Swaragini : Raglak ff. Love story ( by malika) ep 1

Hi Guys !! Thank you thank you soo much for your love and support. I’m very happy , you all made my day. Wow seriously I didn’t know that you all will love this boring ff. And yes sorry guys I will try my best to write long chappy. Sorry for any grammar mistakes please forgive this bechari girl. Haha. …..now I stopped my bak bak and start the story. Let’s start:

In a village named kolkatta. There a small house is shown. Inside it’s big. A girl who looks very tired, clothes are torn and dirty , hair is not tied properly is washing some dirty utensils. Yes guys she is ragini. All of a sudden of beautiful woman came with more utensils and at the same time she is shouting on ragini. That woman is sujata.

Sujata shouted : oooh miss why are you taking so much time ?? In which planet you are?? Be quick You have another work to do?? I wish you could have die with your parents in that accident at least I could have breath properly!!

Saying this sujata went from there leaving ragini alone. Tears are forming in ragini ‘ s eyes remembering sujata words mean while in a room a girl is shown dancing in bed listening to loud music. She is swara. Very pretty girl but not not so beautiful like ragini. Her room is small but cute. Swara is totally immersed in music . After sometimes ragini come with a glass of milk.

Ragini : swara drink this milk, chachi ji send it for you.
But swara was too busy in listening music that she didn’t listen to ragini.

Ragini again said that’s too loudly but softly: swara drink this milk otherwise chachi ji will get angry on you.
This time swara saw ragini and snatch the glass . She drink it quickly and throw it down on the floor making a loud sound.
Ragini was shocked and hearing this sound sujata also come.

Swara smirk a little but hide it without anyone notice.

Swara said angrily : how dare you ragini!! How dare you throw this glass!! You know that this glass was expensive then why you did this????

Ragini with tears said : swara you throw this glass and you are accusing me.

Swara : maa see now a days ragini is talking a lot!!! See maa she is shouting at me!! Mee your lovely daughter.!!
Saying this swara started crying loudly it’s not real but to show her mum.

As sujata love swara a lot and can’t see tears in her eyes. She start getting angry.

Sujata;: ragini how dare you to raise your voice on swara!! Don’t forget you are living in my house!! Your parents didn’t show you manners??? Just see what I do!!
Sujata picked a piece of glass and cut ragini’ s hand. Before ragini could said something ,sujata pull her hair and lock her in store room.

From Outside sujata said: ragini this is your punishment for shouting on my swara!! You will be locked the whole night today and you will not get any food. !!

In the store room, ragini wasn’t reacting, inside she is completely broken and is also missing shekar and sumi a lot. A lot of Blood was flowing in her hand but she didn’t feel any pain. ragini still love her family. She respect sujata and ram a lot and treated swara as her sister.

At that time sujata was in her room and was happy for ragini. Sujata phoned someone on her mobile. They were talking about a job for ragini . After that she had her dinner and went to bed. Swara was also happy for ragini but still she is feeling bad for what she has done . But her ego is not allowing her to accept this.

At night, ram come from the field after working. He was looking very tired.

Ram: raginiii. !! Oooh ragini!! Where are you please bring a glass of water!!.
No response.

Again ram shouted : raginiiii!
Still no response. Now ram start getting worried and went to search her. He goes in her room but ragini was nowhere. So he understand that definitely sujata has done something. He went to his room and see sujata is sleeping peacefully in bed. Ram went near her trembling .

Ram slowly : sujata where is ragini!! Sujata!! Wake up!! Wake up!! And ram started tapping her cheeks slowly but he is afraid . Still no response as sujata was in deep sleep. So ram went to swara ‘ s room. There he saw swara chatting with her friends in her mobile.

Ram : swara beta! Where is ragini??

Swara : I don’t know papa!! Why do you need anything??

Ram understand that swara is lying so he said : nothing beta!! Did you have your dinner??

Swara who her so concentrated in her mobile didn’t say anything.

Ram was sad and went to search ragini. When he pass near the store room he heard someone is sobbing . Ram recognised that voice and without time he opened the door.

Recap : ragini state .

Sorry guys in ep3 you will see laksh entry plus raglak first meeting. I promised. Please comments and tell me if you enjoy this ep or not. And one more thing swara is not negative , with time she will change. Sanky entry will be later.

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  1. Rafeee

    superb feeling bad fr ragini

    1. Malika

      Thank you rafeee. Yes really feeling bad for ragini. ????

  2. Teja

    Ooo bechari girl this update is awesome soon ragini ki chachi is dead bcz i going to kill her ?? awesome di update soon

    1. Malika

      What!! When!! Where!! How!!. Please tell me choti when you are going to kill her. I will join you haha……. Thank you choti thank you soo much.. For your incredible comment. Love you. * innocent face*.

    2. Teja

      Ur innocent face but mine is devil haha funny laugh?

      1. Malika

        Lol who say innocent see. ??????????????????

  3. Fairy

    Omgggg!!!!!my poor soul ragzzz….feelng realllly bad for her…. πŸ™ :(:( sujata is so cruel!! Ahh!!!i wanna kill her for hurtng my ragz… bt d episide ws mindblowng!!!loved it dear…u showed her pain reallly well…waitng eagerly for laksh entry.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …keep rockng n stay blessed dear πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ love u πŸ˜‰

    1. Malika

      Yes me to hate sujata a lot. ?????? for hurting my ragoo. Don’t worry next ep will be more and more interesting. Thanks you thank you soo soo much for you amazing comments. Love you yr. When are you going to update your new ff. I’m waiting for you.

  4. Awww… Poor ragini.. Nd cruel chachi nd swara

    1. Malika

      Yes poor ragini. Haha… cruel chachi and swara yes you are correct. Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments savi.

  5. Nice

    1. Malika

      Thank you sharanya for your beautiful comment

    1. Malika

      Thank you lovely for your lovely comment

    1. Malika

      Thank you ammy for your beautiful comments.

  6. Astra

    Superb dear…. Loved it, Ragini is such a sweet and calm girl…. Hope, laksh would save her from this hell…

    1. Malika

      Haha let’s see because it will be very interesting next ep. Thank you soo mush astra. When are you going to update your ff. I’m waiting. Thank you soo much for your lovely comments . Love you.

  7. Hemalattha

    fantastic.feeling bad for ragini.waiting for next part.

    1. Malika

      Feeling bad . Don’t worry dear I will make laksh entry soon. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments.

  8. Kakali

    Love it Diii … love Ragini a lott… feeling bad for her …
    but wanna cry seeing Swara…
    Swara can’t doo that … plzz make her positive soon…

    1. Malika

      Kakali I have a big big surprise for you. Don’t cry otherwise I will start crying. You have to start in tu because I have write the intro of swasan which just now I have published please read it and comment. It’s name is swaragini : swasan ff. Love story ( by malika) intro. Read it and thank you soo much for commenting. Don’t worry sanskar is here naa he will change swara.

      1. Kakali

        woooowww !!! di u r such a sweetheart … love u dii… n m waiting for that…
        “”I have to start in tu “”<— what it means ?? i didn't understand… *little confuse…

      2. Malika

        Sorry yr my keyboard is not working properly. What !!

      3. Kakali

        Oohhhooo !!! but still can’t understand what r u talking about ?? you wrote something “” u have to start in TU…””” i really didn’t understand what u meant Dii …

      4. Malika

        I mean to say hey on line in tu.

      5. Malika

        I mean to say be online. Sor

      6. Malika

        Soryy. Aaah keyboard I will kill you.

  9. Superb episode and feeling bad for Ragini. Waiting for Laksh’s entry

    1. Malika

      Yes poor ragini. Feeling bad for her. Thank you ammu love you. Sure have patience. Laksh will come soon

  10. AMkideewani

    Superb, but feelung sad for Ragini, I would loce to kick Sujata’s ass??

    1. Malika

      Haha… Same dear. Don’t worry I will kick her for me and you also. Haha… You remember we have comments the same in your ff. … Hah… Thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comment. Yes poor ragini

      1. AMkideewani

        I will make a group about, who wants to kick Rahul’s ass in TU and Wattpad??

      2. Malika

        Haha please inform me I will come . Haha… Cute girls

      3. AMkideewani

        It will be in the next few chapters?

      4. Malika

        Haha. Update soon. I will wait.

      5. AMkideewani

        I’m writing the next chapter❀️

      6. Malika

        And my new ff of swasan is published

  11. loved it nice story

    1. Malika

      Priya nice name. Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments.

  12. Soo sad for ragni and laksh entry is waiting I think after coming of laksh ragni get care and safety

    1. Malika

      Vavachi yes soo sad for ragini. Well let’s see. Keep guessing dear and thank you soo much for your beautiful comments.

  13. Sally_blr

    Poor Ragini. Nice start dear. keep going.

    1. Malika

      Sally did you update your ff. I’m waiting. And thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. Poor ragini

      1. Sally_blr

        Yup dear. Updated Rishtey today. If we break the rules of friendship not okay but if you do okay? Not fare

      2. Malika

        Sorry sorry sorry!!!! ???????

  14. Oh Di thanks a lot for writing Raglak ff…..Loved it toooooooo much…Ragini is too innocent…Update the next episode soon…Love you Di….

    1. Malika

      Choti I thought you wouldn’t comments in this ff. I’m soo happy to see you yr. Yes she is. I will try my best to update soon. Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. Love you toooooooo.

      1. Yes di I wouldn’t comment in the intro because I was out of station… But now onwards I will keep commenting….No need to take tension…

      2. Malika

        I will update next ep on Saturday. Choti ?

  15. Balaji

    give a tight slap to sujata epi was nice

    1. Malika

      Okk balaji your wish my command I will do it.haha….. Thank you thank you soo much for your beautiful comments.

  16. Asra

    Awesome dear…… poor ragini…laksh plz save ragini from the hell…hate sujatha..

    1. Malika

      Ok asra I will do it. Thank you thank you soo soo much for your beautiful comments.

  17. ohhh feeling really bad for ragini and i hate sujata just give her a slap from my side and rp is also stupid jooru ka gulam huhhh and ragini got a job sooo i think laksh will meet her there only and episode was awesome

    1. Malika

      Wow j you guess it right. Haha… Superb yr. Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. Ok j I will give sujata. Haha.. ????????

  18. Awesome………..feeling bad for ragini .

    1. Malika

      Thank you ashnoor. Thank you soo much. Yes poor ragini. ??

  19. Radhika..

    Awesome part di ragini play poor girl her condition is very bad how it change ?? How laksh came In the story ?? How he take her away from her this life?? And swaraswara is negative ?? but nono worries as what is important for story u have to do so no matter of character loved it di. Love u too ??? waiting for next part?

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo soo much. Who say swasan are negative. ??. Wait for next ep. Thank you once again choti. Please update your ff.

      1. Radhika..

        Will update di but after my exams and a surprise is there when it is coming ok wait for the ff to come as their is news for u all and yup I will post on 15 the Oct and welcome di and swasan are not negative yuhuu. Loved this news love u too much di??????

      2. Malika

        Who know future yr.. Swasan wil be negative h or not I’m not sure till now

      3. Radhika..

        Ok di no worries now u onluly concentrate on raglak as his ff mainleads whoever get negative but they both have to be positive na?

      4. Malika

        Awwwww okk choti. Love you. I will update on Saturday

  20. Very nice …ragu is so polite
    Waiting for raglak meeting

    1. Malika

      Saranya thank you so soo much for your beautiful comments. Have patience they will meet. Haha… ???

  21. Akshata

    my poor ragini, she is suffering so much. loved it. update soon

    1. Malika

      Thank you ashata for your beautiful comments. I will try my best to comments

    2. Malika

      I mean to say I will try to update

    1. Malika

      Thank you sayana for your beautiful comments.

  22. Deesh

    awesome di!! ragini, poor soul!! feeling so bad for her. waiting for the next epi!! keep rocking!!

    1. Malika

      Thank you!! Thank you!! Soo soo much. Yes poor ragini. I will update next ep on Saturday

  23. Anniya

    Feeling bad for Ragini,?????
    Di, I am angry with you. Kk now ask y,?
    Well I myself answer you, this ff is not even single bit boring.
    It’s 2nd time I am reading any raglak ff…
    I am loving it…
    Update next part asap warna don’t wry this time I will not send you anywhere.
    I will stop writing for 3 years…..????????

    1. Malika

      Why you will stopped choti sorry I will update next ep on Saturday. Thank you soo so much. Love you yr

      1. Malika

        Thank God I’m save. Ha .. You will have to wait for both ff. It’s going to be very interesting

  24. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear

    1. Malika

      Thank you ragz. I love your ff. Superb.

  25. Joyful Jessica

    superb dii……. feeling bad for ragini…..

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much choti. I will update next ep on Saturday. Yes poor ragini

  26. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…loved it..my hear went out to ragini…

    1. Malika

      Awww thank you soo much for your comments

  27. Amazing Di…

    1. Malika

      Thanks you so so much choti

      1. BTW I am feeling bad for my Ragu…Wanted to give a slap to Sujata only Sujata as I can’t slap my Sweetu Swaru…I hope her character will be changed soon…

      2. Malika

        Sooner her character will changed. Yes poor ragini. I will update next ep on Saturday

  28. A.xx

    Superb loved it.xx

    1. Malika


  29. Silent_writer

    Suprb n sorry 4r late??

    1. Malika

      Haha.. No noodear. Thank you so soo much for your beautiful comments. ???

  30. Superbbbbbb

  31. Malika

    Thank you soo much tani

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