Swaragini pyaar ka bandhan episode 4

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Recape:ragini decide to study at mumbai .All agreed.

Both swara n ragini were done with there packing.In this 6days swara get 2wice panic attack.
all were scared for her .
Ragini was sad not becaz she will miss laksh but for sanskar becz she know that he love her alot.
She call sanskar at a park near her home.
After ragini called him he rush there.
Sanskar scared:Ragini …..why u called me…..is swara fine????She is fine na.???
Ragini: sanskar calm down swara is fine.
Sanskar relief:Thank god.
Ragini:Actually sanskar I called u to inform something. …
Sanskar:What is it?
Ragini:Sanskar we r going to resume our education.
Sanskar smile:Wow thats great……good decision.
ragini:N so we r going to Mumbai….
Sanskar stay numb.
Ragini call him n he come to his sense.
Sanskar:But why mumbai ……u both can study here only na…..we have best college’s here.
Ragini explain swara condition to him that she is getting panic attacks by seeing similar scenes n people .
Ragini:N that ia why sanskar doctor asked us to shift to a new place.If swara continue to get attacks she may lose her mental state or she may die too……
Sanskar shout:No….nothing will happen to her …….u take her fr here…..No nothing will happen.
Ragini become sad by seeing his state n hug him.
ragini:I know sanskar u love her alot.N I am sorry this all are because of me….Sorry
Sanskar:No ragini u did so much for her n thanks to u.N I know u kovee her alot.
Ragini:Not more than u.
Sanskar:ya thats true.
Ragini:Take care sanskar .
Sanskar:U too ragini n please keep swara happy.
Ragini:She is your swara .I will take care of her.
u please dnt be sad n…….
Sanskar:Take care of Laksh right?
Ragini look shock
Sanskar:Dnt give me that look I know how much u love him.
Ragini:Bye sanskar …….
Sanskar:I know ragini u can never forget him . n I also know that he too loves u.
See u soon

Ragini went home n rush to her room.
She cried alot that day.
Here sanskar come back home he too break down.
The thought of going away from ur love is more painful than death.
That is what sanskar is feeling now.

Laksh come to his room n saw him in that state n was shock.
Laksh:Bhai what happen?
Sanskar:Lucky …..my swara is going away from me lucky……
Laksh:No bhai she will be fine….dnt worry……
Sanskar:No lucky today I met ragini she told me that boh are going Mumbai for there farther studies.
Laksh was shock.
Laksh:What……but why???
Sanskar told him what ragini said to him.
Laksh too break down why he dnt know.
Swara was in her room arranging her things.
She went near the window n was looking towards the moon.
When sumi come to her.
sumi:shona ….what happen beta?
Swara:Nothing ma ……
Sumi:Apni maa ko nahi batayegi?
Swara: I dnt know ma but feeling restless……im feeling like something special is going away from me.
Sumi think that she is talking about sanskar.
Sumi:Tomorrow u both will go na that is why u may be feeling restless.
Swara hug her n sleep on her lap.
After sometime ragini come to see swara.
Ragini:Ma she slept?
Sumi:Ya ……ragu beta she will be fine na…..
Ragini:Yes ma…..why
Sumi:Do u think swara love sanskar?
Ragini:I dnt know about her ma but sanskar loves her a lot.
Sumi:N what about u beta? Dnt u love laksh.
Ragini with tearly eyes:Yes I do ma but that doesnot matter anymre …. swara is mt first priority from now.
Sumi:But beta..
Ragini:No ma…..I dnt wanna think about my past.I wanna think about my future.
sumi hug her n ragini too slept.
Sumi to god:Durga ma please bless my daughters.Please help them in every step of there life.
Never seperate them
Let them always be SWARAGINI.
Once they got seperated n everyone’s life changed now I dnt want any of my daughter to be in pain please durga ma bless them.

She kiss both of them n went away.

Precape:Swaragini in mumbai.

guys swara age is 19+
Ragini age is 19[6month younger to swara]
laksh-23 (2month younger to sanskar)


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