Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 3

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So a short recap

Rahejas comes to Gadodia house with a marriage proposal for Ragini. Sahil and Ragini go to Ragini’s room to talk and Laksh is seen hiding there.

Now with the third chapter.


Sahil and Ragini enter Ragini’s room and Ragini gestures him to sit on the bed. Laksh is hiding behind a wooden decorative piece and seeing them.

Laksh(in mind): He is looking good. All I
can hope is Ragini rejects
him. Because I don’t think
anyone with a piece of
brain in his head will say a
no to Ragini.

Sahil and Ragini were very hesitant to talk to each other. Sahil was just wandering around the room when he spotted Ragini’s sitar.

Sahil(amused): Tum sitar play karti ho??

Ragini : Yes but why are you so surprised?

Sahil : Nothing like that. It feels good to
see people who play sitar even

Ragini(continuing him): Instruments like
Guitar have become so popular. Right??

Sahil : Yeah.

Ragini : But I strongly feel that nothing can take place of something which is so close to your heart.

She becomes a bit emotional thinking about Laksh as she knows that whatever happens in her life she can never give Laksh’s place to someone else.

Sahil : Ragini do you want to ask me

Ragini : No instead I want to tell you
something. A phase of my life
which is your right to know.

Sahil: Bolo I am ready to listen.

Ragini starts narrating the story from how Ragini and Swara became Swaragini, Laksh and Sanskar’s entry into their lives, how she pushed Swara into the river, Swasan revealing to the family about her, Laksh trying to kill her, her Malkin avatar to how she was betrayed by Laksh.

At the end both Ragini and Laksh had tears in their eyes reminding their emotional past whereas Sahil was dumbstruck.

Sahil(coming out of his thoughts) : You are really brave Ragini. I mean no girl will dare to say all this to someone.

Ragini: You have the right to know all this. If you really want to become a part of my life, you had to know all this Sahil ji, because I understood one important thing from my life that a relationship can’t work if it is based on a lie. I have experienced it.

Laksh(in mind) : I know you are hurt Ragini but please don’t give me such a big punishment. I can’t live without you.

Sahil: You are right Ragini. So I think I need to open up my life to you.

I was really interested in music. Guitar was my world. I lost my dad in a very young age but never did mom force me to handle dad’s business. I had my own dreams. I thought of starting my own band. And then I met her. My first love Suhana. She was everything I always wanted. She came for the auditions for the female singer in our band and gradually
we fell in love. She was always smiling. Full of life. But…

Ragini: What happened Sahil??

Sahil: That day was the official first performance of our band. She was really excited but I was a bit nervous. So she decided that we would go to our favorite spot. But I had to go and pick up Ma for the performance. So she told me to go and relax at our favorite place and offered to go and pick Ma. I agreed and when she was going to pick Ma she had an accident and she just left me alone.

Sahil’s voice started choking at the end and Ragini could understand his position as she also felt that she lost Laksh at farm house the night of her revealation.

Sahil continued speaking

Sahil: And I distanced myself from music, my friends as all of these reminded me of
her. I started managing Dad’s business.But Maa requested me to move
on in my life. I couldn’t refuse her as she
was also suffering along with me. Maa accepted her as a daughter. And that night she lost a daughter and her son. So I wanted to fulfill her wish. Maa really
liked you and we came forward with the

Ragini: Sahil, I know how it feels when you
lose your first love. But I am happy that you decided to move on.

Sahil: Ragini, truthfully I liked your honesty and I will be more than happy to start my new life with you. But what is your decision??

Laksh was praying God that Ragini should say a No but..

Ragini: I am ready for this marriage Sahil.
I have done many wrong deeds and I want my family to be happy as they deserve it.

Sahil: And what about your happiness??
Will you be happy with me??

Ragini(suppressing a sob) : Yes Sahil. I will be happy.

Saying this she forced a smile.
On the other side Laksh was heartbroken. He had been always running away from his destiny and when he realized his love for her she is going away from him.

Sahil: Come let’s go and inform everyone about our decision.

Laksh’ s tears were not stopping. They were flowing down continuously.

Ragini and Sahil came out. Sahil was smiling and that was what Maya noticed.

Maya: Sahil beta what have you both decided??

Sahil: Maa it’s a Yes from my side.

Maya gave him a wide smile.

Daadi approached Ragini and asked

“Laado what did you decide?”

Ragini closed her eyes and remembered all her moments with Laksh but atlast she remembered how Laksh slapped her papa.

She opened her eyes and said
” Daadimaa I am ready for this marriage.”

Daadimaa hugged Ragini and Maya came forward.

Maya kissed Ragini’s forehead and said
“Thank you beta, you and Sahil gave me world’s biggest happiness today.”

Ragini smiled at her.

Daadu and Shekhar were also happy but Shomi, Swasan weren’t happy as they knew that it was all a compromise. They faked a smile.

Daadi: Sahil and Laado liked each other. So Maaya ji, shall we decide the engagement date?

Sahil: Just a minute Daadi ji, me and Ragini ready for the marriage. But I feel that before we get engaged we need to understand each other well – about each other’s hobbies, likes and dislikes. So if you all can please give me some time…

Daadi : But before marriage..

Daada ji interrupted her

Dada: Ok Sahil beta, both of you can
take your time.

Sahil : Thank you Daada ji.

Maya : Ab hame izazat dejiye.

Sahil took blessings of all the elders in Gadodia family and Ragini took blessings from Maya.

Raheja’s left.

Swasan also went home because Sanskar got a call from the office.

Ragini entered her room and latched the door.

A hand pulled her and pinned her against the wall. It was Laksh.

Ragini : Laksh what are you doing. Please leave me.

Laksh (with red teary eyes): Ragini did you say a Yes to Sahil??

Ragini: That’s none of your business.

Laksh(gripping her hands more tightly): Don’t you dare say that it’s not my
business Ragini. You know how much I love you.

Ragini(struggling in his grip): Laksh you are hurting me.

Laksh: Exactly Ragini, even you are hurting me. Tell me that you will break this alliance. You can never be happy in this marriage Ragini because you love me. And I don’t think Sahil will love you because he still loves his ex lover. He can’t give you the rights of a wife.

Ragini( removing his hands): I don’t mind Laksh because I had already lived such a life. Did you forget Laksh?? When we got married, you were also unable to forget Swara but I did everything to save our relationship. Even now I can live the same way.

Laksh : Yes Ragini, you lived with me even though I didn’t love you because you loved me to eternity and wished to be with me. But I know that you don’t love Sahil, then why are you doing this? You can never love Sahil the way you loved me and this will end up spoiling our lives. Ragini I love you. Please give me another chance. We can start our life in a new life. Please tell me what I have to do so that you can give me our relationship a second chance?

Ragini(holding her tears and turning the opposite side): Our relationship? Where did this come from?? Shall I tell you something Laksh. Our so called Relation neither has a name nor a base of love. It’s just a Benaam Rishta which just inflicts pain and nothing else.

Laksh: Ragini please don’t say this. Just tell me what you want me to do to get you back into my life.

Ragini(turning to him with red eyes): Ok can you get me back that one day- the day you betrayed me and married Kavya. Because if you can get me that day back I will kill myself that day itself. Atleast my family wouldn’t be ashamed because of me. Boliye Laksh can you get that day back.

Laksh covered Ragini’s lips with his index finger.

Laksh : Please don’t talk about death Ragini. You are the only reason my heart is beating. Your life matters the most to me now

Ragini : If my life does matter to you so much Laksh, then please leave me alone now Laksh. Please.

Saying this she starts crying covering her mouth with her hands and sitting down on her knees.

Laksh also kneeled down to the same level.

Laksh: Ok Ragini. As you wish, I am going now. But I promise that I will make you mine because neither is Ragini perfect nor Laksh is perfect but Raglak is perfect. Mad without you I can’t imagine myself.

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