swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 12


Hello . I am back after so many days. Before thanking anyone else. I would like to thank shloka.shloka thanks for updating my ff. You did a big favour on me.
So now thank u everyone who commented. And read my ff..
So now let me start todays episode. The chappy begins with ragsan in cafe.
Ragini and sanskar both are sitting very quietly. When a girl enters.
Girl goes and kisses sanskar on his cheeks.
Ragsan both are shocked.
Sanskar: what is this?
He turns and sees the girl.

Sanskar: nikita. Tum
Nikita: sanskar we r meeting after 7 years. Have u forgot we were best friends and u promised that when we will grow up u will make me ur girl friend.
Ragini looks at sanskar with a shocked expression.
Sanskar too looks at ragini
Nikita: so now i am back .
Sanskar gives a fake smile
Ragini: oh .so i think u both should enjoy . I should leave.
Nikita: oh sorry … i forgot to ask who r u.
Ragini: i am ragini. We r in same class.
Nikita: oh great. Even i am in same class as sanky. I have joined today itself..
Ragini: oh hope to see u in college.
Nikita: for sure.
Ragini: bye nikita . Bye sanskar.
Sanskar understands that she is angry from him.
Sanskar ‘s pov.
Oh god … iss nikita ko bhi abhi bhejna tha . Abhi toh sab kuch thik ho raha tha. We have started growing closer. Ab meri prem kahani shuru hone se pehle khatam ho gayi. I dont think she will talk to me. What she must be thinking.. pehle niti aur ab nikita… i think ye n akshar vale . Meri kundli ke grah h….
Pov ends.

Nikita: oh sanky. Come sit na.
Sanskar pov.
I shuld tell her. No no no. She will tell dad and then .. i will be gone forever.
Pov ends.
Sanskar: it was a surprise to see u here.
Nikita: hmm…. so tomorrow u will introduce me as ur gf in college.
Sanskar: nikita i will intro u as my best friend. Actually we met after 7 yrs so we should first know about each other.
Nikita: hmm… ok like it halppens in movies first a girl and boy will b frnds then will start loving each other
Sanskar: haan jlt.
Nikita: ok….
In college.
Sanskar: where is ragini?? In canteen… may be.
He goes in canteen and sees ragini sitting there.
Ragini: niti and then nikita… he is….
Sanskar: u r misunterstanding me.
Ragini: u… stand up … dont sit next to me…. go and sit wid ur gf na.
Sanskar: ragini she was my friend in school…. frnd that too coz she was my fathers best friends daughter…. but for her i was her best frnd. And she herself promised from my side too that she will be my gf. Believe me ragini . I dont love her.. i only love..
Ragini looks at him.
Ragini: u only love???
Sanskar: nothing….i need to go .
He leaves.

Ragini: whom does he love??? Who is that girl??
Sanskar outside canteen: i only love u ragini…..
In swalak class.
Laksh comes there.
Swara: hi
Laksh: hi
Swara: i thought u didnt came today.
Laksh: no actually i was late.
Swara: ok. Btw… thanks.
Laksh: thanks for??
Swara: yesterdays night.
Laksh: no problem.
Swara smiles.

She sits on first bench and vishal comes and sits next to her. Meanwhile teacher enters so swara was not able to say anything. Laksh is sitting behind vishal.
Teacher is teaching . While vishal is staring swara.
Vishal keeps his hand on hers.
Teacher: so students that was all for today. See u tomorrow.
Everyone has left only swalak and vishal are there in class. Swara is packing her bag.
Vishal: swara comeon give me a chance i really love u.
Swara: get lost.
Vishal holds her hand.
Vishal: swara u ..
Laksh comes there and removes vishals hand and holds swaras hand.
Laksh: vishal i m warningu. Stay away.
He takes swara with him swara is looking at laksh.
Laksh: sorry if it hurted u.
Saying this he leaves.
Swara: when vishal touched me i felt awkwrd and uncomfortable but when lucky touched i felt securedd. Why is there so much difference between them????
Ragini comes there.
Ragini: swara… come lets go home. Where is raddhu?
Swara: she will just come in 10 mins. She has gone to library.
Ragini: ok. I will go and check.

Here sanskar is walking and a girl strikes him and is about to fall when sanskar holds her.ragini comes over there and sees this. Sanskar also notices her.
Sanskar: ragini.
He makes the girl stand and goes towards ragini.
Sanskar: listen ragini.
Ragini: sanskar . i dont want to listen anything. Bye.
She leaves.
Sanskar: kya karoo mai
The girl whom sanskar saved comes to him.
Girl- thanks sanskar.
Sanskar: o u know me.
Girl: yes ragini told ur name… btw. I m nitu.
Sanskar: nitu..
She leaves

Sanskar: again ni… hey baghwan raksha kar..
Here radhika goes in library. There she meets laksh.
Laksh: hey radhika listen. I m really very sorry.
Radhika: laksh nothing is left to talk.
Laksh: but.
Radhika: u will only understand my pain when someone whom u love will leave u.
Laksh: radhi…
She leaves.
Swaraginiand radhika leaves for home.

Precap: college…..

Thank u for reading my boring ff. I will sion end it dont worry….
One more thing…. piyali and shloka… missed u both a lot

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  1. Yippe……….manu you are back and logged in tooooooooooooooooooooooo……………thanks a lot lot lot lot lot tlot lot………..sachi missed you sooooooooooo much na can’t share and today’s update mind blowing………i am loving that ni… grah on our sanskar , means seriously i couldn’t stop laughing reading it………….swalak scenes were mind bllowing and swara’s words about being secure were mind blowing…..eagerly waiting for next………..love you……….be happy………..don’t go anywhere now haan……….

    1. Manu1307

      Thanks piyu…so good to see u as first commentor.. glad u liked it

  2. Hahahaha bechara sanky!!!..superbbb episide dear…ragsan rocksss….keep rockñg dear…

    1. Manu1307

      Thanks fairy…glad u liked it

    2. Manu1307

      Thanks fairy…glad u liked it….
      Ragsan always rocks

  3. Sreevijayan

    Hey pls dnt end it..GOD..sanskars n connectiin was hilarious…. loved ragsan..awesome update dear

  4. Nice epi…..

    1. Manu1307

      Thanks fira??

  5. Superb dear.oh poor sanky stuck with ni’s.your ff is nice & different.but dont like sanlak they dont deserve swaragini.they should be punish for thier deeds.update next part soon

    1. Manu1307

      Oh… thank u very much . U liked it.. glad to know this

  6. Shloka

    Oh… woww. Finally finally finally u r back… manu was literally waiting for u…
    So loooonnnggggggg…
    Todays episode was just fantastic…
    And ni…. factor too good… i will be waiting for next episode

    1. Manu1307

      Hi pixie… how r u… so good to see ur comment…. really very happy.thanks for liking it

    2. Shloka

      Hey . called me pixie… its cute name…

    3. Shloka

      Hey . called me pixie… its cute name…
      U deserve all this u r a fab writer dear

  7. Ragsan scenes are nice

  8. hahahaha bechara sanskar he’s jinx with letter n
    love rag
    after so much time itnu sa upload kia hai
    update longer and regular

    1. Manu1307

      Sorry lisa… from next time .. surely a loonnnngggg update

  9. Long update nice pls continue update

  10. plz make long n lovely episode

    1. Manu1307

      Sure ..i will try my best??

  11. Very nice

    1. Love it. ??

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      Thank u anjali????

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      Thanks j. Glad u liked it

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