Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 2

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Recap: Laksh secretly comes to meet Ragini. Daadimaa tells Ragini that a groom’s family is coming the next day.

Here we go with the second chapter

Ragini was shocked after listening to what Daadimaa said.

And Laksh felt tears rolling down his eyes.
He murmured to himself

“No this can’t happen. I can’t imagine MY Ragini with anyone else in this world. I need to do something to stop this.”

Daadimaa shook Ragini

” Laado, ke hua taare ko? Are you listening to me?”

“Haan daadimaa. I am listening. ”

” Go and sleep now. Tomorrow you should look very beautiful . Aye maare khaatur sham ji, I forgot to give your Daadaji his medicines. You go and sleep beta.”

Saying so Daadimaa went away and Ragini latched the door. Closing her eyes, she raised her hand to wipe her tears when she felt a hand wiping them.

She opened her eyes to see Laksh wiping her tears standing in front of her seeing her with his own teary eyes.

” How much ever you say that you don’t love me Ragini, I can’t accept this. And your tears are the biggest evidence for this.”

” Laksh I have already told you that I don’t love you anymore.”

” Baar baar jhoot bolne se you will just end up giving yourself a false satisfaction Ragini but the truth that you love me will never change. ”

Ragini turned back as she couldn’t face Laksh anymore. She knew that her love will make her give up the determination to save her family’s reputation.

” Laksh please go away from here. Please Laksh. Pehle bhi aapki wajah se humare family ko….”

She didn’t complete her sentence that Laksh spoke

“You need not give me any explanation Ragini because I know whatever you are doing is only for your family. But remember that I love you and I only love you.”

Saying so he slowly went down from the window and Ragini immediately closed the window. Her knees then gave up and she
sat down.

She said to herself

” Haan Laksh. I still love you and I can only love you for the rest of my life. ”

Saying so she started weeping and slept on the floor.

Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh reached his room and opened his cupboard. He took out a photo frame – Photo of him and HIS Ragini. Photo is of their engagement.

He hugged the photo and started crying.

“No Ragini. I can’t accept that you don’t love me because I can read that love in your eyes.”

He caresses Ragini’s face in the photo and slept hugging the photo.


Next morning


There is a great hustle bustle in the Gadodia house.

Shekhar: Maa, I have just called Maya ji.
They said that they have started
at Raheja Mansion.

Daadimaa: Aye Maare Kaatur Shaam ji,
they will be coming in almost an
hour in that case. Speed up the
work. Laado get ready as soon
as possible.

Shomi: Don’t worry ma, I will go and help

Swasan enter the house

Swara: Maa you go and manage other
work. Now Pari will go and get her
Rajkumari ready.

Shomi: Shona good that you came. Go
and get Ragu ready.

Rest of the family members managed other arrangements.

After an hour, a lavish car stopped outside the car and a man in his mid 20’s and a woman in her fifties came out of the car.

The man was wearing a Blue blazer with white shirt and a cream pant. He took off the glares and he turned to face the lady.

Man: Ma, are you sure about this girl?

Woman: Yes Sahil. I am sure that you will like this girl. She will be a perfect wife for you beta.

The man is Sahil Raheja and the woman is Maya Raheja. (Sahil’s role will be played by Anuj Sachdev as his role will be much similar to that in the serial. Maya’s role also will be played by the same actress who played Sahil’s mom role in the serial.)

Both of them walk into the Baadi and knock the door of Gadodia house.

Daada,Daadi, Shemish and Sanky come and greet them.

Sharmishta and Daadi serve water and snacks to everyone but one person was the most uninterested in all this and that was Sahil. He was looking at the photos in the hall. Maya notices this.

Maya : Kaakiji, can you please bring Ragini. I think my Sahil is getting really impatient.

Sahil glared at Maya.

Shomi: Shona bring Ragu.

Swara brings Ragini out. She was wearing a red color anarkali with gold color borders. She is wearing red bangles and long gold jhumkas. Her straight long hair was beautifully arranged. She was looking beautiful as usual.

Sahil saw the beauty in front him and was just seeing her without even blinking his

Ragini came and took blessings of Maya.
Swara made Ragini sit on the sofa.

Maya : Ragini beta meet my son Sahil, Sahil Raheja.

Ragini lifted her head and saw Sahil.
She gave him a small smile. Sahil smiled back at her.

Maya(in mind) : My Sahil is smiling after many years. It has been years that I saw him laughing wholeheartedly. Hey Bhagwan, please make Ragini and Sahil agree to this marriage. I want my Sahil back.

Shekhar : Ragini beta go and show Sahil your room.

Ragini : Ji Papa.

Ragini got up and gestured Sahil to come with her. Sahil followed Ragini.

Sanskar went out and made a call.

Sanky: Lucky both of them went into Ragini’s room. Are you ready??

Laksh : Yes Bhai. I am ready. Don’t worry. But the only problem is that place is not really sufficient for me.

Sanky: Why what’s wrong? Where did you hide??

Laksh: Bhai I am in the cupboard.

Sanky: Are you mad Lucky??Get out of the cupboard and hide somewhere else.

Laksh: But Bhai..

Sanky: Just shut up Lucky. You have gone completely mad. Go and hide somewhere else.

Laksh: If I get caught now na I am gonna kill you Bhai.

Laksh gets out of the cupboard and searches for a hideout.

He hears footsteps and gets tensed. He goes and hides at the same place where he hid while taking care of Ragini.

Laksh: This place is quite safe. Nobody got a doubt even on that day. I just hope Ragini rejects the groom.

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      Tell me which dialogue you liked the most

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    Amazing update. I love how Laksh called Ragini ‘my Ragini’. It’s nice to see him truly loving her. So much that the thought of her marriage brings him immense pain. Can’t wait to read more ?

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    first one ” How much ever you say that you don’t love me Ragini, I can’t accept this. And your tears are the biggest evidence for this.”
    second one “No Ragini. I can’t accept that you don’t love me because I can read that love in your eyes.”
    final one I loved it…laksh tell to Sanky… If I get caught now na I am gonna kill you Bhai….
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