Swaragini pyaar ka bandhan Intro+episode 1


Hello everyone…….
My stoey will start from when swara sanskar n laksh will do the drama to bring ragini’s truth…….
My story will first focus on The swaragini sister’s bond.After that love story of swasan n raglak. n also friendship n bond of swalak n ragsan.I will also use some future twist I mean memory loss yeist I will use.
No offence if u dnt like my ff. Just Hat main khujli hui to write a story so going to write.hope u will read.

After ragini confess her crime all the family members were watching her n were shock.Dadi n shekhar was dishearted n ashame for not trusting swara n sumi.
AT LAKSH FARMHOUSE(Where drama was going on)
Ragini now understand that she was wrong n she ask sorry from swara.
Ragini:sit on her knees n cries:I am sorry swara I know I did a crime I will accept my crime infront of the family and also police.I will do anything to seek ur apology swara I dnt want anyone from now I only want my sister my swara I want to become swaragini again.
Laksh:Oh stop it ragini stop ur drama bohot ho gaya ab…..
ragini:Just shout up Mr.Laksh maheswari I am talking with my sister so just shut up.I know I did a crime but for whom only because of u laksh I loved u n dnt think that I will sneak ur apology no never because u are also responsible for my change in behavior.
laksh was confuse:what ?
Ragini:Yes u r reason for my change what to know then listen at first ur family bring alliance of urs to me asthat time I was an idoit so I accept widout even looking at u my dadi ma said that u r my husband I agreed they said u r my everything I agreed.Did anyone asked me what I want it was only Swara who asked me am I happy .Then u broke the alliance then again u accept me for ur so called mad brother then again u broke by telling me that u dnt love me then I came to know that u love my sister then ur brother come to brainwash me.I agreed to help him n I betray my sister.Now tell me what is my fault am I a toy that u all play wid me I am also a human being I also want love.
By saying this she sit on the floor and cried.All fell sad after listening her as whatever she said was right.But swara was just listening and standing still.
After sometime she went out without saying anything.
She took the car and went out where only she knows.
Sanskar Ragini n Laksh look for her after sometime n thought she went home so they also leave.

All knows about what happen so they r waiting for them.
Laksh ragini n sanskar enter and all went towards them.Ragini was just standing head down.
Ap went to her hold her hand:Ragini we know everything n we forgive u beta we agree we are also at fault.
Ragini hug her.All forgive her she went near dadi n dadi ask for forgiveness.
Ragu went near sumi :Ma I am sorry please forgive ur daughter ma.
sumi:No beta I am sorry I cannot do anything for u.Now everything is fine so stop crying.
Dp:sorry ragini beta it was our fault.But now what u think about ur n laksh relation?
Laksh:Papa I agree it was my fault n I am ready to give a chance to our marriage.
Ragini:But I dnt want this relation anymore.I dnt want any unwanted relationship.
laksh:I am sorry ragini know I did a mistake please dnt do this.
Ragini:No laksh its not like that I just want some time.After that I will think about it again.
All agreed her decision suddenly ragini remember that swara is not her.
ragini:Ma where is swara plz call her na?
All are shock
Ap:Swara….Ragini beta she was wid u all na then….
ragini:No ma she left from there before us only.Sanskar do u know where she is?
Sanskar:No ragini she dnt inform me anything.
All were tense suddenly a call come at ragini’s Phone.
Ragini:Hello swara …..where r u please come back home.
swara:Ragini plz keep the phone on speaker.
Ragini:ok but what happen where r u?

Ap:Swara beta where r u plz come back home beta we r sorry for whatever happened.
swara:No bari ma dnt be sorry I am sorry all this happen because of me.Please everyone forgive my ragini she is very pure by heart she will be a good bahu n also laksh please give her another chance I am sure she will be a good wife.
Baba please keep ma happy.Dadi please accept ma.
Ragini:Swara why r u speaking like this where r u come home soon.all are waiting for u.
Laksh:Swara we all have forgiven her n I also accept her. but where r u .
Swara:Thank u everyone. Sanskar r u there.
sanskar:Yes swra where r u?
Swara:I will alwys be in ur heart Sanskar be happy n also u know I dnt accept my feelings at first n when I accept that it already late same it happens today also.I just wanna say that I….I Love u sanskar I love ….u as a friend as my life partner.I hope somewhere we will meet again.N ya dnt be sad thinking about me ok as I said I will always be wid u in ur heart .
sanskar:Swara what r u talking about n why I will be sad thinking about u n where u r going that I have to think about u swara …..
swara:I am going far sanskar very far from u all.
ragini:swara where r u going swara u said u love sanskar then why r u leaving him
swara:I also dnt want to leave him ragini but what can I do when god is only dnt want us to be one.
ragini:Swara please say it clearly what r u talking plz shona
swara:Ragini I am going to die n dnt know at which time I am going to leave u all.
ALL are hell shock n sanskar was like lifeless only by thinking of swara’s death.
Ragini:(crying)no shona please dnt punish me liske this I know u r hurt but please dnt leave me please I am sorry.
laksh:Swara say it clearly what r u talking please swara.
swara:Laksh ragini after I went with the car I was going to kalibari but when I was about to apply break I came to know that they r not working.I tried my level best to slow my care but my care speed is more then 120.It is impossible to stop so I thought to drive on a lonely road so that noone get hurt so I am at MG road the jungle road where rarely vechiles come n I thought to listen everyone’s voice before dying.
Sumi/ragini:No shona nothing will happen to u we r coming.
Before anyone sanskar went with his car as soon as he listen where swara is.
Laksh:Swara nthing will happen to u.Just be calm we r coming.

→→→→MG ROAD←←←←
Swara’s car was racing with the deserted area n she has a satisfied smile on her face for the last time she watch everyone’s photo on the phone frome the opposite side a truck is comming she close her eyes.

Here sanskar n the family members r just looking for her madly all were prayong that nothing happen to her.
N fortunately they nearly found her car but it was to far from them.

Here swara open her window look towards the sky n scream:I LOVE U SANSKAR I LOVE U……..
Sanskar n others can hear her as it was deserted area .
after she said that she close her eyes n her car crash with the truck …………
All came at the spot n saw the condition of the car n was horrified. sanskar went blank n start searching for swara madly.
sanskar will searching:Swara where r u nothing will happen to u I know ur fine.I am there u dnt worry.
Laksh n adarsh also help him to find her.
Ragini was just sitting n looking at the car suddenly she spot smthing n rush to the otherside of the car.
N found swar.
ragini:Swara hold her hand n call everyone laksh sanskar come fast.
Finally she was out of the car n ragini place her on her lap n pat her face.Her condition was very bad blood was ozing from her head her hands n legs were also bleeding her condition was not very nice.
ragini:Swara wake u swara please u cant leave me.
All rush to the hospital.

Precape:wait I have to think

Credit to: muskan

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