Swaragini pyaar ka bandhan episode 3


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****let’s start****
Ragini:But what doc is there any way for the panic attacks.?
Doc:Yes there is….
Rag:what is it tell me I will do anything for her. ?
Doc:only way is there that is till she recover completely u should keep her away from this place.I mean places she know n people she know.Take her to a new place meet new people she will feel better.
All were shock to hear this except ragini.she was thinking something. Doc :Ok I will leave now take care if u need ny hlp cll me

Dadi:what is happening wid my granddaughter hey kanhaji plz help us.
Sumi n shekhar were scared for swara.
Ragini after sometime:Dadima ma papa I wanna ask u something if u dnt mind?
shekhar:yes beta tell us
rag:papa I want swara to be like before so..I was thinking that we both will go to mumbai so….
dadi:what r u talking ladoo how can I send u both like this she is not fine so r u no u cnt.
rag:dadi ma please I want her to be fine I am the cause for her condition so I want her to be fine.
sumi:no ragu u r nt rspnsible for her cndtn it was dstiny beta.
rag:ok then please let us go plz papa plz dadi.
shekhar:ok beta but what u will so there
rag:actually papa becz of the marriage I quit college n so does swara.I all this drama we forget to tell u that we got scholarship from one of the most famous musical college of mumbai so if u allow us we can resume our studies there.
shekar:itz a great news beta I am proud of u both ok fine
but what is the name of that college
rag:Mumbai musical academy.
dadi:but shekhar we…
shekar:ma I trust my daughters .
Ragini I will get the tickets of next monday in this week pack ur things n swara will also be ok by then.
rag:thank u papa n sorry for what ever I did wid u all….
sumi:no beta forget about the past n think about ur future now.
Trio share a grouphug .
dadi:(make face) all forget me.
Trio laugh at her n run to her n hug her.
Swara from behind:Not fair u all forget me I will not talk wid u all…..
(she keep her hands folded towards her chest n make an angry face)
rag run to her n hug her:u r ok na I was so scared swara.
swara:I am not talking wid u
rag smile on her cute anger:really my cutie will not talk wid me.
swara:No I will not
rag:is it true ok fine.*she mke a sad face n went near a chair n sit*
swara melt by her face:ok fine I m not angry wid u how can I be angry wid my soulmate
rag become emotional:soulmate?
Swara:ya I get to know that u r my sis n u saved me by giving me ur blood that too my blood group is so rare so dtz how we r soul sisters na
both hug eachother n others were looking at them wid tearly eyes.

precape:Mumbai darsan

Ruhi:r u the sme ruhi who wrote the devil meet his angel?
n sorry yaar I m using a chotu phone so I will not be able to give link.

Guys I will make some changes if u all dnt mind……
Gadodiya family will be rich.
Ragini will be a lil over possessive about swara.
She will be a lil bit strict wid sanskar when swasan’s love story will start.


Credit to: smiley

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