Swaragini pyaar ka bandhan episode 5

Hello everyone……I am back…….
No bak bak……..

Recape:Ragsan conversation.
Swaragini is ready to leave.
Sumi dadi dadaji n shekhar all were sad so as swaragini.
After sometime they leave to mumbai.
Here they are in the city of dreams (SAPNO KA SEHER MUMBAI)
Swaragini miss there family but still they r excited.

They went to there house in Mumbai.
(Guys as I already said that shekhar is rich so he bought a house for his Angels.)

The house is big n beautiful.There is a garden n also a swimming pool.
There are 4 servents (2male n 2 female)
swaragini enter he house n were welcomed by the servents.
Senior maid:Welcome mam….I am Mary.
Swaragini smile n hug her:Hello Mary aunty.
All were amazed by there friendly behaviour.
Mary:u both must be tired na there is ur rooms u go n freshup I will cook someting for u both.
Swara:Rooms??? But I dnt wanna leave ragu .I wi stay with her only.
Ragu:Yes why to get to rooms we alwys share our rooms.
Mary:But sir told us to…
Swaragini:We will talk with papa.
Mary smile.
Swaragini went to there room.

Swara after looking the room:Ragu dnt u think this room is abit dull.
Ragu:Ya shona dnt worry we will change it.
swara nodded n went to freshup n after her ragini too went to freshup.

After sometime Mary come with food.
Mary:Mam here is ur food.Hope u both like it.
Ragu:Aunty please can u do us a favour?
Mary:Yes mam sure.
Swaragini look eachother.
Swara:Dont call us Mam . OKAY?
Ragu intrupt:My name is ragini u can call me Lado
Swara:n my name is swara u can call me Shona.
Swaragini:N u can call us SWARAGINI.
By saying this both laugh….
Mary too smile:Ok mam…oh sorry I mean swaragini.
Mary:Now have ur food n sleep.Tomorrow u have ur college so u both must look fresh na
Both nodded yes n after completing food they call Shekhar.
Shekhar:Hello beta u both reached safely?
Ragu:Yes papa….how r u? N where is ma n dadi
Shekhar:They r in kitchen.
That time sumi snatched the phone.
Sumi:Hello ragu beta how r u? Dis u have u dinner? U both r happy na…
Ragu:Ma ma ..calm down take breath….we both reached safely n we took our dinner too happy? Sumi:Hmm…where is shona?
Ragu:She slept …actuallyher head was paining so I gave her .medicine now she is sleep u talk with her tomorrow.
Sumi:Ok take care beta…
Ragu:U too ma…goos night.
After hanging up the call she too slept.

Precape:First day at college.

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