swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 2

Hi thanks for your support by mistake i posted by megha’s name as didint wanted to reveal my identity. Now i can say i am manu. I am very happy to see you people supportin me.
The episode begins in college.
Laksh: i told na i wil complete my bet.

Friend1: good.
Friend2: what good? Do you have any proof.?
Laksh: but you didnt say that you need a proof.
Friend1: yes we need a proof and you are left with just 6 hours.
Laksh: that is enough for me. I will show this to you people. She has not came to college. I am going to her house. You all follow me and hide outside her room’s window.
Friend2: what if her parents see .
Laksh: dont worry they are not at home.
Friend1: great.
Laksh: lets go.
They 3 goes there.
Laksh knocks the door.
Radhika opens it.
Radhika: you here.
Laksh: omg you are looking beautiful(she is wearing a one piece blue dress which is very short from bottom and have laces at back)
Radhika: thanks. But why are you here.

Laksh: because you didnt came to college.
Radhika: i was not well actually.
Laksh: o what happened to my baby.
Radhika: nothing . Now i have met you i am very finr.
Laksh’s friends laughs .
Radhika: come in na.
Laksh: hmm.
Laksh: lets go to your room.
Radhika: was yesterday’s not enough for you.
Laksh: no.
Radhika: you again wanna do it.
Laksh nods.
Radhika: but laksh .
Laksh: be quiet.
Radhika: ok. But only kiss or.
Laksh in mind: no laksh you just have to kiss her. You cant do anything else.
Laksh: lets go .
Radhika: will u not take me like yesterday.
Laksh lifts her in his arms. Radhika holds him tightly.
He keeps her on bed. She sits. Laksh sits too.
Radhika: not so easily.
Laksh: what do you mean.
Radhika: wait and watch.
Radhika switches on song. She sits in laksh’s laps.
Laksh in mind: i just have to kiss her . She is in some other mood only.

Radhika: sweethear comeon . You dont look so happy today. No worries i will kiss you some other day.
Laksh in mind: no i cant loose my bet.
Radhika is about to leave when laksh holds her.
Laksh: i am in full mood darling.
He keeps his hands on her waist and kisses her. They kiss for 4 mins. Radhika stops to breathe.
She stands up. Laksh lifts her and keeps her on bed and kisses her with more passion. After it he is about to leave . When radhika comes and hugs him from back.
Laksh: radhika i should leave.
Radhika: no not now.
She turns him and makes him to keep his hand on her waist . Laksh keeps his hand and hugs her by mistakely her back’s laces opens.
Radhika is still feeling comfortable in his arms
Laksh: radhika your lace is open.
Radhika: so what
Laksh: i think you should tie it.
Radhika: no need…
By mistakenly they both slips and lie on bed. Laksh is lying on radhika . They are very very close . Laksh is still holding her .
Radhika tries to remove laksh’s coat .
Laksh: what are you doing. Radhika its enough.
Radhika: but baby you wanted to do this.
Laksh: never. I never wanted to do this.
Radhika: what about that kiss .
Laksh: i kissed you and thats it. Nothing more. We are done. Its break up now.
Radhika: no laksh you cant do this never. You can never do this.
Laksh: i am leaving.
He goes. Radhika is crying in her room…
Radhika: sw..sw..swara….. i need your help .

On other .
2 girls are going on a scooty. Both of them are beautiful.
Girl: shona drive properly.
Swara: ragini take a chill pill.
Ragini: you na you will never change.
Swara: jo badal jaaye vo swara nahi.
Ragini: stop your dialouge baazi and concentrate on driving.
Swara: ragini lets go to radhika’s home too.(radhika is swaragini’s best friend.)
Ragin : great idea.
Swara and ragini sees the door open.
Swara: radhika.
Ragini: where r u.
They hear someone crying. They go to the room and sees radhika crying.
Swara: radhu .. what happened.
Ragini: who made you crt.
Radhika hugs the..
Swara: tell us what happened.
Radhika tells them everything.
Swara: you are such a fool radhika.
Ragini: why did u tried to cross your limits
Radhika: sorry .. but he forced me yesterday’s night and then…
Swara: what was his name.
Radhika: laksh maheshwari.
Ragini: such people.
Swara : dont worry i will tell him what cost he has to pay for all this.
Laksh and friends reaches college.
Sanskar: hi .
Laksh: bhai i won.
San: i was knowing.
Laksh: now your turn bhai.
Sanskar(guys i am changing sanskar’s character . He is a rich boy but not fully spoilt): but how can i play with her feelings.
Laksh: comeon bhai. Just once. Ok do it for 2 days. Ok.
Sanskar: ok.

Precap: swalak first meet.

Thanks for reading

Credit to: manu


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