Some how I managed to complete it today and yeah if you want I’ll post my another ff also which is also completed in fb page but can post only after a week as I’m leaving for a trip. Please comment if you want it or not

Recap : laksh got to know about child disease. Raglak intimates for the sake of their child. Ragini critical while she is on labor with her second child
Doc : whom do you wanna chose mr. Laksh?
After giving a long thought laksh relieved a long sigh before answering
Lak : ragini. Please save my ragini.

San : but laksh? What about your both the children? How will u save them?
Lak : no bhai. I can’t. I again don’t want ragini to be the victim of my selfishness. I already gave enough pain for her. (turning to the doctor) doctor left nodding along with nurses.
Once the nurse reaches into the operation theater they praised ragini to be so blessed to have such a husband and also says the whole conversation to her.
Raginis eyes filled with tears. She can’t believe it. She realized how much laksh love her and regrets for hurting him so much.

Rag (in mind) : I want to live. Until last minute I don’t have any intentions to live other than my child. But now I have a soul reason for living. My family. My laksh. My kids. I have to stay strong for them. Yes ragini you can do it. You have to keep your will power so that you as well as your child to get saved.

Ragini made her mind to face all the pain that comes on her way during the labor. While doctor is preparing for operation he noticed a new determination on Raginis face which he doesn’t find while they admit her. Even he thought to give his Complete effort to save both mother and child
Operation starts. Everyone is waiting outside the operation theater while laksh keeps praying to god. After some hours they heared a loud noise of baby crying from operation theater. Laksh heart got crushed hearing it. Even though he is happy for his child he can’t imagine of his ragini being dead. He falls on the floor crying. After sometime the nurse entered holding his daughter. Everyone rushed to hold the baby while laksh rushed towards the doctor who is coming behind the nurse.

Lak : doctor why did you do this? I asked you na to save my ragini… Then why didn’t you save her. Why answer me.
Doc : Mr. Laksh come down. Who said that your wife is dead? She is fine but very weak due to the delivery. It takes some time for her to recover but anyways she is fine as of now. You have to take a good care of her as her body has gone through so much pain and it’s her will power that saved her.
Laksh can’t control his happiness at all. He hugs the doctor in happiness and says
Lak : thank you doctor. Thank you so much. I’ll never forget you in my life time. You gave my life back to me. Thank you so much and sorry for behaving rude with you before.
The doctor patted him on his back saying it’s alright and congratulated him for his daughter. That’s when laksh gets aware of his daughter and turns to find his angel in swara arms. He smiles and turns back to the doctor and asks

Lak : doctor.. Shall I see ragini now?
Doc : no just now operation got over. She needs some rest. You can see her after sometime
Saying so the doctor left. Laksh came near swara and took his angel from her hands and gently kissed one her forehead and says,

Lak : sorry dear. Please forgive your pappa for not asking to save you. It’s just that I love your mumma so much that I can’t leave her. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?
The baby suddenly stops crying and gives a heavenly smile to her father. Laksh felt as if he came alive from dead. After that laksh kept playing with his daughter and doesn’t even let anyone touch his daughter. Everyone looks at Aww seeing his possessiveness for his daughter. After sometime he took his daughter to ragini who is fast asleep in bed. He sits on a stool nearby and the sound of her daughter wakes her up. She slowly opens her eyes to see her laksh holding their angel who is also the life saver of her son. She slowly gets up from her bed and rests in sitting position while laksh help her and hands the baby to her. The whole pain that she went through during labor vanishes info tiny pieces seeing her angels smile. She is an exact ditto copy of ragini while her son resembles laksh. This is what she always dreamt of. A perfect family. She slowly kisses her baby gently and looks at laksh who is watching the duo with teary eyes. She forwards her hand towards laksh while laksh holds if in between his palms.

Rag : I’m sorry laksh for hurting you so much. I love you a lot laksh. I knew it from long back but it’s just my ego that doesn’t let me to confess it to you. I’m sorry laksh. Please forgive me.
Laksh in reply gently smiled at her and said,
Lak : bachcha please forget it all. Let’s forget whatever happened in the past and will just look forward only for our bright future.
Saying so he encircled ragini and his daughter in a group hug who is later by his son who came looking forward for his parents and sisters.

5 years leap :
Rag : diya, you devil stop right there
Ragini shouted at the top of her voice while angel cum devil daughter keeps running away from her.
Diya : Ohoo mumma I won’t. You promised me to but ice cream but u didn’t. I won’t eat the food.
Saying so she kept running while ragini signalled her son who is at back of diya to catch her and he immediately obeyed being a mummas boy (he got recovered from his cancer the very next year and is now under medications to overcome the side effects).
Diya kept struggling in her brother’s arms while ragini got hold of her and pushed the food into her mouth. She kept screaming at the top of her voice PAPPA PAPPA. laksh came running down the stairs hearing her angels voice.

He immediately removed her from his son’s hold
Lak : what’s happening here. Why you both making my angel to cry.?
With her father’s support diya started acting more while the mother son gave killing looks towards her.

Diya (fake sobbing) : papa mumma called me devil.
Laksh looks furiously at ragini who in return simply shrugs off knowing well that her husband can never be angry in real at her.
After a long drama of both father and daughter laksh fed her and makes her to sleep on his chest.
Soon ragini also comes with her son who is also fast asleep in her arms. She laid her near him and she too gets on the bed with laksh. Laksh opened his arms to engulf his wife into his embrace and kisses her on her forehead and says GOOD NIGHT RAGINI and dozes off to sleep.

The End.

K guys.. Bye.. Take care 🙂

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