swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 3


Hi i am back with another episode. Thank you for your time you gave in reading it.
The episode begins in college.
Laksh goes to niti.
Laksh: hey niti.
Niti: yes.
Laksh: bhai called you on terrace.
Niti: sanskar called me . On terrace. Ok i will go.
Laksh: ok.
She leaves.
Laksh: she is mad about bhai
He smiles.
Niti goes on terrace.
Niti: sanskar. Sanskar where r u.
Sanskar was about to go when thinks.
San: i am sorry niti. But i have to do this. Dont worry i will not cross my limits.
Sanskar goes to her and closes her eyes from back.
Sanskar: niti plz keep your eyes closed.
Niti nods.
She turns and her eyes are closed.
Sanskar sits on his knees and have roses in his hands.
San: now you can open your eyes.
Niti opens her eyes.
Sanskar: niti will you be my girlfriend.
Niti is very happy.
Niti: yes sanskar .
She takes the roses ans hugs him
Niti: i love you sanskar . I love you.
Sanskar: hmmm.
Sanskar: i have to call dad. I will meet u in canteen ok.
Niti: fine.
He leaves.
Swaragini enters in college.
Swara: ragini lets go.
Ragini: hmm. You go your classes must be starting. I have free time.
Swara: great . Meet you after classes,in canteen . Ok.
Ragini: ok.
Ragini goes towards canteen. Sanskar is also going there. Ragini slips and sanskar holds her. They share an eyelock. Sanskar is lost in her beauty.
Ragini: thank u.
Sanskar: welcome. Btw.. i am sanskar .
Ragini: ragini.
They shake hands.
Ragini : i should leave.
Sanskar: ok.
Ragini leaves .sanskar is still thinking about her.
Sanskar: she is beautiful.
Niti comes there.
Niti: hi baby
Sanskar: hi.
Niti: lets go and sit there.
Sanskar: hmm.
Niti and sanskar sits in cafeteria. Ragini is sitting on the nearby table.
Sanskar is still looking at her
Niti: baby i am very happy that you are my boyfriend.
She holds his hand.
Sanskar returns to his senses.
Sanskar: me too.
Niti: can we go on a date.
Sanskar: date.
Niti: yes.
Sanskar: ok lets go. I will pick u from your home at 8 .
Niti: i will be ready…
Ragini leaves from there.
Sanskar: bye. I will meet u.
He follows ragini.
Sanskar: ragini.
Ragini: haan bolo
Sanskar: can we go on coffee.
Ragini: coffee. How can i go with you i even dont know you properly.
Sanskar: so you will know me .
Ragini: hmm…ok lets go..
Sanskar: thank u so much.
Ragini: but what about classes.
Sanskar: its ok leave it
Ragini: ok. Let me message my sister.
Sanskar: i am waiting in parking.
Ragini: ok
Here niti is telling everyone that sanskar is his boyfriend..
Girl: wow niti you are too lucky.
Niti: i know and u know today we will go on a date .
Girl: wow. I am jealous
Niti: you should be.
Girl2: what rubbish. I have seen sanskar talking to ragini and asking for coffee.
Niti : what r u speaking.
Girl2: yes he is waiting for her in parking. If you dont believ go and see.
Niti fumes in anger and goes to check.
Ragini comes to sanskar
Sanskar: lets go.
Ragini: but how .
Sanskar: i have my bike.
Ragini: u want me to go on bike
Sanskar: yes. Please ragini lets go.
Ragini: ok.
They sit on bike.
Niti sees this.
Sanskar drives bike and leaves.
Niti shouts but he does not listens.
Niti: let him return.
In cafe.
Sanskar: so ragini u have a sister.
Ragini: yes swara. She is my life. What about u.
Sanskar: i have a brother.
Ragini: o.
Sanskar: ragini can we be friends.
Ragini: friends. So soon.
Sanskar: yes
Ragini: ok . Friends.
They shake hands .
Sanskar: good. Ragini do u have any boyfriend.
Ragini laughs
Ragini: boyfriend. No. Do u have any girl friend.
Sanskar: yes.
Ragini: wow. Who is she.
Sanskar: niti.
Ragini: niti shrivastav
Sanskar nods
Ragini: she is beautiful.
Sanskar in mind: not more than u
Ragini: have u said anything.
Sanskar: no.
Ragini: so lets leave.
Sanskar: ok.
They reach college
Precap: sanskars date with niti and swalak first meet

Credit to: manu

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