swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 9

Hi friends hope you all are doing good….. thanks for ur constant support. It gives me a great strength and confidence to write. Thank u everyone. And i m writing1 more ff swaragini. U cant win over destiny…. if u have time plz go through it..
The episode begins with radhika entering in college. Swara goes to radhika.
Radhika: swara ….
Swara: so radhu how r u.
She hugs radhika.
Radhika: fine shona.
Swara : listen yaar lets party today… afterall u r coming back after almost a week. And listen if u come across him na then just ignore him ok.
Radhika nods.
Radhika: i will try .
Swara: ya thats like my good girl … come lets go to ragini.
Radhika: haan where is she…
Swara: hogi canteen me.
Radhika: kya.
Swara: lets go and check in canteen.
Radhika: hmm.
They see ragini sitting there ..
Radhika: ragini..
She hugs her.
Ragini: radhu after a long time yaar.
Radhika: hmm..
Rag: hope u r fine now.
Radhika: i am absolutely perfect….u tell what is going on..
Rag: nothing special..
Swara: u both forgot me na.
Rag: yes.
Swara : what.
Radhika: never.
They 3 sit and talk.
Ragini: ok ok now i have to go for practice.
Swara: practice..
Ragini: shut up swara. Radhika meet u after some time.
Radhika: bye.
Swara: radhika u sit here i will return in 10 mins.
Radhika: ok…
Swara too leaves..radhika is sitting there . Laksh comes there he sees radhika.
Laksh: i should talk to her or not… ok laksh atleast u can say sorry.
Laksh goes to her.
Laksh: hi radhika.
Radhika ignores..
Laksh: i am really sorry radhika. What i did was really wrong . I am really sorry.
Radhika leaves from there.
Swara comes there and sees laksh there.
Swara: hey why r u so worried.
Laksh: nothing… vo just like that…
Swara: ok…
Swara: where is radhu. She might have gone out i will go and see her.
She goes to search radhika.
She sees her sitting on a bench.
Swara: what happened
Radhika: nothing
Swara stands on bench.
Swara : listen everyone. I am going to suicide.
Radhika: what swara..
Swara acting to be emitional.: haan.. kya karu ab iss duniya me mera koi nahi… ek behen h jo ki mujhe kuch batati nahi ek dost thi jo mujhse jhoot bolne lagi…. radhika tune bhi mera saath chod diya… mai akeli hu…
Radhika smiles.
Radhika: nautanki come down..
Swara: nahiiii….. ab mai niche tabhi aaungi jab tu smile karegi….nahi to bye everyone… she pretends to cry..
Radhika laughs.
Swara comes down and hugs her….
Radhika: u will never change na.
Swara dramatically ….: never
Radhika and swara laughs.
Laksh sees all this
Laksh: she is such a dramebaaz… he smiles thinking about swara.
Ragini comes to swaradhika.
Rag: kya ho raha tha yahan.
Swara and radhika look at each other and laugh.
Rag: batao na .
Swara: kuch khaas nahi.
Rag:ok lets go home . We have to go to club also .
Radhika: club.
Swara: i told na we will party today..
Radh: but ..
Swara: say yes or i will suicide …
Rad: ok yes..
They laugh.
In evening . Swaragini and radhika goes in club.
Swara: wow it so fun here.
Ragini: haan. Radhu enjoying na.
Radhika: very much.
3 of them dances……….
Ragini: i will sit .i am tired.
Swara: ok…
Ragini sits aside.
Sanlak also enters in club.
Laksh: wow bhai this place is rocking.
Sanskar: ya its just amazing. Come lets go in.
They also enjoy. Sanskar sees ragini sitting.
San: laksh i will come in5 mins.
Laksh: where r u going.
San: here only u enjoy.
Laksh: ok…
Sanskar goes to ragini.
San: hi.
Rag: o hi. How come u r here.
San: i am here to do satsang..
Rag: what.
San: ofcourse i am here to enjoy.
Rag: come sit.
They both sit and talk.
San: will u take juice.
Rag: ok. But only juice.
San: ofcourse.
He goes to bring juice. A boy comes to ragini.
Boy: ladki vo bhi akele. Beautiful girls should always have a company.
Ragini tries to ignore him. The boy sits in front of ragini.
Boy: u will enjoy my company sweetheart.
Ragini: what do u want.
Boy: i want to have some fun with u.. come with.
Ragini: shut up.
Boy : o ho u got angry baby. He holds her hand and takes her out. Ragini tries to free her hand.
Rag: leave me.
Boy: have patience baby
She calls swara and radhika but due to loud music they cant hear.
He takes her out and leaves her hand.
Boy: ab yahan tumahri awaaz sun ne wala sirf mai hoon. So chill.
He holds her both hands… ragini tries to free herself . She kicks him .
Boy: o ho mirchi ..
Ragini: mirchi my chilly spray. She remembers that she has not brought her purse. She struggles to go from there.
The boys tries to go close to her but sanskar comes there.
Ragini: sanskar.
Sanskar fights with the boy and the boy runs away.
San: r u fine ragini
Rag: thank u sanskar.
She hugs him. Sanskar too hugs her. Song plays …..
Rag: lets go in.
San: hmm…
They goes in…
Here swaradhika r dancing. Vishal is there too.
Vishal sees swara and dances her. Swara does not feel good dancing there.
Vishal again and again tries to go close to her.
Radhika gets a call and she goes aside to attend .
Swara: vishal what r u doing.
Vishal: i really love u swara.
Swara: shut up.
Vishal: comeon swara.
Swara: get lost.
Vishal holds her hand .
Swara: r u leaving me or.
Vish: or what….
Laksh keeps his hand on vishals shoulder.
Vishal: bhai
Laksh: leave her. Chal yahan se.
Vish: bhai…
Laksh : maine kahan leave her.
Vishal leaves her hand. Swara looks at laksh.
Laksh: we will talk tomorrow vishal.
Vishal leaves in anger.
Swara: thanks
Laksh: always mention.
Swara smiles.
Laksh: dance .
Swara: ok
They both dances together…..
Swara: i will just come.
Laksh: ok.
She goes to check radhika.
Swara: what happened radhika.
Radhika: i need to go home.
Swara: anything urgent .
Radh: no . Ma called
Swara: ok.
Radhika leaves.
Swara goes to juice counter and by mistake drinks alcohol.
Laksh : what have u done.
Swara: what happened.
Laksh: it was alcohol.
Swara: what….
She is drunk now..
Laksh: where is ragini.
Swara: vo to .. vo to… vo to…
Laksh: what swara.
Swara: vo to ghar gai… ha ha ha.
Laksh: whats so funny swara.
Swara: lucky lets dance na.
Laksh: swara u r drunk come i will drop u.
Swara: no idont want to go….
Laksh: be quiet and come with me.

Precap: swalak moments ….. ragsan realising their love.

Thanks for reading guys..

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