Swaragini-“rab kare tuzko bhi pyar ho jaye”intro & epi1

Hi frnds im lavanya…big fan of swasan & Raglak..This is my 1st time to write ff so plss support me.
Lets start with intro.

Gadodia house.
Shekhar gadodia-Arrogant buisness man,very rich,He has 2 daughters but He takes them as a burden coz he always wants son…bt God gives him 2 daughters.He always Tauts sharmishtha(his wife) for giving her daughters.

Sharmishtha Gadodia(sumi)-She is housewife loves her daughters swara & Ragini but always shes afraid of shekhar…she feels very sad about when shekhar doesnt compleats her responciblity towerds Their daughters swarag
ini. bt she cant do anything..

Swara Gadodia (23)-Beautiful,sweet girl with golden heart..Traditional girl wears salwar suit..Not very talketive.loves her ma & sis ragini..fears her dad,heardly speak a word infront of him..Is in deeply love with some1.

Ragini Gadodia(22)-Small sis of swara & opposite to swara.shes Cute,charming but very naughty,bold girl,loves her Swara di & ma very much & ragini call her dad as ‘Angry bird’…She has ability to fights for her rights & Very protective about her swara di.

So frnds This is intro of Gadodia family…i’ll give the intro of maheswari family later.. okk lets start 1st episode.

Its holli festival.
a big mention is shown where one man is seating on sofa n talking on phone.
Servant comes n give him tea..He cuts the call n Drink tea..But now his expressions shows hes angry.
servants r in fears…He shounts on servants..Hes none other than Shekhar.
Due to his shouting a lady who weares White n Red saree come to the hall shes none other than sumi.
Sumi ask shekhar-What happened?
shekhar(With anger n almost shout on sumi)-Drink this tea Its without suger who made this tea??
Servant said-“Swara mam”made it.
Sumi tensed.
shekhar shouts-“Swara”
scene shift to kitchen.very big n attractive kitchen where one girl is standing with fears in her eyes.shes wearing white chudidar n kept her hair open shes extreamly pretty..Shes none other than swara.she fearfully walks out of kitchen.
Shekhar shout on sumi-U even dont teach ur daughter how to made tea.
Swara stands there with tears in her eyes unable to talks a single word infront of shekhar.
Sumi-Shekhar,i’ll make another tea…..Sumi walks in kitchen swara followed her.

In kitchen,
Swara said sorry to sumi.
Sumi said-No beta,its okk..n hugs swara….
Sumi-Beta,where is Ragini??
Swara-Ma she went to her frnds house to bring some imp notes.
Sumi with fear-Bt shona,Ur dad told u both That dont go out today what happened if shekhar

Swara cuts sumis talk in middle-
“No ma,she’ll come by
Sumi-Yeah..she’ll come by pipe.
Both laugh

Here a girl is shown who is entering in the room through window “Thank God U saved me”
She wisperes happily shes none other than Ragini..

She seats on the bed..swara comes
Swara-lado Thank God u came.
Ragini-No di we have to go now.
Swara(with confusion)-Where?
Ragini-we have to meet karan.
Swara-why? papa will not allow us to go outside.
Ragini-Ohooo meri pyari di kisne kaha hum papase parmission lenge..we’ll go frm window n come frm window.
Swara-No ragini..
Ragini-Di,karan is hospitallised n he has high fever..
Hearing this swaras face show many expressions worried,tensed n tears in her eyes.
(so frnds This karan is swaras frnd frm childhood,swara loves him n he too loves he bt never confessed n his roll play by karan Tacker)
Swara-lets go ragini..ragini smile.
Both go outside the house.n finally reach in orphanage..
swara(with confusion)-Y we came here?
Ragini-Di go plss go inside..
swara goes.
Swara finds the place is decorated with flowers,balloons..
Some littile cute girls come n gives swara roses..swara smiles.
The girls brings swara to another room where One handsome boy comes with red rose hes karan
He comes close to swara
Karan-Swara!!…He looks in swaras eyes…
“Swara,ur every reason,every hope every dream i ever had’…Swara smiles…He countinews.Swara,sun brightens the day,moon brightens the night but u brightnes my life’
Swara i love u….
swaras eyes fills with tears tears of happiness….karan wipes her tears n said-Swara,i never let a tear come in ur eyes…..Swara hugs karan n said -“I love u too” karan.
The children claps……
Suddenly Ragini comes n said-
“DI we have to go now see the time”
karan swara broke hug….Swara looks at karan.
Karan-Swara,ragini is ri8 u have to go now.
swara nodes..
They’re about to go but karan brings colour n apply on swaras face…Swaragini smiles…bt the nxt moment swara also apply colour on karan…Both r very happy..The all 3 plays holli with children.
ragini notices swaras smile n pray for swara n her happiness to God..
After some time Trio leaves
Swaragini comes home through window..swara is very happy
Swara-Ragini,u know this Holli brought colours in my life..Im very happy
Ragini-Me bhi.I know my Jiju(Karan) Oh hone wale Jijju loves u very much n u too loves him..Im very happy di.
swara smiles…
screne freeses on smiling face of swaragini.

Frnds hows it? let me know plzzz comment.

Credit to: Lavanya


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