Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 4

Hello everyone.
Thank you everyone for all the comments about the best dialogue and the episode.
Many of you want a jealous Laksh but I will give you a combination of heartbroken and jealous Laksh.
I replied to most of the comments and I am really sorry for all those whose comments I didn’t reply to.
Recap : Ragini tells about her past to Sahil and he also opens up that he had a girlfriend named Suhana who died in an accident. Both of them agree to the alliance. Sahil requests some time from the family members before engagement. Raglak confrontation. Heartbroken Raglak.

Here we go with the fourth chapter.


Location : Maheshwari Mansion
Laksh’s room

The room which was once echoed with the laughter of Raglak is now yearning for one faint smile.
The room which was once beautifully managed by Ragini is now completely messed up by Laksh.
Curtains are torn off, the bed sheets are pulled away, few glass items broken, few pictures of Raglak scattered and Laksh is sitting at the corner of a room crying his heart out holding a photo of Ragini. He caresses the photo lovingly and talks to the photo
Laksh(to the photo): Please don’t leave me Ragini. I know I betrayed you that day. I know it is not a mistake, it is a sin committed. I am ready to redempt for all those mistakes. If you want to punish me then shout on me, slap me but don’t leave me. I can’t survive with this guilt all my life that my mistakes are the reason which made you far from me. And today when I saw that Sahil with you, my blood literally started boiling. I thought that I will end up killing him today but I somehow controlled myself. Please come back to my life. I need you.
Saansein hai chal rahi
Kyun tehri hai meri zindagi
Kho rahi cheez jo thi
Jeene ke liye laazmi
Tum jo mile pal do pal ke vaaste
Rab ne kiye juda kyun dil ke raaste
Rabba karega tu pyaar ek din
Rahega tu yaar ke bin
Jaanega tu hai ye dard kya
Rabba dooriyon ke mausam saare
Denge jab aansu khare
Jaanega tu hai ye ishq kya

Scene shifts to Kaali Baadi
Ragini is shown crying lying on the bed. She didn’t go out of the room since Laksh left from there. She knew how much ever she lies to herself the truth is she can’t see him in pain because she will only love him all her life. How much ever she tries to stay away from him she can’t deviate her treacherous heart which keeps worrying about him.
Ragini: Laksh it is true that I still love you but I need to do this for my family. I think that you were never there in my destiny. I know that you never forgave me for any of my mistakes but please forgive me for this one mistake.

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