Swaragini (ragini : the definition of beauty & swara : the definition of cuteness) Part 7

Swara : U….what r u doing here???
Lucky:,yeh Question toh mujhe tumse puchni chahiye …..
Swara: What do u mean???
Lucky: I mean ….this is my academic…i m head of this academic….
Swara : U r new owner of this academic.(she wide her eyes) ..
Lucky: Yeah miss swara…but what r u doing here???
Swara: Me…mein yaha music sikhne aati Hu…
Lucky: U r student …tumhe pata h music is prayer this is our life…or tumlog in dresses me music sikhne ati Ho …amazing
Swara : Kya buraai h in dresses me….or waise bhi prayer ke liye Mann ka saff hona jarori h MR lakshay maheswari.

She about to leave he hold her hand & pulls closer to him…she is shocked & looking at him.
Lucky : Listen to me miss swara gaddodia …i m owner of this acdemic…& u r here a normal student…so call me sir no lakshay maheswari….u got it miss maner less.
And leaves her hand.
Swara : U …u r manerless not I am Mr lak…
She about to call him by his name..he looks at her angrily
Lucky: Mujhe nahi pata tha Ki tumari yadasth itni kamjor h ….
Swara : Sorry sir…
Lucky: Ho gya now leave me …just go from there..
She walks out angrily
Swara ( itself) : Yeh banda samjhta kya h apne aap ko Mein isse nahi chhodungi.

At dance class
Rags : I have problem miss …pls change my partner..
Sanky : Miss iss problem queen ko koi na koi problem jarror hona tha..
All students start laughing..
Rags gives angry look to him
Miss : Pls students stop laughing this is classroom not ur bedroom.so pls…& u rags what’s problem with him..

Miss : Listen to me rags iss class me sirf tum dono hi new joining Ho toh tum dono ka partner ban na hi sahi hoga ..don’t worry rags agar tumhe problem h toh much Dino baad change kar dungi…ok

Rags nodes
Sanky smirks at her
Miss : Now rehearsal start guys
Phele couple ayenge ragsan.
All claps 4 them
Sanskar forward his hand for him
Rags gives him angry look…
Then she hesitantly hold his hand..
Song played sun sathiya …
Sanky hold her waist and pulls her close…there is no gap between them.she gets nervous & close her eye.he remove her hair from one side of the neck.suddenly he jerks her she about to fall he holds her waist in his arm.& save her from falling.she gets scared…she look at him then they both share an eye loc ( Awww so sweet) …suddenly woh use chod deta h .she directly falling on ground…he smirks at her….all students start laughing on her
Sanky: Ooo hoo sry mere hath se tum pisal gayi…sry mujhe nahi pata tha Ki tumge dance karna nahi Ata h…
She fumes’ in anger.
He forward his hand
Without hold his hand woh uth thi h & she walking out in anger….
When she coming out of the class she collide with abheer ..he looks at her and he gets surprised seeing her …
Abheer: Tum yaha..
Rags without saying anything she ignore him and leave from there….

Precap :swara wearing traditional dress…
Sanky say sry to rags

Credit to: Riya


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