swaragini .. ( pyaar ki nayi shuruat) episode 1


Hello. I am new to ff field. I am feeling very nervous writing my first fan fiction. Hope i get your support. I am manu. I am 14 yr old.so i am very young here. Please support me.
A boy is shown . He is dancing with a girl,very close.
He opens her hair and pulls her closer. They are dancing in a room.
Boy: hey sweety. Will you be my girlfriend.
Girl: you are asking me to be ur girlfriend… seriously.
Boy sits on his knees.
Boy: yes will you be my girl friend..
Girl: let me think…mmmm…… okay.
Boy picks her up in his arms and rotates her.
Girl: keep me down.
Boy: no not so easily.
Girl: i need to go home or else my mother.
Boy: ok ok you may leave.
Girl and boy hug each other.
Girl: bye.
Boy: bye
Boy calls his friends .
Boy: so guys i am going to complete my dare very soon.
Friend1: ofcourse you will
Friend 2: what if she comes to know that it was just a prank.
Boy: then i will find another girl.
Friend1 : laksh you will never change .
Laksh: never.. now bye i need to call bhai.
Friend: ok bhai ke chamche.
Laksh calls his brother..
Laksh: hello bhai.
Sanskar: bol .
Laksh: bhai date kaisi rahi .
Sanska: mat pooch . That girl was a behenji .
Laksh : seriously.
Sanskar: haan. I was irritated sitting there.
Laksh: vaise aapki niti ka phone tha.
Sanskar: meri neeti.
Laksh: bhai aap jaante ho na vo aapke piche paagal hai. Vaise she is hot , s*xy. Aapke type ki bhi hai.
Sanskar: she is not.
Laksh: she is bhai. Btw.. i am about to complete my bet.
San: great.
Laksh: and if i do it then you need to spend a week in serious relationship with niti.
Sanskar: what.
Laksh: yes bhai.
Sanskar: ok but you have only tomorrows day left .
Laksh: thats enough for me. I can complete it today itself
Sanskar: lets see.
Laksh: so i will complete my bet today so i may get late to reach home.
Sanskar: ok.
They cut the call.
Laksh: bhai challenged me now i will complete my bet today itself. Baby radhika i am coming.
Laksh reaches radhika’s house and knocks.
Radhika opens it.
Radhika: lakah you here.
Laksj: i was knowing that your parents are not at home and you are alone baby.
Radhika: i have to say you are very smart. Now come in.
Laksh: baby you are looking so hot in this dress(she is wearing a crop top and very short pants)
Radhika: i always do.
Laksh: lets go to your room.
Radhika: o my room why .
Laksh: tell me where it is
Radhika points towards her room.
Laksh : ok.
He lifts her in his arms and takes her to room.
Radhika: laksh keep me down.
Laksh: have i lifted u to keep u down .
Radhika blushes.
He takes her to room and keeps her on her bed. Radhika holds him . Radhika is lying on bed and laksh at top of her. Laksh opens her hairs.
Radhika: laksh move.
Laksh moves away and switches on songs.
Radhika is still lying on bed.
Laks goes to her and kisses her hands. She keeps on blushing. Laksh holds her waist and touches her cheeks hands legs.
Radhika: what do u wish to do.
Laksh: as if you dont know.
Radhika: no laksh.
Laksh: just kiss.
Radhika: no.
Laksh: yes
He kisses her . It was a passionate,long kiss. Her lips started to bleed… she stops to take breathe. Laksh agains forces her to kiss. They kiss very passionately.
Radhika: its enough now.
Laksh: ok.
Laksh: i should leave now.
He tries to stand but radhika holds his hand..
Laksh: what.
Radhika stands up and hugs him tightly . Laksh also hugs her tightly and moves his hand on her waist. She feels very comfortable in his arms.
Laksh kisses her on her neck ,forhead ,cheeks and then on lips . They kiss gor 2 mins and then laksh leaves.
Radhika sits on her bed and blushes thinking about laksh.
Laksh reaches home .
In sanlak’s room.
San: so bet completed.
Laksh: yes bhai. Now time for yours.
San: i accept it.

Precap: sanskar’s bet and swaragini’s entry.

So friends you may conclude that laksh and sanskar are spoilt brats.,but loves each other a lot
Hope you all like it.

Credit to: megha

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