swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 14

Hello to all my dear buddies here. So good to see u people supporting me…
So this episode begins with…
Everyone is in canteen.
All are sitting talking and enjoying … then at that moment vishal enters there.
Vishal: guys everyone… pls look here. I am here to propose someone here… so everyone ready.
Everyone looks at him.
Swara worries…
Vishal goes to swara . And says: swara i love you. I love you alot
Swara is tensed.
Swara: vishal i told u earlier that…
Vishal: so its a yes…
Swara: vishal stop it. Its a no. And it wont change……
Vishal: swara … u r rejecting me that means…
Swara: vishal… yes.
Vishal: u will have to pay for this..

He holds swara’s hand. Laksh and sanskar comes in front of her.
Vishal: sanskar ,lucky pls stay out of it. Sanskar i consider u to be my bro pls.
Sanskar: vishal will u leave or may i call …
Vishal leaves.
Vishal: swara just wait and watch.
Ragini: swara forget it .
Swara nods. They all sit. Swara is sitting quietly . Laksh sees her and understands.
Sanskar: ragini come i will show u something.
Ragini: but….
Sanskar: come na.
Ragini: ok swara u reach home . I will be there.
Swara nods. Ragsan leaves.
Laksh: swara r u fine.
Swara: hmm..
Laksh: r u sure.
Swara: yes lucky
She stands up and leaves
Laksh follows her.
Laksh- swara atleast listen once.
Swara: lucky we wil talk tomorrow.
Laksh: but i want to talk now.
Laksh: swara.
Swara: achha thik hai. Speak up.
Laksh smiles. Laksh: listen. Whatevee happened was not ur fault. Its alright. Whatever u did was right. So chill.

Swara looks at laksh. They both share an eyelock.
Swara: thanks.
LAksh: mention not. Chalo i will drop u home.
Swara: no need .. i will go myself.
Laksh: ok.
Swara: ok???
Laksh: yes
Swara: toh thik h.. i will go. Bye.
Laksh smiles.
swara is standing at gate waiting for auto.
Swara: auto … auto . No one is stopping …
Laksh comes there in his car. Swara tries ignoring.
Laksh: swara sit . I will drop u.
Swara: no need. U go i will manage.
Laksh: swara i was joking. Come in.
Swara: go lucky
She walks away. Laksh follows her in his car.
Laksh: swara sit in
Swara: no.
Laksh: pls swara i am sorry. R u coming or..
Swara: or
Laksh: i will never talk to u.
Swara stops listening this and turns back.
Swara: last time.
Laksh: okay. But come and sit.
They both r sitting quiet.
Swara: may i ask something.
Laksh: haan bolo
Swara: what if vishal..
Laksh: dont worry . I am there na.
Swara looks at him.
Swara: thank u
Laksh smiles.
He drops swara.

At mm.
Sanskar: laksh what vishal did today was not good.
Laksh: he has to understand.
Sanskar: hmm…
Next day at college.
Sanskar is sitting with ragini.
Niti enters in.
Sanskar: ragini.
Ragini: bolo sanskar.
Sanskar: lets go to party today.
Ragini: party.
Sanskar: it will be fun.
Ragini: okay.
Niti goes to them.
Niti: hi sanskar .. hi ragini.
Sanskar is shocked. Ragini feels little weird.
Ragini: hi.
Niti: may i join u both.
Ragini: sure.
Niti messages something to sanskar. Sanskar sees it.
Message reads it as- sanskar.. how r u .. whatever happened forget it. Lets be friends again. I wanted to meet u pls.
Sanskar replies: okay. In 20 mins in library.
Niti reads and smiles.
Niti: ragini. I will meet u soon.
Ragini: bye
Sanskar: ragini .
Ragini: bolo
Sanskar: actually
Ragini: u wanted to meet niti to clear all misunderstandings and make everything normal about past
Sanskar: how do u know.
Ragini: because i love u
Sanskar: i love u too.
Ragini: go and come fast. I am going for my class.
Sanskar hugs her
Ragini: go. He leaves.
Ragini smiles.

Precap: is niti really changed???
Thanks for reading guys.


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Loved it….d way rags understand sanky ws marvellous… n i dnt thnk dat niti had changed …m worried about sanky…hope everythng wl b f9 ..swalak convo ws soo cute 🙂 …waitng for more ragsan scenes..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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