Swaragini (ragini : the definition of beauty & swara : the definition of cuteness) Part 1

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At gaddodia mansion

All members r busy in decoration of house and sumi preparing food food.

Sumi calling swara.

Sumi : Swara come beta we r getting late for airport.

Swara : I m coming mom
She is coming from downstairs.she is wearing mini skirt with black colour top.she is looking very cute.

Sumi : Swara u looking very nice.

Swara : Thank u mom.

Shekhar: Chalo jaldi hm airport ke liye late ho rahe h.

Swara : Chalo dad jaldi chalo.

All r reaches airport.

Swara shouts Ragini.she pointing on rags .she is wearing hot pant with pink colour short top.she is wearing boots ?.her hair open.she is looking gorgeous .

Swarag hug each other.

Rags : Swara how r u I miss you alot.

Shona : Ragini : Meine bhi tumhe bahut miss kiya .

Rags ( making angry face) : Swara don’t call me Ragini .

Sumi : Toh hm kya bulaye

Shekhar: Rags …..right Rags

Rags : Absolutely ridiculous dad.then she hug her father.

Sumi : Kya buraai h Ragini naam me.

Rags : Mom Ragini is very old fashion name.this is not suit on my personality.

Sumi holds her ear.

Rags : Ouch mom.

Swara : O god aap logo ka khatam Ho gya Ho toh hm ghar chale.

Rags : Yes mom I m very Hungry.

Sumi : Ok my dramabazz daughter.

Shekhar: Lets go

Swara : Papa aap mera bhar wait Kari Mein 2 min me aayi.

Rags : What happened swara??? Where r u going????

Swara : Nothing rags me abhi aayi.
Sumi : Bete jaldi Ana.

They leave from there.

Swara on phone sab preparation Ho gya na Ragini Kolkata pahuch gayi h Mein abhi use lekar aati Hu.
Suddenly she collide with a handsome guy.he is wearing black colour shirt with blue jeans.he is looking good.
He is our Lucky.
Lucky holds her from falling both share an eye lock.bg song tere hoke rahenge .

After sometime they both come in their sense.
Swara : How dare u touch me .just leave me.

Lucky: Leaves her .woh direct niche gir jati h.

Swara : Tumne mujhe gira Diya .Mein tumhe nahi chodongi.

Lucky: Dekhte h
He leaves from there.

Swara : Mein isse nahi chodungi.

Screen frizzes on swara angry face.

Precap : Swarag enjoying party.
Abheer entry.he collides with rags.he gets mesmerized seeing her.

Credit to: Riya


  1. Riya

    Oh bani this is my ff.u r my best friend.& also u r my classmate.
    Thank u for respecting my ff friends.u r really my best friend.

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