Swaragini pyaar ka arth (one shot)

Hi guys, I am a silent reader of Swaragini and die hard fan of SwaSan and RagSan because i like Sanskar than Laksh.
I thought to write fanfiction but I don’t have time, frm today I cannot see Swaragini also (personal issues), so I thought to give a One Shot which I wanted to see.
Adharsh and Parineeta has a daughter of age 5, name is Apurva

It starts from the Holika Dahan, Laksh’s kidnap and Ragini is been stabbed by Tania/Kavya
Ragini is in Laksh’s Lap. Sanskar was driving towards hospital and Swara informed her family
Lucky: Ragini, don’t worry I will not leave now, I love you a lot. I was fool to betray you but I will not miss you in any circumstances(Ragini was feeling dizzy and was teary eyed seeing Laksh’s love)
In Hospital
She was admitted and the whole family comes there. Doctor checks her reports and says that there is a good news, she is pregnant.
Laksh and Maheswaris were happy while Shekar, Dadi was shocked.
Laksh: Dad I am a going be a Dad now, I will not hurt her in my whole life Dad.
Everyone congratulate Laksh and hug him.

Sanskar asks everyone to go home, Laksh and Swasan stayed back in Hospital.
Laksh was sitting beside Ragini holding her hands and was teary eyed.
Swasan looked at it and felt happy as they realised their mistake and love now.
Ragini wakes and was suprised to see Laksh sitting with teary eyed.
Ragini: Laksh, you are here but why tears are rolling from your eyes.
Laksh: Ragini, I love you, please forgive me I want to marry you soon, please come in my life as you are going to be a mom of a child soon.
Ragini(Surprised and happy): What, I am going to become mom.
SwaSan: Yes Ragini(Swara hugged her and congratulated her)
Happy moments between SwaSan and RagLak in hospital
In Gadodia home
Shekar: Ma we should get Ragini married to Laksh soon and reject the proposal.
Dadi: Yes I will say them that we are not interested for a new person.
Sumi was happy and shocked
Dadi(in mind): It’s better Ragini marries Laksh than Karthick who betrayed Maheshwaris.
Dadi got to know the truth, so she accepted for the marriage.
In Hospital
Ragini was discharged and Laksh, SwaSan dropped her in Badi.
Everyone takes much care of her.

Dp: I think RagLak should be married soon as we will be happy to get a new baby.
Ap: Yes, I will talk with Sharmishtha.
Laksh was happy hearing the news but sad that he couldn’t meet Ragini. He calls and informs her the news, she gets happy and sad for the same.
She was blushing thinking she is going to get happiness from the person she was craze for.
Swasan room
Swara: Sanskar, I am happy that Laksh and Ragini forgave each other and realised their love. I love you sanskar.
Sanskar: Even me too Swara, I love you(hugging her from back).
Swara says that since all problems are solved today will be our suhagrat and I want a boy just like you
Sanskar says that I want a Girl like you whom I can love more than you.
Swara beats Sanskar and apologizes keeping puppy face and hands in ears.
In night they consummate their marriage.
RagLak think about their romantic moments Yeh Moh Moh Dage plays…
They get married and Laksh takes more care of her. She delivers a girl who looks like her and they name her Jhanvi. Soon Swara also gets pregnant and she delivers a boy and they name him Arnav. Both family clears all misunderstandings and lived a happy life forever.

Hope you guys like my one shot, sorry RagSan and SwaLak fans Marriage is a pure so I don’t want to separate the pair.
Please comment. I will try to write my FF soon. Thanks for reading my One Shot.

Credit to: Varsha


  1. Prateeksha

    Amazing os. I would be very happy if this plot happens in the series too. But sadly it would never happen

  2. Fatarajo

    Oh wow varsha u know I wanted exactly the same thing happened in Swaragini, but your ff have completed my this thinking . Keep it up

  3. It is soo nice….i wish that it could happen onscreen too but no worries……and coming to swalak and ragsan it is not imp that they can be seen only as a couple….you can show their bonding in other relations too….that will be also a treat for their fans….keep writing….and come up with another os/ff…..all the best…and sorry if I offended u with my suggestion….loads of love….♡♡

    • Varsha

      Hi Ashu, no need of sorry as I know they are best friends. I will start my ff only on June. Maybe Swaragini may end(who knows what changes will happen in these 2 months.) I too hope it happens in onscreen aalso but it won’t as they don’t like fans to be happy soon.
      Thanks for commenting <3

  4. Anakha

    In one shot you include everything which we ,fans really need…you did a wonderful job…it’s really superb yaar..

    • Varsha

      No, this is a one shot somewhat like a fan fiction(how I wish Swaragini should continue).
      Thank You

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