swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 5


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The episode begins with sanskar and niti’s date going on.
Niti: baby lets dance.
Sanskar: yes..
Niti: baby dance with ur darling would be wife. And dont get scare of any limits. You are free to cross any limits. I am your totally your.
Sanskar: ok baby.
Niti: i am very happy to get a boy friend like u.
Sanskar: me too.
Niti: lets start dancing..
She switches on bolna song.
Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna(niti is standing with her back facing sanskar . He is holding her tightly. )
Ik tere baajo duja
Mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na
Bolna mahi bol na
( sanskar rotates her . Then he kisses her hands and they do soft movemens)

Tere liye aaya main toh tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere nal jindadi bitavaan
Kadi naiyo chodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chadh jaayein mahi
Tu na chodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
(Sanskar pulls her close to him and kisses on her handsthen neck and then cheeks)
Tere sang hasna main tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main tujhme hi khona
Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi mahi tose munh na modna
Bolna maahi bolna
Bolna maahi bolna
(Sanskar makes lifts her up and makes her sit in his laps and touches her legs and then holds her waist tightly)
Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna
Ik tere baajo duja mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na (bol na)
Bolna mahi bol na (mahi bolna)
( niti stands up. Sanskar goes to her and opens her back’s lace . He touches her back . Then lifts her in his arms and keeps her on bed.)
Now sanskar is lying on niti. Niti opens sanskar’s coat and opens his shirt’s button. Sanskar kisses on her cheeks,neck,head and kisses all on her body)
Niti pulls sanskar more closer.she kisses him . They kiss for long. A very long kiss.
Then sanskar stands up .niti goes to him and holdd his hand. She kisses on his hand.
Niti: baby u will always love me na.
San: hmm .
Niti: come. Take me..
He lifts her up. And keeps on bed.
Niti: baby make me urs .
San bites her ears. And kisses on her neck .
Niti: baby wait . I need to take shower..
San: ok.
Niti goes and take shower and comes out with her body wet and wearing a gown.
Niti: today i will make sanskar mine. I am all ready baby to make u mine. Love u baby.
She sees sanskar is already sleeping.
She kisses her on his lips and body. She lies on him . She removes his shirt and sleeps in his arms.
In morning.
Sanskar wakes up .

His head is aching a lot. He cant remember what happened yesterday. He sees niti sleeping in his arms.
Sanskar is shocked.
San: omg. What have i done. Niti wake up.
Niti: what happened baby. She hugs him..
San jerks her .
San: what is this. Niti what have we done
Niti: there is no problem.
San: no niti it was wrong. I dont love u..
Niti cries.
Niti: what r u speaking baby i love u.
San: but i dont. And i have destroyed everything..
Niti: what we did yesterday after that ….
San: i dont think we have really crossed all limits.
Niti: u have crossed.
San: ok lets go . We will decide afterwards.
Sanskar reaches home..
San: laksh.
Laksh: where were u bhai. Lagta h date sachi puri ho gai. Show me the video plz..
San: video .yes video.
He brings his camera and tells everything to laksh.
Laksh: bhai play the video.
San: playing.
He plays it.
Laksh: bhai what is all this. U kissed her about 50 times. And u didnt left any part of her body. U kissed everywhere.
San: shut up laksh see it .
He comes to know that everything was till when niti went to bath

San: so i didnt do that.
Laksh: u wanted to do more.
San: shut up. I need to say sorry to her.
Laksh: bhai do u think she will forgive u.
Sanskar: dont know.
Laksh: go and check ..
Sanskar calls niti.
San: niti sanskar here.
Niti: yes darling.
San: i want to say sorry..
Niti: why.
San: what happened yesterday. And i dont love u. Its over.
Niti: r u mad sanskar what u did yesterday.
San: dont worry niti . Not everything i just ..
Niti: u just what sanskar . What u did must be small for u . But it has destroyed everything. What will i tell to my parents.
San: niti why dont u understand. I have seen yesterday’s video. It was till when u went to take bath. And till then it was alright. No big issue.
Niti: sanskar plz dont do this. Plz sanskar.
San : try to understand. Ok i am sending u the video see it.
Niti: ok.
He sends her video.
Niti: what is this. From where did this video came. But sanskar baby i will not leave u so easily. I will make u mine for sure.

Precap: ragsan and swalak moments and nitis trap

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Credit to: manu

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