Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 1

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Location:Kaali Baadi

Ragini is standing at the window of her room. She was thinking how today’s morning gave her a huge surprise.

Surprise would be a very small line because she was shocked seeing the love of her life reciprocating her feelings for the first time and this time genuinely.

His teary eyes were full of redemption and true love which said that he badly wanted her back into his life.

A knock brought her out of her trance. It was Sharmishta at the door who came into the room.

Shomi : Ragu beta, why didn’t you sleep
till now.

Ragini: Nothing ma. I was thinking about

Shomi: Why don’t you tell that you were
thinking about him??

Ragini : Nothing like that ma. I was not
thinking about Laksh.

Shomi : I didn’t mention Laksh’s name

Ragini knows that she lost the
conversation to her mother.

So silence prevailed between them for a moment.

Sharmishta was the first one to break the

Shomi : Chalo leave all these things and
catch some sleep beta. Good

Ragini : Good night ma.

Sharmishta closed the door and went to her room.

Ragini wiped a lone tear that escaped her eye. Only she knew how she felt when her dad was slapping Laksh again and again.

Then she heard a faint sound. Sound of someone calling her name. She heard it again.


Ragini at once understood whose voice it was. It was HIS voice.

She looked down the window to see Laksh climbing a pipe so that he can reach her room. He extended his hand forward.

“Ragini. Just pull me up”

She extended her hand and pulled him up.

“Laksh. Aap yahan?? What are you doing here at this time of the night?? Do you have any idea what Papa might do if he sees you here??”

She moved forward to latch the door when she felt something on her hand. She knew who it was. She looked back to see Laksh holding her hand.

” Itna pyaar mat karo mujhse Ragini because I may get addicted to your love that I end up hurting you all over again”

Ragini interrupted him

“Laksh I don’t love you anymore.
You don’t mean anything in my life”

“But for me you mean my whole world Ragini. Please give me a second chance. I can’t even imagine myself without you.”

“Please Laksh. I can’t do this again. I can never forget what you did to my family. You slapped my papa Laksh and you want me to give you a second chance. I can’t do something like that. For now please leave”

“But Ragini…

Before he could complete, they heard Daadimaa’s voice


Ragini started shivering because she knew what was coming next. She recollected what happened in the morning-her father and daadi maa were furious at Laksh.

“Laksh please go away from here. ”

“Ragini. Don’t worry. I can jump from here. I don’t think I will be much injured”

” No Laksh. I know that you are afraid of heights”

Laksh looked at her with all the love in the world.

” You say that you don’t love me but you know all that about me which no one else knows. Isn’t this love??”

“Laksh just hide behind the cupboard”

Laksh quickly hid behind the cupboard.
Ragini went and opened the door.

“Daadimaa aap iss waqt??”

“Laado I came to tell you that tomorrow groom’s family is coming to see you”

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