swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 13

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The chappy begins with swaragini and radhika at swaragini’s home.
Radhika: so who is coming with me to eat ice cream.
Ragini: where??
Swara: ofcourse in ice cream parlour.
Ragini: no i will not i have to do some work.
Swara: thats not fair. Ok we will not take much time.

Radhika: pls ragini come na.
Ragini: ok ok. I am coming.
In icream parlour.
Swaragini and radhika eat ice cream.
Here . Sanskar and nikita are in car.
Nikita: sanky. Lets eat ice cream.
Sanskar: not now i have some work.
Nikita : come or i will tell uncle.
Sanskar: ok ok. I am coming.
Nikita: good.
She pulls his cheeks.
They too goes in same ice cream parlour.
Swara: ragini . Will you come in garden.
Ragini: no.
Radhika: ok then u sit here. We will return in few mins.
Ragini: ok.
Sanskar and nikita enters in parlour.
Nikita: hey sanskar see ragini.
Sanskar: where
Nikita: see there.
Sanskar: oh no. Nikita i have some urgent work lets ho.
Nikita drags him to ragini’s table.
Nikita: hi ragini.

Ragini looks at them and sees her holding sanskar s hands. Sanskar jerks nikitas hand.
Sanskar: ragini u here.
Ragini: yes. If u can see me that means i am here.
Nikita: oh sanky sit na.
Nikita and sanskar sits there. The waiter comes.
Waiter: oh sanskar sir. Hi maam(he says to ragini as onfe they have already came)
Ragini: hello.
Waiter: so u will take same choclate vanilla. And sir ur black current. And maam you ??
Nikita: mango vanilla.
Waiter: ok.
Nikita: u both have already came here.
Sanskar: once.

Nikita: oh . Btw.. ragini u know i know sanskar since we were 2 yrs old.
Ragini: hmm.
Nikita keeps on talking and ragini is getting bored. Sanskar is busy staring ragini.
Ragini: then i think i should not disturb the couple here. I should leave.
Nikita smiles.
Sanskar: oh god. What to do now.
Ragini goes.
Sanskar: niki u eat . I will just come.
Nikita: fine.
Sanskar follows ragini.
Sanskar: ragini . It is not like that.
Ragini: leave it sanskar
Sanskar: vaise. When i am with her why are u feeling bad?
Ragini stops
Sanskar: you are jealous na.
Ragini: why will i be jeallus? Who m i to be angry?
She is about to go when sanskar holds her hand.
Sanskar: you love me right.
Ragini looks at him. There is silence for some time.
Sanskar: u love me right.
Ragini: no i dont.
Sanskar: u do ragini . You do.
Ragini: no i dont.
Sanskar: then why do you get angry seeing me with nikita.
Ragini is quiet.
Sanskar: you cant tolerate anyone near me. Ragini this is love. Tell me do you love me or not. Speak ragini.
Ragini : yes i love you.
Sanskar: i love you too.
Ragini looks at him. They share an eyelock. They hug each other.
Sanskar: come with me.
Ragini: where
Sanskar takes her to his car.

Sanskar: sit sit.
They both sits and he drives .
They reach a place near a lake.
Sanskar: u know i always wanted to propose my love here.
Ragini blushes
Sanskar sits on his knees and says.
Sanskar: i love u ragini. Will you be my hearts part. Forever.
Ragini: yes. I love you too. I love u .
They both hug each other. Bg plays.
Ragini: sanskar swara must be waiting in parlour. Pls lets gk.
Sanskar: ok.
They reach there.

Sanskar hugs her.
Ragini: bye.
Sanskar: bye.
Swara: where were u .
Ragini: swara kuch batana tha tumhe.
Swara : bolo
Ragini: sanskar proposed me.
Swara: wow.
Ragini: i love him swara.
Swara: i knew it. She hugs ragini.
Swara: i am very happy for u.
Ragini smiles.
Radhika: what happened.
Ragini: nothing. Lets go home.
Radhika: ok lets go.
Next day in college.
Sanskar: where is she?
Nikita: you are searching for me na.
Sanskar: no.. i mean yes.

Nikita: so cute of you. You are my cutie pie.
Nikita hugs him. Ragini also comes there. She sees this and this time she is not angry . Infact she is enjoying all this. Seeing sanskar irritated.
Ragini: aww. Nikita you both look very good together. Just made for each other.
Sanskar gives a ‘what was this ‘ look to ragini. Ragini giggles.
Then at that time there is an announcement.
Announcement- everyone attention . Important announcement. Tomorrow is our school prom. It is especially for our last year students. So everyone has to come and sanskar and laksh to come in my cabin.
Sanskar: ab kya?

Sanskar and laksh goes in .
Principal: listen. Both of you have to arrange everything. And one more thing. With your teams support select a girl partner for you. For tomorrows arrangement. But your team should be involve in this decision. Is it ok.
Sanlak: okay.
They go out.
Sanskar: bhai yaar iss principal ko problem kya hai?
Laksh: asking from me as if i know?
Sanskar: nikita aur ab yeh princi .
Laksh: they should understand my brother have to spend some time with his girl friend. Otherwise she will choose anyone else
Sanskar: shut up laksh. Go and complete your work.
In music club.
Laksh: whom do you think should join me. I want 1 combined answer.
Everyone says for swara except vishal.
Vishal pov: vaise bhi yeh laksh swara ke zyaada paas jaa raha h agar yeh dono saath rahe toh swara meri kabhi nahi ho paegi
Laksh: so u have choosen.
Everyone: swara.
Swara: me
Laksh: do u have any problem.
Swara: no.
Laksh: so its final . Swara will be my partner.
In dance club . Everyone chooses ragini. sanskar is happy as he can spend time with her.

Precap: niti..back…

Sorry to all swalak fans as i could makw

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