swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 11

Hello i wanted to end this ff soon. As i am insufficient for writing.
Thank you to all who read and commented.
The episode begins with swalak in car.
Swara: lucky may i ask you something??
Laksh: yes you can.
Swara: how many girlfriends do you have?
Laksh: what sort of question is this? Why do you wanna know?
Swara: i just heard that you are big flirt. Plays with girls feelings.
Laksh: swara at present i have no girlfriend.
Swara: o.
Laksh: you tell me how many boyfriends u have.
Swara: 0 yaar. I am very unlucky.
Laksh : you are not unlucky swara. Maybe soon u get someone.
Swara:i want to eat choclates
Laksh: at night 12 . From where will i get it?
Swara: i just want it.

Laksh: ok ok. Wait i am bringing.
He stops his car . He goes to the shop to buy choclates.
The shop keeper was closing the shutter.
Laksh: uncle. Uncle.please dont close. I want a choclate.
Uncle: for the girl in car.
Laksh: hmm. He nods.
Uncle: so she is ur gf.
Laksh: no uncle she is just my friend.
The man smiles. He gives laksh the choclates.
Laksh: thank you .
Uncle: may god bless you both.
Laksh leaves.

Laksh comes to his car and sees that swara is not there.
Laksh: where is she?
He starts shouting swara swara. And tries to find her.
Swara is walking on road . Some boys see her.
Boy1: dekh dekh patakha.
Boy2: full on item hai bhai.
Boy3: chal akeli hai. Thoda mazaa ho jaaye.
They reach near swara.
Boy1: oh ho madam ji akele kahan chali.
Swara: mind ur own buisness.
Boy3 goes and holds his hand. He pulls swara near and keeps hand on her waist.
Swara thinks of handling all of them with patience.
Swara: oh so u wanna enjoy with me.
Boy2: yes

Swara: but i can do it wid just one. And u r 3.
Boy1: no problem . I will come wid u.
Boy2: kyun. I will go.
Boy3: mujhe koi problem h kya. Mai kyun nahi.
3 of them starts fighting.
Laksh reaches there.
Swara: lucky . Lets go.
Laksh: what happened. And who are they?
Swara: first lets go.
In car . Swara tells everything to laksh.
They both laughs.
Laksh: ok take these choclates. And bye .
Swara: bye?
Laksh: ur home is there.
Swara: thank you very much.
Laksh: pleasure is all mine.
Swara leaves.
Laksh too goes.

In morning.
In college.
Radhika and swaragini r sitting.
Radhika: ragini which club?
Ragini: dance.
Radhika: and u swara.
Swara: music. Btw.. in whi h club are u going.
Radhika: me too music
Swara: great.
Sanskar comesthere.
Ragini: hi sanskar .
Sansk: hi . Ragini lets go for a coffee.
Ragini: sure.
Swara is watching this.
Swara: sanskar she will come in 2 mins.
Sansk: ok.
Swara: ragini u like him na. You are in love
Ragini: what rubbish.
Swara: if no then close your eyes. And if you see him then you love him.
Ragini closes her eyes.
She sees sanskar.
Ragin : sanskar.
Swara: see i told u . U love him.
Ragini: are u sure.
Swara: ask your heart dear…btw.. he must be waiting for u.

In music club.
Rohan: hi swara… lucky will not come today so lets practice.
Swara: he will not come… ok .
They start practicing.
Radhika comes in….
Radhika: i wanted to join this club.
Boy: fine u can…
Radhika becomes happy…
Radhika: swara ..
Swara is practicing with rohan.
Swara: rohan i ‘ll just come.
Rohan: sure..
Swara: so radhu. It will be fun . We both r together.
Radhika: it would have been better if even ragini had also joined music club… she must be getting bored alone in dance club.
Swara: bore.. she is not alone. She must be enjoying.
Radhika: what??
Swara: nothing. I need to go to practice. Rohan is waiting.
Radhika: ok. Bye.
Swra and rohan practices.

After some time. ..
In canteen.
Swara: radhika ? Have u met him?
Radhika: yesterday he came to apologize and today he didnt came to college.
Swara- no need to forgive him ok.
Radhika: yes.

Precap: ragsan……….

Thanks for reading
Your manu


  1. Piyali


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    really a good story………..i am missing you badly dear…..and you are thinking to end it……….???? i am feeling really sad …………please do come up with more such ffs…….waiting for radhika and laksh revelation in front of swara and also niti’s revealation…..loved swalak scenes….love you………..be happy…….

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