swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 8

Hi everyone. This is ragsan and swalak ff….I know i am late. Sorry for that. Guys i need ur suggestions. I am lacking ideas. Please give some ideas or suggestions.
So todays episode.

In college.
Ragini and sanskar are sitting in canteen. Swara comes there.
Swara: hi ragini……sanskar right.
Sanskar: absolutely right.
They shake hands.
San: so u r swara.
Swara: yes.
Laksh comes there too.
Laksh: hey bhai. Whats up.
San: where were u yaar lucky.
Laksh: i was here only. He sees swaragini.
Laksh: swara tum …
Ragini: so sanskar he is ur brother.
San: haan. Lucky meet ragini and her sister swara.
Lucky: ok so she is ragini and ofcourse i know swara.
Swara: ya.
Ragini: i m hungry . Lets eat something na.
San: ok i will bring something for u. And swara do u need anything
Swara: juice.
Rag: sanskar u dont need to go … i wil bring it myself.
San: i am bringing na.
Laksh accompanies him.
Laksh: bhai so she is ragini.
San: tu pakka tubelight hai .
Lucky : kya.
San: haan…tubelight ko dekha h kaise on karne ke 2 min baad jalta h. Same with u.
Laksh: ho gaya bhai apka..
San: haan ho gaya..
Laksh : ek baat poochu.
San: hmm..
Laksh: bhai u like her na.
San: what
Laksh: bhai i know.
San: shut up.
Sanskar leaves.
Laksh: i know bhai.
He smiles.
They all 4 eat food.
Swara: ragini lets go.
Ragini: hmm… bye sanskar bye lucky.
San: bye ragini.
Swara: bye.
Swaragini leaves.
Laksh: bhai bolo na.
San: laksh now u wait.. i will tell ma that u broke her favourite vase.
Laksh: ok sorry sorry….
San: btw… laksh how do u know swara.
Lakah: she is my partner.
San: partner. Laksh may i asku 1 question.
Laksh: ofcourse bhai
San: why havent u started flirting with swara.
Laksh: bhai kyunki…. i dont wanted to play with her feelings.
San : what.
Laksh: what what.
San : like laksh maheshwari is sa.ying this i cant believe.
Laksh: shut up bhai.
Here in swaragini’s room….
Ragini: swara have u recieved nakul’s call. When will he reach..
Swara: by tomorrow morning.
Rag: ok.
Swara: ragini listen
Ragini: speak.
Swara: see i have got the tickets of the concert.
Ragini: great.. when it is.
Swara:, after 3 days..
Ragini: wow. It will be so much fun.
Swara: ofcourse it will be fun.

In college.(next morning)
Niti enters in college.
Girl: o niti how r u.
Niti: niti is always good.
Girl: so u broke up with sanskar…..
Niti: what who told u .
Girl: i heard sanskar telling to ragini… btw.. i think after u sanskar has got someone.
Niti: what rubbish. Whom r u talking about.
Girl: dont u know ragini and sanskar have become good friends..
Niti: stay in ur limits they r just friends.
Niti leaves in anger. She goes to ragini.
Ragini: hi niti.
Nit : i want to talk to u.
Rag: haan bolo
Niti: what do u think of urself. U want to snatch my love.
Rag:niti what r u speaking.
Niti: i know girls like u well. As u got a good boy u get stivked to him.
Rag: niti u r misunderstood.
Niti: i m right . Listen u cant snatch sanskar from me. He is mine.
Ragini: niti behave ur self.
Niti: shut up…. get lost .
She leaves.
Ragini is crying. Everyone is looking at her.

In auditorium.
Boy: sanskar u r here do u know what happened.
San: what
Boy tells sanskar everything.
San: now this is enough of niti.
He goes to ragini . Ragini is still crying.
He wipes her tears…
He holds his ears.
San : ragini i am sorry.
Ragini: no i am sorry.
San: no ragini it was not ur fault.
Ragini: but sanskar ….
San: no ragini……
They both r lost looking at eavh other and share an eyelock.

After some time.
San: ragini i will meet u in practice.
Rag: ok.
He goes to niti.
San: niti.
Niti: haan baby speak up.
San: come with me.
Niti: ok . But where …
San: come with me.
He takes her to a vacant room.
Niti holds his hand.
Niti: aww. My baby
San jerks her hand.
San : niti i already told u that i dont love u .
Niti: but i love u .
San: niti its break up.
Niti: but..
San: and dare not to say anything to ragini . She is not at all involved in this.
Niti: no that stupid girl is trying to snatch u.
San: shut up. I told u na dont utter a single word about her. And mind it.
He leaves.
Niti: sanskar baby . I know well how to make u mine. Dont worry.

In music room.
Laksh: everyone we will start the actual practice from tomorrow. So today you all will show that u r best in which field….like singing or playing any instrument ok…
Vishal(laksh’s friend): so everyone get started………
Everyone plays something or sings…. swara plays guitar and sings as well.
Laksh is lost looking at her….song gets over. Everyone claps.
Rohan(swara’s singing partner): swara u r fabulous….
Swara: thanks…
Laksh: great swara.
She smiles….
Vishal: lucky bhai see she sings well too. Now toh i. Will surely make her mine girlfriend.
Laksh: already she has rejected u na.
Vishal: so what…. i will make her believe that i love her.
Laksh: no vishal. Leave her..
Vishal: bhai u r saying this.
Laksh: haan. Leave her. Saying this laksh leaves.
Vishal: no bhai iss bar toh i will not leave her……

Precap: radhika back in college.

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