Swaragini (ragini : the definition of beauty & swara : the definition of cuteness) Part 5


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The episode started with
A car coming towards the rags.swara & her friends in the car.
Sanky leave from there.
Swara : What happened rags.
Rags turn & see swara.
Rags hugs swara tightly.
Swara : What happened rags y u looking upset tell me.
Rags giving fake smile.
Rags: Nothing swara.mein sirf darr gayi thi nothing else.because my car gets punchers.so I m alone here .this is the reason I get scared.
Swara : Rags tumhe darr bhi lagta h.
In teasing tone.
Rags hits her
Rags : Pls stop it swara.ok lets go to home because mom ka call aya tha .i fell she is tensed.
Swara : Tumne mujhe pahle Q nahi bataya.
Rags : Sry ….
They leave 4 home.

Sanky( itself) ; I think mujhe use aise akle nahi chodna chahiye tha.or mujhe aise hi Kisi car ko uske samne aate dekha or chal Diya.dekha bhi nahi uss car Mein kon tha
But sanky tu itna iss miss ego ke bare me Q soch raha h.usne mujhse kaise baat Ki.i don’t leave her.i will surely teach her a lesson.
He reaches his home.
Lucky & abheer also reaches home but not see sankar.

After 5 min.
Ap shouts : Chor chor.
All members r gathered in her room.
Lucky : What happened mom .y u r shouting.
Ap Puri dari hui thi.
She pointing on a man
All r looks at him.he is totally covered with black blanket.& he slowly entered in sanky room
Abheer : Shhhhhh guys
And he take a iron rod on his hand from the corner.he about to hit him then lucky hold his hand.
Lucky : What r u doing guys????just stop it making funny face & says u all r spoiled our full proved planning.
Sujhata : Kya Hua chore tu apne hi ghar me chori karwana chahta h.
Lucky: Ufff o my sweet buaa he is not a thief.
Ap : Then who is he ????
Lucky removed the blanket on his face.
All r gets shocked seeing him
He is none other than sanky .
All r start laughing loudly.

Sanky : Or haso hmara Sara plan floop kar Diya or ab has rahe Ho.he gets angry.

Abheer : Hasi rokte huyeh sanky thank god aaj tumhe lucky ne baccha kiya.warna aaj toh tumhare sir pe rod padne hi wala tha.
DP : Just stop it abheer.but mujhe yeh baat samajh me nahi aarahi h Ki tumtoh 2 din baad aane wale the par aaj kaise.or yeh sab kya tha.

Sanky( looking sad) papa yeh hmara or lucky ka plan tha apko sabko surprise dene ka but maa ne or iss abheer ke Bache ne Sara plan hi floop kar Diya.
Ap controlled laughing: Beta y u r sad this best surprise.we also remember it.
Phir iske baad woh jor jor se hasne lagti h.
Lucky : Just setup guys u all spoiled our plan or ab hass rahe Ho.
Then he also start laughing seeing sanky face expressions.

Sanky “: Bhai tum bhi.
He leaves from there in anger.

Then Ap goes in his room and say sry beta and hugs him .sanky also hug her and say it’s ok mom.
Then all r also come in his room.
Abheer: Sry bhai.
Sanky hugs him .then he hugs dp then sujhata.

Swarag also reaches home
.swarag hugs her mom dad.
Shekhar: Party kaisa tha
Rags : Awesome papa.akhir meri sis ka party tha .
Swara : Yeah rags.
Rags : Bur mom y u calling me when I m in party.is everything ok na.
Sumi : Yeah beta call kiya woh tumhare papa ko chakar aagya tha or o gir Gaye the chair par se .so Mein darr gayi islye tumhe call kiye .sry beta meine tumhari sarri party kharab kar di.
Rags : It’s ok mom.
Then they turn for Shekhar.papa ab aap thik toh Ho na .
Swarag looking very worried.
Shekhar : Yeah my princesses I m absolutely fine.or sumi tum tumne mere dono princesses ko data Diya.dekho inki smile kaha gum Ho gayi.
Shekhar: Woh dekho swaragini tumhari smile yaha h meri mutthi me hie open her hand.swarag smiles seeing this and say papa u r the best papa in the world pls papa take care papa.we can’t leave without u .

Shekhar: Awww so cute my princess ?.
Sumi : Chalo ab hogya Ho toh kahna chalke kha lo.they all seat for diner.

In swarag room
Rags is still thinking about sanky.
Swara r lost in lucky and say Mein is khadus aadmi ko apni friend bana kar rahungi.
Rags ( itself) woh phatoo apne aap ko samjhata kya h Mein use nahi chodungi.when they fall sleep they don’t know.

In sanlakabh room.

Sanky : U know lucky & abheer meine apni life me abhi tak itni attitude wali ladki nahi dekhi h.
Lucky: Kya Hua bhai phir Kisi ladki se jhagda Hua kya.
Sanky : Tumhe kya lagta h lucky Mein hmesa ladkiyon se jhagda Karta Hu .
Abheer: Bhai Hume kaha lagta .then they laughing and hi five with lucky.
Sanky : Tum dono hass rahe Ho jaoo Mein tumse baat nahi karunga.

Abheer listen me guy aaj Meine ek ladki ko dekha .she is so beautiful yaar
He is thinking about rags.and describe about rags beauty.
Sanky ;: Chal lucky sone yeh toh pura kahi kho gya h.then they both laugh seeing his condition.
Sanky : Bhai ab tu toh gya.
Screen frizzes on sanlak laughing face.

Precap : Swara join music acdemic .and this music academy of lucky.ragsan and abheer join dancing classes.

Credit to: Riya

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