Why you are crying??

Ragini : noo baba!! I’m fine. Nothing had happened.

Ram : won’t you tell me!!

Ragini: noo baba!! I’m fine.
Saying this she wipe her tears which was flowing near her cheeks.

Ram: you are very stubborn!! Like your father… Wait I will come in a minute.

Ragini is thinking in mind : why God!! Why you are doing this with me!! What I have done!!

After a few minutes ram came , with medicine (I mean to say cream ).

Ram : show me your hand!!

Ragini : baba !! It’s a small wound!! Don’t worry it will be fine.

Ram: I said show me your hand!!! It’s an order.

Ragini slowly show ram her hand. Ram was crying slightly seeing the wound. Ram slowing put the cream on her hand so as ragini don’t get hurt.

Ragini: aaaaaah!! Baba it’s hurting!!

Ram : sorry beta!! Now it’s done!! See!!

Ragini : thank you baba!!!

Ram : come beta!! Now go to your room.

Ragini : nnooo baba!! Sujata aunty will be angry on me.!!

Ram : don’t worry about her!! I will handle her.!! You just go to your room.!!
Ragini still was not ready to go.

Ram;: did you have your diner???

Ragini nobbed : noo.

Ram take ragini with him in the kitchen , there ram heat the food as ragini’ s hand is hurt. After a few minutes ram come with a plate on his hand and come towards ragini. Ram feed ragini like a father is feeding his child. Tears was forming in both ragini and ram’ s eyes. Like both were in pain. After that ragini went to her room as ram forced her. At that night two persons were sleeping peacefully and two persons were in pain.

In the morning :

Sujata was the first person to wake up. She saw her husband ram who was sleeping.

Sujata: oooh Mr!!! Woke up!!!
Ram who was sleeping woke up in a sudden.

Ram said in a tremble voice: sujata what happen?? Why you are shouting like this??

Sujata said in anger: why I’m shouting like this?? Oooh God why you have given me such a foolish person?? Who will make my coffee?? That rag ……
Before she could complete her sentence she remember that she had locked ragini in the store room. Without time when she reach there she saw noboby. Sujata understand that ragini is in her room. She went there and saw ragini is smiling in her sleep so sujata take a bucket of cold water and throw it on ragini.

Ragini shout loudly: aaaaaah!!
Hearing her voice swara also came there.

Sujata: who’ s the hell did you and permission to get out from the store room.????

Ram said with a little courage : iiii have tell her to go to her room!!!

Sujata: just go to hell with you both!!! One is my foolish husband and second this burden girl.!!! Please God take them!!

Swara: maaa!! You know I hate ragini but I love papa. Please don’t say like that. Papa didn’t do anything!!
Ragini and ram were happy that swara have support her father.

Swara little hesitate : ragini go and change your clothes , otherwise you will catch cold.
Ragini was like out of world to see swara’ s care towards her. Like she had got her sister .

Sujata: swara!! Okk sorry my lovely daughter and ( with little arrogant ) ragini come to my room I have an important thing to say.

Racap : raglak first meeting. ( maybe romantic or dramatic)

I know that swara scene is very little but don’t worry when I’m here. Soo in next ep raglak life start plus swasan also sooner. Soo sorry if I hurt any one. Sorry for any grammer mistake. Please comment and tell me how you like ramrag scene. I had to show their bonding because it necessary.

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  1. Sindhura

    Loved their bonding

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much my friend. And I love your ff season two I think. Update soon. Love you. Yes ramrag bonding are like that. ????

  2. Rafeee


    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much my jaan. Love you. ???

  3. Aditisyam

    Awesome yaar update regurlarly yaar if possible update one more chapter update soon yaar cant wait to see raglak meeting

    1. Malika

      Wait wait have patience yr. Sooner you will see raglak. Awww. Love you sweety and thank you for commenting. ???

  4. Ragz_teju


    1. Malika

      Ragz my jaan. Did you update your ff. Thank you soo soo much for your beautiful commenting. Love you yr. And yes you are soo cute.?????.

  5. Kakali

    Waaaaaa !!!! diii… give me some writing skills from u… it’s 1st time u t writing n ur work iss tooo Good… uhhhu uhhhuuu !!! love it diii…
    Awwww !!! Ragini..
    bacccha don’t worry ur lucky charm is gonna come soon to light up ur life with love …
    thnk u dii… ;-*

    1. Malika

      What do you mean by first time. Swasan intro + ep 1 was not good. ??? . What writing skill haha… I’m very poor in it choti. Let see in next ep what happens. Thank you soo much. Don’t worry I will read your ff. Love you toooooooooo. ????????????

      1. Kakali

        Waaaaa!!!! diii … isn’t yr first time … ur 1st ff … sooo m saying… hmmmm…

      2. Malika

        Haha… You know what choti I like to tease you I don’t know why but I like it. And yes I will update swasan ff tomorrow. Love you too a Lott. ??????

  6. Deesh

    Superb di!! Loving your ff!!

    1. Malika

      Deesh thank you ssoo much chotu. Love you….. And yes sorry for late reply on your ff. * pout face * update your ff soon. Really!!! You made my day..!!!. ???????????

  7. nice loved it

    1. Malika

      Hey Lisa thank you soo much. I always read your comments . Thanks you choti for your beautiful comments. ?????

    1. Malika

      Hey Ammy thank you soo soo much dear. Love you. ??

    1. Malika

      Awww ammu thank you soo much dear. Love you. I’m glad you like it. ?????

  8. Astra

    very sad for ragu… but you know, from that sadness love comes. what happens when a girl in problems meet a boy and he comes to her rescue…. aww….!!! that will be so cuteeee….. and waiting for that… make it a romantic meeting… can’t wait to see that adorable couple. and show swara as negatively some time bcz, for that kind of arrogant girl a boy comes and makes her down… awww…even that tooo very romantic….. soooo sweet……

    1. Malika

      Okk astra your wish my command. Omg wait wait haha….. Have patience. …..love you yr. Your comment made my day. Thank you thank you soo much. Please update your ff. I’m waiting. I will keep you suggestions in mind. Yes very sad for ragu. ????????

  9. awesome i think their meeting will be dramatic to add more spice

    1. Malika

      Hey j where you are getting my idea. Who is telling you yr not Good haha….. Superb guessing yr but let see. Please don’t feel bad just joking. Thanks yousoo much. Love you. ??????

      1. Sally_blr

        Now I’m sure you can read minds.

      2. Malika

        What whom you say Sally j or me.??

    2. hahahaah sally i must become a future reading baba i’ll fet huge money ???? and malika i m not feeling bad infact i m laughing ???

      1. Malika

        Sally is absolutely correct. Yes j please inform me I will come. Haha…. You will earn a lot of money. Noo just concentrate on your work and fulfill your dream j. Hah…

    3. hhahahaah that is what doing daily getting scolded from teachers in college daily for my better future ????

      1. Malika

        Good even I was like you .haha…

  10. Teja

    Badi loved it dear but so angry on you u update so late na but I love the bonding

  11. Malika

    I told you that I will update so Saturdays but I update it on Friday so I’m not late. Chotiiiii I was curving to talk to you. And did you update your ff new one. Thank you so soo much. Love you a lot….. ???????☺??

  12. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear..loved it……

    1. Malika

      Thank you so soo much my friend.. I’m glad you like it. ???

    1. Malika

      Tani love you. Thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comments. ???

  13. A.xx

    nice loved it.x

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much xx. Love you yr. ???

  14. Fats

    Great update Malika. I loved Ragini and Ram’s bonding. His care for her was so sweet and loving. Can’t wait to read the next part, RagLak’s first meeting sounds exciting ?

    1. Malika

      Awww fats. Love you yr. Yes ramrag bonding was sweet. Have patience for raglak. Thank you soo soo much dear for your lovely comments. ?????

  15. Silent_writer

    Superb malika loveddddd plz. Update soon???

    1. Malika

      Thank you silent writer. Love you and your ff a lot. I will update soon. ???

  16. AMkideewani

    Superb dear, I love it and Love you dear❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????❣❣??????

    1. Malika

      Awww crazy girl. Loooove you a lot plus your ff also. Thank you soo much jaan. ????

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome my jaan❤️❤️❤️

      2. Malika

        You too sweety. ???

  17. Saaaaara

    Loved it alot alot … really its amazing plzz post next one asap …. is sanskar has also a negative role … ?

    1. Malika

      Haha.. No not sanskar but swara will be a little can’t say more. I’m glad plus happy you like it. I will try my best to update Soon. Thank you thank you soo soo much saaaraa ????

  18. Waiting for raglak scenes

    1. Malika

      Lovely yes me too waiting waiting. thank you soo much for your beautiful comments love you. ????

  19. Superb episode

    1. Malika

      Arjuna thank you soo much. I’m very happy to see your comments. ???

  20. Balaji

    ram and ragini bonding is nice. painful epi and little bit happy by seeing swara s care

    1. Malika

      Balaji thank you yr. I’m a big fan of yours. Love you a lot. Yes ramrag bonding was necessary. Mee too also happy to see swara care .

  21. Oh god such an amazinggggggggggggggggg episode… Di you nailed it…But where is Laksh??????…Make his entry fast…I am waiting for his entry and eagerly waiting for the next episode… Please please please update it as soon as possible….

    1. Malika

      Really!! Choti missing laksh don’t worry in next ep you will see him. I will update soon. Thank you soo much yr you made my day. Love you. ????

      1. Yes di really I am missing Laksh….??And update the next episode soon and I know that you will update it soon for your choti☺☺…And love you too??

      2. Malika

        Awe I will update it tonight or next Saturday. Don’t worry.

  22. Awesome part. loved Ragini and Ram bonding

    1. Malika

      Malu thank you soo much dear. Yes me to love ramrag part. Love you. ???

  23. Awesome and loved ramrag scenes . Swara showed a little care , Cool . Raglak and swasan scene are coming. Wow????

    1. Malika

      Haha… i love your comments. What to say just have patience in next ep they will come. Thank you soo soo much dear love you. ????

  24. Nice episode, update soon

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much innovative. Love you. Thanks for your beautiful comments. ????

  25. Very nice

    1. Malika

      Anju very beautiful name. Thank you soo much dear for your lovely comments. ???

  26. awesome

    1. Malika

      Sheri thank you soo much yr. Low you. I’m glad you like it. ????

      1. Malika

        Sorry I mean to say sherin. Please forgive me.

  27. Radhika..

    Awesome part di ram and ragini bond is very cute and nice ram care for her and swara also show a little care hope that sujata also change in coming time and raglak and swasan are going to come waiting for raglak meetig loved it☺☺

    1. Malika

      thank you soo much choti. I’m glad you like it. Yes have patience for raglak. They will meet soon in next ep. Even I hope sujata change let’s see. Love you a lot yr. Awwww me too waiting waiting.

  28. Sorry dear for late comment. Super I am sure laksh never hurt ragni I think romantic but scared swara I know she is negative character but swara feel jealous about raglak scared about that

  29. Malika

    Vavashi you are not late. If again you said sorry I will be angry. Don’t dare. Thank you soo soo much choti for your support and beautiful comments. Keep guessing. ???

  30. superbbbb di awesome love their bonding

    1. Malika

      Aaawww choti I thought you wouldn’t comment on this ff. I’m very happy yr to see you. Thank you soo soo much for you cute comments. Yes I also love their bonding.

      1. di how can u thought like because i m here for u i ll comment in ur all ffs in future also and how is jiju ha ???

      2. Malika

        Omg maha* innocent face* sorry yr and yes I have published swasan ff do read it. I know still want to informed you. About your jiju don’t know I haven’t meet him since one week.. Sorry yr I will never said like that. Awwww. Love you yrm

      3. di dont u dare to say sorry to ur choti ok i love di

    2. i mean to say i love u di sry its a small typing mistake

      1. di if u dont mind could u message me ur fb id there we will be friends .

      2. Malika

        Maha maha awww omg okk okkk cool I will keep it in mind. Haha…. Not a problem it also happen with me. Love you tooooo. ?????

  31. Sally_blr

    Loved their bonding. And RagLak meeting? Im soooooo excited.

    1. Malika

      Oooh sallly I’m soo soo happy to see you. Mee too excited for raglak. Thank youbsoo much for loving ramrag bonding. Thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comments. Love you. And update your ff. ????

  32. Asra

    superbbb dear….waiting for raglak meeting…laksh plz save ragini from the devil sujatha….

    1. Malika

      Asra thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comments. Okkkk mmee too waiting for raglak. Thanks a lot. ????

  33. Anniya

    Awsm one di….
    Today I will not say to update next one ASAP, because I understood it’s very hard to manage two stories. Take your own time..

    1. Malika

      Yes anniya you are correct but I have already read swasan ff it’s posted. Bit I’m free so I will update raglak ff and swasan ff today itself once again maybe. It depend on you all. Thank God you commented. I’m very happy choti. ?????????

  34. Fairy

    Hey anji reallly sry for late comment dr.okay so about d chappy!!!it ws mindblowngggg… bt yaar i jst cnt see my ragzy baby in pain 🙁 🙁 🙁 ,it hurts me!!! Hate dat sujata… n loved ram-rags bondng….hmmm!!!swara cares lill bit for rags,dats nyc 🙂 …waitngggg eagerly for laksh’s entry….n raglak meetng….m soooo excieted for nxt part….till den ba bye tc n keep rockng as always…stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 ,)

    1. Malika

      Oooooh fairy you are not late. Yes even when I was writing it hurts. Even I can’t see my rago in pain . Thank you soo sooo much my jaan you made my day. Yes swara care a little for ragini. Mee too waiting waiting for raglak meeting. Awwwww I’m blushing yr. Haha……. Don’t worry I will update soon sweety. Love you and your previous ff. I’m missing then a lot. Aaaaah. ??????☺

  35. Hemalattha

    fantastic.swaragini bonding as tom and jerry.sometime love after sometime hate.waiting for raglak romantic scenes.

    1. Malika

      Tnak you soon soo much hemalattha love you. Your comments bring a smile on my face. Yes haha. Swaragini are like Tom and Jerry.. Meee toooo waiting waiting for raglak. Thank you soon much. ????

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