Swaragini (ragini : the definition of beauty & swara : the definition of cuteness) Part 6


Now start
Sanlak coming from downstairs
Sanskar is wearing white colour t shirt with black colour jacket.he is looking handsome.
Lucky is wearing blue colour full shirt with black jeans he is looking good.
Lucky : Mom today I want to join my music academy.because mom ..dad promised me when I will returned from London.so mom
DP ;: Yes lucky .today u join ur academy
Lucky hugs him ….thank u papa.
lucky: Byeeeee
He leaves from there.
Sanky : Dad today I also want to join dance class.
AP : Yeah beta ofcourse.
Abheer entered in hall
Abheer: Yeah bhai or Mein tumhe apne sath lene aaya Hu…apne dance class ke liye

Sanky : Thank u bhai…byeee mom
Sanky coming close to abheer he is wearing blue t-shirt with sleeve jacket as usual he looking fab.
Sanky: U r looking handsome bhai.kahi yeh uss ladki ke liye ( saying in teasing tone).
Abheer softly hits him
Abheer: Ho gya …..ab chale.
Sanky : Byeee guys.
SWARAG coming from downstairs.
Rags is wearing pink colour top with hot pant with boots ?.she is doing high poni of hair.she is looking outstanding.
Swara is wearing red colour top with black colour mini skirt.she is looking very pretty.
Sumi praises their beauty…
Swarag : Thank u mom.
Swara : Mom Mein toh apne music class ja rahi Hu .but rags ka toh aaj first class h na.
Rags : Yeah swara.
Sumi ok now u both leave from there.
Warns rags tumhari first class hi late Ho jayegi.
Swarag : Yeah maa u r right…..byeee mom
They seats in BMW.
Swara : Rags u forget ur lipstick.take it
Woh apne bag se nikal kar deti h
Rags about to put lipstick ? just then she think about sanky and her first kiss.thiss incident flashes’ again and again in her mind.
Swara : What happened rags …??? Everything ok na ????
Rags : Yeah swara maa everything ok.
Ab chalo nahi toh Hume derr Ho gayega.
Swarag reaches their respective clases.

Abheer & sanky also reaches there.
Abheer pointing to a class.
Abheer: This is ur class.
Sanky : Thank u bhai.
Abheer leaves from there for his class.

Rags walking to the campus.sanky standing near the corridor.
Leaning his back to the wall & talking with some other boys.
Suddenly they realized their presence.they both turn to look at them.both gets shocked to seeing each other.
But she ignores him .& going to her respectively class.
After sometime sanky is also entered in same class.
Rags seeing him & fumes in anger.
Rags : What r u doing here ???? I know phir tum yaha pe Kisi ladki ke sath flirting karne aaye hoge.
Sanky : Q Mein tumge Q batau.
Rags : Mr I kill….
Just madam entered in class room.
Hello guys.
All students hiii mam
Madam : Now Mein tum sabko is class ke new students se introduced karati Hu.
She pointing on ragsan.
All students seeing them.
Boys r gets mesmerized seeing her.some boys chatting each other : Wow yaar kya figure h .she is so hot and cute yaar.
Madam : Now today I distribution of couples.
All boys prays : God pls make my partner rags
& girls want sanky as her partner.
Madam announced sanky & rags r partner
All gets sad & and our ragsan fumes in anger .
Sanky ( itself) : Ab yahi mauka h isko sabk sikhane ka.now wait and watch miss ego.

At music academy.
Swara with her friends.
Swara : Guys Mein abhi aayi apni formality done karke .because today in our academic new head joined.so I want to meet him.
Swara entered in office both gets shocked seeing each other.
Screen frizzes on swalak shocked face.

Precap : Romantic dance btw ragsan.swara wearing traditional dress.
Why swara wearing traditional dress any guess ….

Credit to: Riya

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